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" Of Lions and Lambs"

Posted by Admin on January 2, 2010

All right Earthizens, it is MY turn to “vent.” I am saddened to see so many peoples on this planet in a traumatic state of mind bordering on helplessness. Although I fully appreciate the conditions that assail you each now, I cannot help but see that so many of you ones are so desperate about your situations that you are living on hope for a better tomorrow. Yet, the downside to living in such a precarious fashion is that hoping for a better tomorrow will not give you a “better today.” Your attention is of course still being focused on matters of the practical world, i.e. POLITICS, economic turmoil, and once again the probable “hope” for a sudden turnaround in money, housing, business and political agendas. Obviously the economic conditions affect every individual here, in one way or another. However, it is People-Power that shall eventually turn this around. I said, “eventually.”

You see, dealing with the practical aspect first now; it does not matter a bit who the upcoming president is of any country. It does not matter who the incoming administration peoples are. Nothing is going to stop the downward spiral of all which still needs to be changed UNTIL such time that the international phases, those peoples, places and things that have wrought such havoc here since time immemorial, have been replaced with a fair justice system throughout this world. “Justice” in this case means equitable distributions of foodstuffs, monies, properties and so forth. It means countries AND PEOPLE aiding one another without expecting compensation in return. Now, of course over the last 60 + years, many countries awakened to the consciousness that change was not only needed, but that an unbiased system of quid pro quo was required. The fact that “cooperation” between peoples and countries would be a necessary part of any good changes, was a bit hard for many cultures to swallow. Inevitably however they did finally acquiesce. Only those with the least amount of sentience believed that needed change would happen quickly and painlessly. What you ones are experiencing now is the breakdown of all illusions, all deceits and false hopes that were toxic to begin with.

Now, here we are today, well, you are anyway, I myself am at my observation post “observing,” and you are indeed right in the thick of things. Each time a new leader has been appointed to chair a government of a country, peoples have been fervently praying that he or she will be “the right one.” BUT, what is not realized here by so many millions of peoples is that regardless of who any new leader is, it is THE PEOPLE who have the voice of the “right.” All senates, congresses, parliaments etc., are the weak links. If people clearly understood this, they would indeed be fiercely passionate and address the issues to those men and women and use their voting leverage to impress upon those ones the needs and rights of the peoples. YES, it can be done. THESE are the ones who must answer to YOU. WHY DO YOU ONES NOT REALIZE THIS? Presidents and other world leaders are but figureheads. You see, it has required many, many years for the senates and so forth to develop “fear,” of public opinions. The year 2008, now epitomizes the fear these ones have. And well they should. Nothing of this magnitude in the politics of this world has ever happened this way before.

Congratulate yourselves peoples of the Earth Star planet; you ones have finally succeeded in bringing them to their knees. The difference here is that THEY know this and YOU DO NOT. They do NOT want you to know this so, we shall consider this our secret. I will not tell anyone outside of this Universe, ok? From my vantage point I have witnessed an amazing amount of secret closed-door meetings. The hierarchies of this planet have a boondoggle by the tail and they know it. They have had to come to grips with the fact that their agendas are of no consequence now. They do indeed tremble internally as they discuss how to give the peoples what they want and still curry favor with other high-ranking officials. Even they no longer believe that bringing in new figureheads will appease the people unless they (the hierarchies themselves) backup the peoples’ demands. They finally understand in the most basic way that their previous times of wanton debauchery and gross misuse of funds will no longer be tolerated by the peoples, because THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD ARE HUNGRY! THIS is what it is taking to affect the changes you ones have wanted!

All military juntas are also changing; there is no longer the old way of “closing the ranks” so the peoples will not learn the truth. All judicial branches across the world, including, but NOT limited to…the hidden integration of medicine with the gross pharmaceutical companies, the secret science integration with the military and so forth are all being exposed. Perhaps you will not hear about it in the “practical world” for a while yet, but in the due processing of time, you shall. Secret governments are starting to disintegrate. The still secretly active KGB, as well as the CIA and all the rest of that ilk are learning duck and cover for themselves..first hand I might add. However, it now requires, more so than at any previous time in history, that peoples of ALL countries work for a common goal; the rights of humanity. The constitutions of each country need to be rewritten with and BY the will of the people. Although in time this will happen, it is many, MANY years away. Not all of you who are alive today will live to see this happen, but it will happen anyway!

For now, meaning “the present time,” I would suggest that you ones forget about emulating or adoring any high-ranking political figure and concentrate on what you yourselves can do to produce great changes. Politicians come and go. The peoples always remain. As I stated earlier about “hope”: I do find it disturbing that so many among you ones are living on hope. Hope can be a temporary placebo energy. It can, and in far too many cases DOES, cause people to live life thinking about a better tomorrow rather than working on a better today. It can cause normally astute men and women to sigh, feel complacent and let others in government make decisions which the peoples themselves should be making. With elections taking place in many countries too many people will become placated, hoping for a better year next year or possibly the year after. It is always this way. This time of course peoples are watching institutions crumbling, feeling the very foundation of their individual lives shake, rattle and roll. This is what “change” does; change is a catalyst for better or for worse. In the case of the present time, the change is for the better.

