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What are the Chances of a Nuclear War?

Posted by Admin on January 26, 2010

October 10, 2009

By Steve Beckow

Speaking at a Project Camelot Conference today in Brussels, George Green said that he saw a war with China in our near future.

How likely is a war with China?  For that matter, how likely is a war between any of the nuclear powers?

Let us ask that question of Mike Quinsey’s group, Sheldan Nidle’s Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation, and Matthew Ward, who are, in my opinion, our most credible sources.

SaLuSa is very certain about the matter: “There will be no nuclear war or that type of aggression.” (1)    He reports that the galactics “can easily [quiet] the guns of war if there is any need to do so.” (2)

He lets it be known that “we are in contact with your leaders, and they have been warned that certain conduct will not be allowed that seriously endangers you.” (3)

“Regardless of what threats are perceived, you will not be involved in a nuclear exchange or war. Your governments are aware of this edict from us, but still use such threats against each other. …

“There is talk of further wars but we assure you that it is no longer part of your future. We have informed your governments and military that nuclear weapons will not be allowed, and have proved we are as good as our word. We are here to lead you into a peaceful era that will allow for the restoration of your planet, and for a quantum leap forward into the Light.” (4)

Diane of Sirius assures us that the galactics are well “abreast of what is taking place, and have a total picture of the likely outcome of the impetus created by you. … We are ready to seize control on your behalf as soon as it is practical to do so and prevent any madcap actions by the dark as they contemplate defeat. We know exactly how they think and will curtail any attempts to prevent the Light from manifesting on your world.  (5)

Atmos tells us that the galactics have shielded the rest of the universe from our nuclear destructiveness:  “Nuclear weapons are an abomination that is so destructive, even to the point of damaging the souls of those in their path. Fortunately, in the past where you have let off nuclear devices, we have placed a protective shield around your Earth to prevent damage to the outer planets, and life forces in Space.” (6)

He tells us that the Galactic Federation has been protecting Earth for millennia against its own destructiveness:

“On more than one occasion, you were intending to bring about a nuclear war. … Your actions could have destroyed your Earth. We wish you to be aware that we have acted as your guardians for many thousands of years and you would not have been where you are now without our help, indeed you would not have reached this high point in evolution.” (7)

Ker-On of Venus offers us his guarantee that the galactics will protect us from ourselves:

“We shall ensure that there is no interference from the dark forces [in Ascension], as their power will have been removed from them. Already we curtail their ability to cause more wars and use their nuclear weapons and we know that it has been their objective in the Middle East.” (8)

Like Atmos, he assures us that the galactics have saved us from our own destructiveness:

“We follow your development and, since you entered the Nuclear Age, have come a lot closer. Our service to Humanity has been to make sure that you complete this cycle, and that both you and the Earth are not destroyed. You have come close to doing so on a number of occasions and we have prevented it. It is fortunate that the Divine Plan for you requires that you see this cycle out to the end, which is but a few years away. (9)

Unequivocably he tells us there will be no nuclear war:

“No matter what rhetoric passes between different countries that confront each other, we give an absolute assurance that there will not be another nuclear war. It will simply not be allowed, and soon the weapons of war shall be completely silenced forever. (10)

The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Fderation (SHGF), speaking through Sheldan Nidle, say they “are confident that the need for a rapid deployment of our forces in response to some dark-induced craziness is unlikely. Until the mass landing date, we will need to intercede only when necessary to prevent nuclear disaster or stop events from getting out of hand. By this we mean an event that swiftly escalates into something serious.”  (11)

Speaking for the terrestrial and spiritual side, Matthew Ward tells us that stopping nuclear wars is the one area of human life where the 2012 team has Creator’s consent to intervene.

“Creator made this single exception to Its law that all souls’ free will must be honored: There will be no more nuclear wars, and spiritually evolved civilizations are authorized to use their technology to prevent any attempts to initiate one. That is why we have been able to repeatedly and confidently assure you that there will be no nuclear war on Earth.

So there is no possibility of planetary-wide destruction. (12)

In answer to “several issues that keep popping up in Internet articles or channeled messages,” Matthew assured us that “There will be no war with Iran … Russia will not engage in a major war and neither will China.”  (13)

On the basis of this, and insofar as this information is true, as I believe it to be, I think I can say unequivocally that George Green’s predictions of  a near-future war with China have no substance to them and no chance of materializing.




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