You see, for far too long you have been conditioned to believe that the governments knew best; that the governments would work in your best interest……to which I say, NOT! Long ago I told you that peoples CAN exist without the governments, but that governments CANNOT exist without the peoples. Politically and financially supporting peoples who do not truly have your best interests at heart is a click away from a communistic style of governmental processing. Always follow your own intuition when deciding who to vote for. Do not rely on another’s perspectives and most certainly not the “media hype.” Now, obviously the need for co-existence is the most desired state. So it is that any country that considers itself to be a democratic sovereignty must LIVE in that manner. I speak not of democrats and republicans here. That system was simply an ancient ploy well-used to separate people from their beliefs.

It WAS however to have been, one country, democracy in action, all beliefs systems permitted, no division between races or cultures…for the good of all. This was intended to be a worldwide state of being. You see how well that went. Now, I never endorse any political individual(s). I will never suggest who you should or should not vote for, or who you should believe in.People change. When I have been bluntly asked about the Bush regime in America, I have spoken nothing but the truth about those treacherous people and their longtime based Illuminati agenda. I will tell you when I see political agendas unfolding in ANY world government as I deem necessary. I am stating this now in the hope that you ones will understand that my focus MUST remain on far more important issues than the political arenas. I made this exception this day and asked my Celestial daughter to post this transmission as a special edition.

Now, as I told David of Arcturus last evening, when he I were commiserating about the state of this world and I felt his intense desire for this to just come to a joyous conclusion, “No stone can be left unturned. If that would happen, everything would unravel.” I share this with you ones because you have a need to know. As chronological time continues its steady progressive movement further and further into The Golden Now, the great shift will accelerate, not just because you ones have been asking for it, but because NOW IT CAN. Since I must abide by my own firm belief in being completely truthful with you ones, I shall give you both the good news and the better news as well as the…not so good news. Come now Earthizens, if I began to sugarcoat my words and gloss over upcoming situations you ones would think I was daft! You would say,”What happened to Blue Star? He is being sweet and subtle….that in itself is scaring me!” So, as not to disappoint anyone, here I go: What has begun here on the Earth Star planet is “the beginning of A beginning.”

There are plans afoul to co-join all the world’s banks into one massive consortium. Because the Illuminati of today are now in fear for what they hold dear, money and power, a hastily drawn plan to buy banks and similar institutions and forge them into one mammoth Illuminati World Bank has been hatched. Not to fear please, we are already taking care of that devious plot. It will not happen. You are unaware that a massive number of Star Keepers AND their descendants, have arrived here very recently and are most speedily working to offset any such endeavor. No, we are not “interfering,” we have answered God’s CALL. Now, you will witness the closings of an amazing number of stores; produce yards, trucking companies and many other such enterprises and industries for quite some time to come. The next 2 to 4 years will be very harsh years in many ways for all the world’s peoples. No, I am not saying it will be all straightened out after that time period, for it will not. It will be many years before the cleansing is completed. You will continue to watch the erosion of institutions; losses of federally mandated funds, each country will experience a harsh existence as the peoples of this world struggle to survive, especially in the wintertime(s). However, the “few” of this world who have been considered “great” shall continue to fall, and the “many” who have not been considered “great,” shall become so.

Churches and other similar institutions shall be packed with frightened peoples until the peoples FINALLY realize they need to stay home and speak to God directly. All religious organizations shall experience great loss in all ways. However, even as we speak, people around the globe are using their practical thinking ability and learning how to grow their own small gardens, yes, even in cramped apartments. Peoples are forming groups rather than the distasteful cliques, and teaching the canning process for fruits and vegetables and safe storing of foodstuffs that can last for a long duration. Parents and teens are in conflict with one another because spoiled children can no longer buy “designer clothes.” Thank God for that one! The extremely wealthy peoples are trying to absorb massive financial losses because of their beliefs in investing. Not investing in people just because they can be of help, but investing in “things.” Many peoples who are raised in this fashion cannot invest in anything unless they can be assured they will have a “return on their investments” you see. Unfortunately, there are many peoples who are very well-off financially but not rich, and are not seeing beyond what they desire FOR themselves. It saddens me greatly that these ones do not realize that the more they give to those in need, the more they would receive back in other ways. So, it is a “lose-lose” situation.

My Celestial daughter and David of Arcturus re-coined a term, I used earlier, “People-Power;” which means, “it is the everyday people who are making and shall continue to make a difference.” You see, as this planet continues on its hurly-burley ride to true freedom, it is the Children of God who have not forgotten who they are and understand the necessity for this great cleansing, who will not only survive but will prosper ALWAYS and in ALL-WAYS. Now, farmers across this world have been quietly gathering in small groups and discussing the best ways to keep their livestock and their own families fed AND PROTECTED. They are now carefully watching out for one another and well they should. Many, many cultures have finally realized that it is time to live in “the old way,” sharing, bartering when possible, recycling clothes and school supplies, etc. Peoples are finally beginning to understand that they need to hold on to what they have IF it is in their best interest and to release those things that are no longer as important to their lives as they once were.

Over the next few years thousands upon thousands of families and groups determined to live life in a better, more simple way will be moving into what is now considered to be rural areas. People who do this are being led by us and by Spirit to do so. Many have already begun this journey. Others need to do so SOON! They will be the “peace keepers.” They will be in safe havens. This accounts for the need many have been feeling; the great urge to move as soon as feasible to those areas. They will attract millions of others from all over this world, in many ways. What is being viewed by millions of people here as chaos run amuck is acknowledged by many more millions as “OC,”-“organized chaos in motion.” Medical institutions, insurance companies, yes, even EBAY, will suffer great losses and rigid cutbacks. Out of all this clamor and the fears experienced by the peoples will be born a GRAND EVENT. Something wonderful is about to happen! You will know it when you see it! God specifically asked me not to ruin the surprise, so all I can tell you is……………it is unique!

Now, before I leave you ones today I wish to speak to you about Donuts. Yes, I am quite lucid, but thank you for asking. I think. All right now, regarding Donuts: let us compare life to the donut. Although it is true donuts may be made into various sizes and COLORS they are still donuts, are they not? Today we shall deal with the round-shaped one. Think of each individual life as a simple donut; each person living a life experience has the opportunity to live life within the cocoon of the donut or to experience life by relishing the BATTER from which “the little cake” was made from. Those who choose the cocoon are forever peering out at the center, the hole, in fear of falling into a void, a chasm which they cannot extricate themselves from. They do not think to wonder if the “baker” is there to prevent the fall. They have convinced themselves that they need the cocoon, the “safety net,” or they will perish. So, they spend their entire life experience running in circles.Accomplishing nothing, gaining even less.

Then there are those intrepid Souls who know that their life is a donut, but refuse to accept the “ordinary” safety zone. They skim over and through the little cake at their leisure, delving deeply into the substance of the cake and emerging when they want and/or need a different direction. They may be deep inside one day, on the very top the next day, or at another time looking into the hole to try to understand why that part is “different.” It is not fear that propels these ones, nor is it idle curiosity. They do accept that the hole is there and that for whatever reason it is vacant, empty of both life and substance. They realize that “someone” Created the whole donut as well as the hole donut. They are more than content to fill their lives with the batter, the territory which is a part of themselves, rather than to dwell on the emptiness, the nothingness. They accept the fact that it is there, but see no reason to be a part of “nothing.” You see, Life is a Donut. Which part of it you claim defines you. Whether you choose to be whole or to be hole; whether you choose to be content exploring all aspects of yourself or to forever keep your eye on the hole rather than on the whole.

Now, I shall once again remind you ones that many peoples will be leaving this planet…for MANY reasons. The ones who remain behind will IN TIME experience a cognition that all was really not as bad as it could have been. I could tell you how bad it could have been, but I will not! You do not need to know those lurid details. As Terra continues her remarkable glide to her own Ascension, carrying with her the hearts and minds of all good Souls who have united here for the good of all, none of you will have any regrets of all that occurs. You will have instead, “the great understanding.” You shall become the lion AND the lamb.

And the lion and the lamb shall forever live in peace, for the lion will be as the lamb and the lamb will have the heart of the lion. There will be no separation between the two.

I am now signing off.,

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian

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"Private Wars – Public Wars"

Posted by Admin on January 2, 2010

Private Wars - Public Wars

Behold the Walk-Ins

As my Celestial daughter explained I specifically requested this “extra edition” be placed in this current transmission format. As you ones all should know by now I am a staunch supporter of the “need to know” teaching technique. I have determined through my own observations of the OC (organized chaos) which is taking place in nearly ¾ ths. of this world’s countries, as well as the DOC (disorganized chaos) which is engulfing the rest of the world, that now is the time to bring into the Light of your individual consciousness the serious matters which have gone on for centuries but are now confronting each Earthizen for the first time in worldwide fashion. None of you shall be spared by ignorance of the reality of the situation. It is time for you ones to bring into materialization the consciousness level needed in order for you to understand and thus CONTINUE to win the WAR. I have sought counsel with the God of this Universe and we are in complete agreement that the more information I can provide for you ones now, the better able you shall be able to function as individuals who CAN and will continue to abolish the dark forces.

Now, this having been stated I shall move on to a rather lengthy explanation which I hope shall not curl your hair.

You ones should know well by now of the diabolical plans that were implemented by the early Illuminati forces, which are known today by many peoples as “secret governments,” that have trashed your Spirits ad nauseam. If you do not, then I have been wasting my time and my Celestial daughter’s time as well for the last 19 years. If you have indeed paid close attention to my writings and teachings and those of my daughter’s, then you are “in the know” of the dark tentacled energy formations which were birthed by the early legions of horror. All right, I may of necessity need to move the tenses from past to future to present during this dialogue in order to properly and succinctly define all which I have been told to explain. This may be one of the most important and valuable transmissions you have received from me. Please to remember my mission is not to aid and abet fear, it is to offer to you ones the truth. What you do with it is up to you.

Now, it was the early life forms here, known by you ones as “prehistoric man,” who first give rise to the notion that warring tribes must conquer one another. Out of their survival instinct they believed there could only be one ruling tribe; today these tribes are known as “political parties.” The early dastardly Illuminati quickly observed this fear-motivated tactic and took immediate action in directing the tribes to fight to the death. This was accomplished through the implanting of simple but highly effective neurons into the minds/bodies of many tribesmen who were known to be the most volatile and the most brutal of the tribes. It was unnecessary to bother with all the peoples in the tribes for it was known that the more simple- minded of each colony would follow their leaders without question. The cause and effect technique which was then birthed and enhanced upon carried over to the determent of all Earthizens throughout the succeeding centuries. During the early times the human races responded mentally to the impulses sent out by the fractured nervous systems which had been subjugated to levels of extremities. They experienced EXTREMES of emotions; among them were the EXTREMES of fear of other peoples. At a later epoch in human development it would have been called by peoples “paranoia;” yet in truth it was but sick delusions cast into and upon body and mind by the dark ones.

Although they were used to warring as a way of life this was now a very different situation. Cannibalism became rampant as hunters and warriors struggled to consume the human hearts of those they had slain while believing that a metamorphosis would occur; that it would become some powerful energy that would combine internally with their own as a driving powerhouse of force with those who were the killers. These were not original thoughts in this sense. It is what the dark energies do energetically speaking. So to the dark ones it seemed to be second nature to encourage the tribesmen of the eating of their enemies as an act of manhood, the way of a warrior etc. You see Earthizens; the success ratio far exceeded what the dark ones hoped for. Each succeeding generation of the early peoples learned from their forbears to hate, fear and retaliate whenever possible against neighboring tribesmen because they were different. Never during those times did early man have the slightest suspicion that they could each have lived in harmony with one another; that they could actually have received great benefit from living as ONE COMPLETE HOMOGENEOUS UNIT.Thanks to the puppet masters the long ago Earthizens “LOST” the path of EnLightement; they “LOST” the opportunity to live life with all other peoples in beauty, peace and harmony.

WE, all of my benevolent Star Keeper Brethrens of all Nations, made countless forays back then to this world over the years in a combined effort to change the direction the Earthizens were hell-bent on following. It required that we taught in simple ways everything that was the opposite of what the dark ones had instilled into the early ancestors of prehistoric man. It meant that we were constantly fending off severe attacks launched against us by those dark ones who were so determined to immediately conquer this world. Although early man tribes were our descendants it did not mean that they could not “fall from grace” anymore than you ones of today. You see none of us who fought so intensely for the freedom of the Souls and minds of these simple peoples could operate in any manner outside of Universal Laws. Twas a bit of a “catch-22.” Yet, as the God of this Universe had decreed then as He has decreed now, “Step by step, one-by-one, My Work shall be done.”

Now, way back then with the success that the Illuminati leaders experienced in their first great test of human nature, of human Spirit, was when they made the horrendous but monumental decision to continually erode the minds of all Earthizens by the casting of the pall of fear upon the minds of all races of peoples on this planet. They knew full well this would affect the Spirit and create war after war after war. THIS would effectively carry over through each generation, each culture, just as it had originally done with the early man colonies. It was at that time too back in the bad old days, when the concept of founding religions and religious indoctrination was birthed by the Illuminati. You see, when the early dark leaders realized that WE would ALWAYS be in combat with them for the wellbeing of the human races as a whole, they decided to continue what they had begun, which was the mass destruction of the races BUT to work within the “life systems” to better accomplish their goals. Although it meant they would have to continue their sniper attacks through so many, many generations of “progressive civilizations” here, they kept their eyes and their thoughts on their fantasies of their ultimate success.

Now, we have observed the great jocularity they enjoyed then and still enjoy now each time a Soul capitulates. Some Souls do so simply because Souls CAN arrive at certain levels of capability. When the Soul knows that the mind and heart of the individual the Soul is inhabiting can no longer cope with all the dross and horror it is experiencing then Soul must leave, for the being has either given-in or given-up. If of course Soul realizes that the Earthbound-experiences the physical vehicle is subjected to is far too detrimental for the individual to continue on with, then Soul gladly departswith full knowledge that it is a retreat with honor. Soul is well aware of the correlation between illness of the physical vehicle and illness of the mind and heart cords. Because the dark energetic frenzied ones engage in attempting to circumvent the personal evolution of the Soul, the dark ones care not for the failing of the physical vehicles. For they know that although the physical vehicle may alter “at a different time, in a different place,” the Soul will return again and again to combat those uncontrolled energies in whatever way It can. These dark ones simply count coup with each present victory with a determination to bring that same Soul down again and again regardless of whatever human form the struggling individual may choose to assume in a future life here.

Although this is also the “how and the why” so many good Souls encounter their ancient nemesis again and again, life experience after life experience, it is also the venue which causes Each Soul to test ItSelf at times mercilessly, in the individual Soul’s quest for perfection within ItSelf. Now, with the advent of the generation succeeding generation morality play, the dark were aware that although many of the Souls they had caused to leave previous life experiences with personal quests not achieved would return here to the “practical world” much fortified as SPIRIT, but naïve and gullible on a CONSCIOUS level of “knowing.” Just as energy begets energy both the dark and the Light KNOW one another. The key here is the dark’s stupendous failure to recognize the evolution of a Soul. You see, dark energies can identify a Light energy and can even know of the latter’s former times combating the dark, BUT they are baffled so to speak, in understanding the ultimate quest for the perfection of a Soul that Each generation of incoming Souls possesses. Even though that personal achievement may be on a lower level and stage of evolvement than other good Souls, it is still a hallmark for a Soul.

The GREATER a Soul here is meaning Its ability to cast a massive amount of the Light of all Lights It emits as an aspect of Its Own illumination, the greater a threat it is perceived to be by the dark ones. Therefore the GREATER the Soul, the more intense the levels of evil and the blacker the energy is when a dark one is assaulting a good Soul. Tis ONE reason why the dark have tried sooooooo hard to demolish your morality, to implant your thoughts with streamers of their own dark thoughts, to instill violence and mayhem into your hearts and your minds. However, these ones cannot carry though with their nefarious actions WITHOUT your help! They count on either your willingness to comply or your perceptions of being unable to fight them off. Now, back to the past momentarily: You ones need understand that when early man lived on the Earth Star planet they did indeed inhabit each continent on this world, although the landmasses have altered themselves many times since then. My point here is that unbeknownst to the early “pioneer tribes” each landmass housed human beings from many different Star Keeper Nations. Each continent was under siege–invaded by the dark hordes who repetitiously taught of darker and darker means to invade other colonies living on that particular continent and brutalize the early time good Souls. Now, it was way back then that another plan was implemented by the dark; they correctly deduced that keeping peoples segregated through the means of keeping them in ignorance of life on other landmasses would ultimately keep them more controllable, more malleable. They are the ones who convinced peoples that “the Earth was flat.”

Now, they achieved this so easily; the peoples only knew what the main tribal headsman let them know. Superstition was birthed and demons and monsters were said to devour those who made any attempts to leave the land. So they stayed, existing in a prison built of lies and deceits. If you wonder how the early Souls were able to survive those pre-inquisition times, then look around you. HOW ARE YOU SURVIVING NOW? As time progressed we still continued to contact many of our children on all the landmasses through telepathy and dreams. Our physical battles above the Earth Star planet still continued as we sought to keep as many of the dark ones from entering here as we could. Each time a Light entered into the hearts and minds of the early peoples we achieved a measure of success. In great part due to the reincarnational themes we were able to amass more and more Earth allies, but QUIETLY and SUBTLY. As mankind became more civilized the dark ones altered their modus operandi. They already knew of their tried and true method of indoctrinating peoples BUT even they had to move with the changing times in order to change the times. I must say they did their best to keep countries from learning of the existence of other countries and their peoples for as long as they could. However they could not have the dominion they insatiably craved without extending their wickedness to all countries by using the peoples of each country for their own agendas.

Now, when God and the Creator deemed the timeline (intersection of certain grid lines) had arrived for our forces to blatantly counterbalance the dark ones projected plans of walking in and assuming total control of this world, a certain Soul was asked to lead a group of others through the shoals of the raging seas and “discover” other land masses known today as continents. As this occurred others of his Soul Cluster Group living in other countries also received the telepathic message to go and discover new lands. Then one by one, one Soul at a time was visited by us and reassured that no matter how dangerous these expeditions would be, no matter how hard the dark tried to stop us, we would ALL succeed in providing the integration of all human beings. To say the Illuminati was displeased with us would be the understatement of any millennium! When they briefly stopped attacking peoples, slowed down their attempts to demolish our own forces and caused less massive land movements posed as “natural disasters” as a means to curb the peoples’ desire to learn, discover and emigrate, they immediately hatched another plan. This of course was but yet another of their long-used techniques for invasive treatments of the peoples.

You see, this part of this worldwide private war was to be the implementation of Illuminati factions not limited to merely small areas, but to immediately be accepted into each colonization attempt and to form a small group of Illuminati members seemingly bent on freedom for peoples entering into other countries. It was seen that by the APPEARANCE of “wearing a white hat” none would bother to use discernment and see what really lived beneath the hat. Sounds like the “today days” does it not? Thus began an even more horrendous phase of the Earth Star history. This plan they concocted so very long ago, was correctly gauged by them….to a great extent…to have far-reaching implications; the worldwide usurping of all human rights. They knew full well they flew in the face of God in this matter, however God was but an obstacle to overcome by their judgment. So it came to pass that peoples known by the term “colonists,” sought to leave their homelands by whatever means available to them, always feeling restlessness in their hearts, while their Souls relentlessly pushed them forward to arrive at a destination which their Souls desired. This is NOT a small matter. Soul ALWAYS strives for Its own betterment with the HOPE that the physical vehicle will comply.

Now, one rather seemingly complicated venue which the leaders of the Illuminati devised was actually successful because of its simplicity. No, this is not a contradiction in terms. The complicated process was the designing of the format they ingeniously recreated. The simplicity lay in how correctly they deduced they could fool the human races. All right now, please to follow their thought patterns: Fear was the fornicator they used for controlling the early races and then the quickly large growing populations. After that they initiated small skirmishes among peoples as a means to test the humans’ abilities for seeing “beyond the veils of illusions.” Then small battles between peoples of different nations which were and are still landmasses known as countries, and aided by the early day-already formed-secret Vaticanites deepening the hatred for races other than their own all over this world. They correctly had foreseen long, long ago, that turning people against people was easy to accomplish if enough false propaganda was fed to them. Think of it as “pabulum laced with arsenic.” So, you may wonder, “how could people possibly be so gullible as to turn against one another for no good reason?” Because they can! Your races today are living proof of that.

So, they had the fear methodology well organized with unlimited numbers of fear factors that could be induced. Once the fear was initiated maintaining it was simple because fear is self-perpetuating. What begins as a tiny snowball (anxiety attacks etc.) soon becomes an avalanche. Then the promoting of the magic word, “WARS.” Fear + wars = the dissolution of the human races. The requiem for a dying species of life would have been sung by us; the dirge would have signaled the end of the human race. However besides the aid we continuously send to you ones, in their arrogance the dark foes misread the un-limitedness of the human Spirit. They greatly misjudged the ability of a Soul to fly into the face of great danger in Its determination to experience the ultimate expression of Its own FREEDOM. You see, the dark ones are dogged strategists, they never change their agendas OR their methods of attack once they are satisfied with the cause and effect. First they experiment with a single person, then move on to a small group of people and finally one country at a time. Then they turn countries against one another. They do this repeatedly. They do not seek to change their methods because they themselves are “blindly obstinate” and this has proven to be a great asset to us and to each of you.

Of the many things you ones fail to understand about yourselves is that YOU are brilliant strategists. This means among other things that you each have the capability of Creating new solutions!! There is NO problem, situation, event or issue that you ones cannot alter for yourselves either physically, mentally or Spiritually. Why is it that so many among you ones cannot see this? Is it because of the veils of illusions that have been cast upon you by the unilluminated ones are still intact, or is it because ripping and shredding those veils requires work and personal responsibility?Pick one, pick one! You see there is no middle road here either anymore. Your answer is one or the other.

Now, I shall show to you ones a brief glimpse of a well known “public war” that is actually the standard bearer for ALL the wars that have been fought on the Earth Star planet. I have chosen as an example one so-called pivotal war that was fought in America and was recently, most lamentably, celebrated as though it had been a good thing. Since this was only last month’s “death celebration” I chose this one rather than another at this time. The highly touted “war for independence,” was NOT. It was a publicly staged show that was intentionally created by England and the Vatican and supported by Spain. You see, although it is true that many men and women wanted to leave England and actually live in a land free of the diabolical English terrorists and the lunatic rules of the churches, England had for quite a time been eying the landmass later known as America with an eye for further extending English control and further settlements. There had been quite a bond between the English monarchy who had been covertly dealing with Spain and the Vatican.

Because the Illuminati were the actual “first families” of these countries it was simple to arrange for good Souls to travel to the soon-to-be American soil with the intention of fleeing their “captors,” the English aristocracy. Of course it was unthinkable to the British monarchies to allow them to leave without ensuring that many less than brilliant Englishmen pretending to also be the peoples seeking to leave for a peaceful existence accompanied the fleeing Souls. The plan was simple there too. The Vatican would slowly and insidiously spread its religion, its contagion, in America. Spain was to do its best, which was its worst, to aid and abet covertly the subjugation of indigenous peoples of the “new land” and kill as many as possible. Innocent men, women and children were gutted while they were still alive and hung upside down because they were in the way of a conquering horde. Publicly the 3 terrible titans spoke poorly of one another, causing mass diversions to occur so that the settling colonists would have no idea of “the private war” taking place. At stake were vast fortunes for those titans; land, control, the ability to capture the people in the new land and use them as slaves, gold, silver, water and limitless land for the slaves to farm and mine for the English with the Vatican and the Spanish monarchies greedily awaiting “their fair shares.”

You see, ALL of the aristocratic families across this world have been either the Illuminati leaders themselves or their descendants. Throughout the intervening centuries many of these families have changed their names a bit. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. As more and more settlers arrived in America, many from other lands besides England by then, the more the terrible incitement to war against the English was growing. In the name of freedom OF COURSE. No ordinary person suspected this war plan was initiated by the titans. In secret the English themselves were busily orchestrating this movement. This raging debate entered into each colony, each homestead. The original English spies and their growing numbers of cohorts were now quietly gathering in numbers while still posing as “freedom seekers.” Little did the colonists realize that the soon-to-be public war with England was actually a war with far-reaching implications for the futures of all human races. The monarchies all knew that as time passed they could and would continue to control the new world by deeply entrenching their peoples in later society, banking, medicine etc. They knew that they could wait for generations if need be and allow their own descendents in the new world to rise to political power as “Americans.” The English folk knew nothing of these far-reaching plans; yet the soldiers marched, fought and died as did the Americans “because they were ordered to.” All right now, what part of this do you ones not understand? You see, the easiest way to dupe the people……and it has happened since then repeatedly…is to flaunt God and country in their faces and arrange for the REAL instigators of ALL WARS to convene in top secret negotiations and buy, sell and trade the lives of one country TO the other country.

THIS is what WAR is all about! The private deals made by each secret government and well-hidden from the public by the most diabolical means is what you are really fighting. The “Ghost in the war-machine.” ALL wars function in this manner! All countries engaged in wars are doing so NOT because “it’s the right thing to do,” but because they must do this as a part of the secret pact they have made. Each country will PUBLICALLY deride the alleged potential “terrorist” country, the “alleged” potential terrorists, while it intentionally inflames the peoples AGAINST the now-named “enemy of the state.” In private it is the old shell game; it is “let’s make a deal.” Now, back to the early American catastrophe. All over the new world patriotism flourished fueled by the frenetic energy of the titans. Remember, this was unbeknownst to common man in any land. Now, part of the plan was to keep whatever able-bodied citizens of America survived the “War of Independence” and mate the most intelligent and the most comely with the secret titan spies. This would have combined some higher forms of intelligence with a physically strong race..or so it was believed. They decided however to install ALL RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL LEADERS all over America who RELIGIOUSLY adhered to the Illuminati Doctrine. In other words, peoples were bought and sold like cattle then, just as today. After many discussions it was thought that to allow Americans to think they won the war would prove to be a better trump card for the future. So, peoples in America died and suffered terrible torture for a war that was NOT a war: it was a dark sham. A dark agenda. An Illuminati contrivance, yet again. Do not forget please the innocent Brits and those from other lands who also died while believing the terrible lies told to them by their own leaders.

Although every country enjoys celebrating its victories, its pseudo-freedoms, it is the peoples’ personal responsibilities to look closely into those matters and see WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN…see what actually took place. Personal responsibility also dictates to NOT accept at face value information just because your teachers, history books and elders tell you so. Especially NOT the media’s rendition of “ late breaking news.“ Media is BOUGHT and paid for. You ones are not responsible for what happened in past times, so to speak.. BUT you are responsible for what happens NOW. You see, I have been quite frustrated over humanity’s HABIT of saying and believing that they cannot make the difference between peace and war. That they cannot differentiate between good and evil. WELL OF COURSE YOU CAN! Never does a day pass that you are not observed being a brilliant strategist. Each time you experience a new thought or a different aspect of a thought than you had before about an issue or a person, you are “strategizing.” I do not ask of you ones to practice yoga or chant “OM” all day now do I? As you seek newer or better solutions to any type of issue, you are “working” in the right arena. The more you do this the more inspirations you shall receive

So there is no misunderstanding here…..EVERY public war hides a private war. The War of the Roses, Vietnam, the Civil War (strange name for that one), WWW 1 and 2, go ahead think of a war, ANY war in ANY country and I tell you truthfully the public wars shield the private wars. Now, if you were paying attention to the first part of this dissertation you should have been able to see the private wars waged and still waging between races, cultures and creeds. Perhaps your own innate understanding of all I am telling you will rise to the surface. That would be a good thing. Another aspect of a super-private war is that it maliciously causes you ones to turn against each other: you ones tear apart your families, friends, co-workers and so forth. You do not realize you are each products of your elder’s beliefs, their foundations built upon untruths and injustice, their own bigotries and that these have all been passed down through each generation, just as you ones do yourselves with your own children and their children. This is in great part a private war within a private war. Those hidden wars masked by the public wars breed mass hysteria, deeper hatred of those PRESUMED guilty, and magnifies the “ guilty by suspicion” beliefs.

Now, ironically as all this is AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT accelerating with the monumental turnover of your political, banking and religious systems, as well as all forms of the economic systems as a whole, so many of you ones are seen running around in helter-skelter fashion panicked by the massive turnaround your planet is experiencing. WHY? Let me see now….firstly-everyone complained that “great change was needed.” Then it became, “ we want it and we want it NOW! Then it was, “Why aren’t you helping us, God, why aren’t the off-world Star Keepers helping us?” OK…you wanted it and by Theda, you GOT IT! No need to moan and groan about this matter, guess what? The Shift has hit the FAN! See now, there is no longer any reason for you ones to wonder where you will be when the shift occurs, you are already in it!

Hmmm, my Celestial daughter just interrupted my “carefully chosen words” to ask me if I am about to embark on a verbal barrage which would cause the hair on the readers’ necks to rise. She only asks this because she needed to know if she will need to wear dark sunglasses and a hardhat when this transmission is posted. No, I assured her I will not do so today…. BUT there is always tomorrow. Although I did suggest that her thoughts of headgear and glasses still might not be a bad idea. NOW as I was saying before I was interrupted…The time you ones are now living in are unparalleled by any previous event on the Earth Star planet. You see, all of Divinity is assisting in this most important changeover of the dark to the Light of ALL lights on this planet. How can any Earthizen expect to be exempt from feeling the impacts of “changing ALL that needs to be changed.” This is NOT a question, it is a statement. On personal levels it has also meant that over the last 18 months in particular many good Souls who are ordinary peoples and many gifted good Souls who have fallen off-course have been being confronted with many, MANY collisions with realities existing on many different levels. It was the “nicest” LAST wakeup call we were, and are, permitted to give them. What they do with it…..

A long time ago my Celestial daughter was shown an imaging of an event that she knew well beforehand was coming but did not expect to have a confirmation on it in the manner that she did. What she viewed was she herself opening a huge door while the brilliant light of the sun was streaming behind her and watched 2 HUGE grotesque scorpions battling viciously with one another as the brilliance of the light began to diminish them. As she watched them they repeatedly and ferociously stung one another. It was indeed a battle to the death. They were each representations of the last of the main dark energies still prowling the Earth Star..but not for much longer. You see, a commonality which exists among all the evildoers and evil “birth-ers” is that their desperate instinct for their own INDIVIDUAL survival outweighs all else. This is truer now than ever before in their long history. Now, as the full extent of the demolishing of their forces has been acknowledged by these ones, they instinctively have sought to preserve their own individual lives. Thus it is a FACT that the more powerful ones among them are turning upon the lesser, less experienced, less strong ones and devouring them. You will soon come to understand that these TITANS are killing one another off at an extraordinary rate. As the “last stand” event picks up momentum you will better see how in the end, none will be spared. Although Celestial knew immediately “why and what” she was watching, she most wisely only confided in David of Arcturus. These two great Souls are rejoicing in all that is transpiring today as one scorpion king after another is being defeated and the smaller, less significant ones are dying, or are leaving this world. You see, all good Souls knew well in advance that the SHIFT would not only be a physical one (planetary realignment) but a practical and a Spiritual one as well.

You Earthizens can best serve the SHIFT, which IS serving yourselves as well, by remaining as calm within your hearts, minds and Spirits as you possibly can. In March of this year I devoted a first paragraph of that transmission to CAUTIONING ALL of you ones to remain calm this year. Do you remember? I hope so. Look beyond the media lies and hype, stop watching soap operas, stop living soap operas. If your faith is strong you shall survive just fine. Obviously those Earthizens who are Spiritual leaders will have to live their lives a tad differently than others. I urge these ones to hold tightly to one another, to not forsake one another for any reason. Do what you can to assist one another. You will need all the strength you can muster! And YOU KNOW IT! Maintain communication with one another, be it by telephone, smoke signals, email or mind-link. Help each other in whatever way you can BECAUSE YOU CAN. You will each need it. Remember, you are as you always have been… great targets! Now, I have listened to the thoughts of so many of you ones who wish to be great leaders too. LISTEN please! A certain tenacity of Spirit, a staunch belief in oneself and a fortitude that can defy not only gravity but EVERYTHING that goes bump in the night are but just A VERY FEW of the requirements.

Great leaders are in ONE sense born….say “thank you” to reincarnation please, for you each will have an opportunity to achieve whatever it is you as SOUL in physical form CHOOSES TO. If not today, then tomorrow. For “today,” understand that not everyone is meant to be a leader; YOU EACH however CAN lead YOURSELVES into a better future at a better time. While you are now experiencing what was once the long-awaited shift I would suggest to you ones that you pay closer attention to what you eat and where you travel to. There will be many encounters with sloppy, careless food preparations, even in the finer restaurants. Careless food-handlers will contribute to contaminations in eateries and your grocery stores. PLEASE forget completely about “fast food restaurants!” I also strongly suggest you frequently have your drinking water supplies tested. Do not be silly and believe that water from wells is always safe either, that would be VERY foolish. That could cost you dearly. If you are unfortunate enough to live in areas where chlorinated water is your only source, then use GOOD water filters or other substances to filter OUT the chlorine. ALL of the titans would really like you to drink chlorinated water! Also, remember that while many, MANY peoples across this world will be doing the things you are to INSURE their safety, there are many, MANY others who will be looking for trouble. Illegal drug usage will soar to an all-time high and the addicted peoples will be looking for monies, food etc. Also, bear is mind that hungry peoples are desperate peoples. Well, Earthizens, did you expect everyone to immediately lose their addiction and to shave their heads and chant “happy-happy-joy-joy?” How should I put this… about this…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Now, I have done what I can to prepare you each for what is already happening here. It will not appear in your newspapers or talk shows UNTIL they have no choice but to report these things. Even then DO NOT believe the statistics they state. They are never correct. They are always set at extremely lower counts than they actually are. Tis what they do. Now, there is an intertwined frequency/vibration that is now an ongoing event on the Earth Star planet. It is a massive conglomeration which consists of the terrified mind-thoughts of millions of peoples here who are losing their homes, families, jobs, everything which they have held dear, everything which has given themproof of life. Those peoples who can no longer endure the changing of the times are also emitting this sound. Then add to this the dark energies which are being destroyed in one manner or another. They too possess their own utterance. Celestial hears this mass everyday and night. Although she has tuned down the sound so that it cannot affect her, she has most aptly termed this, “The Silent Scream.” There will be many among you ones who will also have the sensitivity to “hear” it in one fashion or another. Some may hear it carried on the wind; others may feel it as moments of great uneasiness etc. The warlords who are still here will soon be abandoning their “ships.” Their ships of death, of destruction, of dominion, their ships which carry ALL perversions of evil! Now, to all those beings those who are in human form and those who remain in their own natural forms who have caused so much grief and destruction to this planet; this planet Terra that is but another Child of God, I give my one last warning: This is not your world, it never was. Leave now, your warmonger days are OVER.

Earthizens, never for a moment think that those ones do not hear everything I say! They do hear quite clearly. WE KNOW EACH OTHER WELL! Now, I do believe that I have said all that needs to be said….for now…so I shall tell you that both my daughter Celestial and David of Arcturus have arrived at a decision that I completely agree with. They will no longer be answering any email. Period. Very recently the “email situation” came up in their conversation with Suzy Ward. Celestial, said, “we are in mutual agreement then, the time is long over for us to be holding peoples’ hands and repetitively answering the same questions about the same issues. Its time for people to use their own intuition and break the cycle of co-dependency. We are declaring war on ignorance. Everyone has the tools, they just don’t remember to use them.” And That is the way it is. Personally, I think they waited too long to do this, but I did admire David’s determined efforts at trying to keep his finger in the dike. Celestial on the other hand, simply threw her hands in the air and said, “I can’t do it!” And I know how she dislikes the term, “I can’t.” And now with that having been placed into print I shall take my leave. I have no doubt this will be a relief to some readers! I want to thank David of Arcturus for his suggestion of ending this transmission with a quote from an old friend and ally of mine:

“Man is the only religious animal. In the holy task of smoothing his brother’s path to the happiness of heaven, he has turned the globe into a graveyard.”…….. Mark Twain.

Salude…Blue Star The Pleiadian

“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side
and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation.
In time, all shall be as one…I shall meet you there.”
….Blue Star……

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