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Posted by Admin on February 5, 2010

Note from Langa:

Emmanuel contacted me telepathically and asked to meet in the astral plane.

We met in our usual meeting point, a simple room with neither doors nor windows, invisible to other astral travelers, hidden by consciousness.

Emmanuel arrived in his ‘physical’ form, a form he adopts for easier communication, since I can’t maintain the ‘bubble of light’ form for long periods of time.

After the usual greetings I asked what was the meeting about, and he answered there is somebody I must meet. Suddenly a ‘bubble of light’ came thru the wall, it was the first time a being other than Emmanuel was able to enter the room.

The energy coming from that being was so peaceful and loving, that I wasn’t frightened in any way. I asked the entity if he/she could project a physical form.

The light at the center of the ‘bubble’ faded quickly and a beautiful ‘human being’ materialized and said: “I salute you, I AM Commander Ashtar Sheran”. I was puzzled. Looked at Emmanuel with million questions in my eyes, but he simply smiled.

I could see Ashtar smiling too. Then, I asked Ashtar permission to run through the questions/test Emmanuel taught me in order to verify the identity of any being I may encounter in the astral plane.

There was no doubt he was Ashtar.

What happened next is difficult to describe. Ashtar somehow split my awareness and I was in two places at the same time.

On the one hand I was still in the astral room with Emmanuel and Ashtar; and on the other hand I was somewhere else with Ashtar alone, in outer space.

I‘m very tempted to describe Commander Ashtar himself, his loving presence, his wisdom, his immense power, etc. but Emmanuel advised me not to do so, arguing that I should focus upon the message, rather than upon the messenger.

Ashtar telepathically said:

“All preparation from our side are completed, all communication channels with Earth have been open, and now in order to receive our assistance you need to rise your vibrations the higher you can by means of tapping into the Universal Force. You are on Earth at this point in time because you have an important role to play in the ongoing story of Mankind. And the choices you make today is what will shape your future. Our advance awareness-tracking technology is constantly monitoring the vibratory rate of the human collective consciousness, and we see that at this moment is rising significantly but not fast enough, hence help from every Lightworker is very much needed at this time.

Then Ashtar showed me huge ‘waves of light’ travelling in all direction, he said, “this is the energy that bounds us together, it is Love. Love, is the one single force in the Universe, there is no other source of energy, and how you relate to that force determinates its effects in your plane. You are conductors of energy, and is time for every one of you to make the choice about how to conduct the Love/Life energy-force into actions.

Make your choice.”

Then he stopped projecting his physical form and became a bubble of light, and vanished. A second later I was ‘one’ again, back in the astral room with Emmanuel…

Question: Emmanuel, would you like to add something to Ashtar’s message?

Ashtar’s message is wise beyond words, and is not for me to add to it; every individual will understand it accordingly to his/her awareness expansion.

He is saying make your choice today, tomorrow you will have to leave and the tickets have to be booked today.

He is also saying that help from higher beings aligned with the Christ-consciousness comes down to you through energy vortexes, these vortexes open when you make a choice, thus you can choose what kind of energy will assist you in your journey; it is your birthright.

But unfortunately the vast majority of your people live their lives as if they have no choices, not realizing that if they don’t choose, somebody else will choose for them.

Regardless the place you are in the spiritual evolution, it is time to make your choice. This choice cannot be made with the head; it is essential to follow the heart. When you make the choice, you open up a vortex of very powerful energy and through it the Universe will provide according to your choice.

The Federation of Light is at service of God’s Cosmic Plan, each single member of the Federation works for the Light, aligned with the Life-force of Love, even the Federation’s spacecraft irradiates Love.

The Federation of Light normally operates from a higher density rate than yours, so in order to receive their help more efficiently; you have to elevate your vibratory rate. The easiest way to accomplish this is allowing the flow of Love vibrations through your system. Just with the simply act of choosing Love the vortex is created and the highest part of the vibratory spectrum will flow through you, raising your vibratory rate and making easier the transmission of help from higher planes into your reality.

Once your choice is made, the resulting vortex is absolute and there is no dark-force in the Universe powerful enough to close it.


Short Q&A with Emmanuel

(random questions from readers)


Question: You said Gaia is duplicating itself, is she creating new matter?

Matter is not the substance your planet is made of, Gaia is made of consciousness.

Question: And who or what will decide on which earth I will continue living?

Your consciousness will align you with the inter-dimensional gateway that best support your most dominant awareness frequency

Question: In your last contact you said ‘your awareness will guide you on living a life that is honorable and meaningful’, what is a meaningful life?

A meaningful life is a life with purpose.

Awareness growth creates clarity about your real purpose in life. Your soul is on this Planet for a purpose, the sooner you discover what your purpose is, the sooner you can begin to make your life meaningful. And the more meaningful your life is, the more blissful you will be.

Question: I read that in December 2012 various portals will open on Earth, and thru these portals some people will ascend. Will we know in advance the location of the portals?

YOU are the portal. The Unified Field of Divinity is not outside but within you.

Question: Some time ago you mentioned that ‘total freedom’ is steps away; how do we walk those steps?

Take one step at a time, do it at your own pace, with that pace which is natural to you. Find your own rhythm, and you will be able to walk much more.

Freedom is your right by virtue of your existence.

Love and Freedom are the dominant vibrations of the Universe, and the only thing the Universe has to offer.

Question: You mention that there are humans living on Mars, could you tell me since when?

The first group of earthlings arrived on Mars more than 20 years before the official Moon landing.

Question: I do one hour of meditation every day, is this enough preparation for ascension?

Meditation helps in many aspects of spirituality but has nothing to do with ascension. Animals do not meditate and most of them will make the ascension. On the other hand, many of the individuals who practice meditation will not ascend. The key of ascension is in your heart, in your awareness, and in your connection with All That Is. In your third-density plane of existence, All That Is manifest itself mostly through nature, hence connecting with nature is one of the most effective ways to connect to Source.

If you recall all the great spiritual teachers who have walked the face of your Planet, all got enlightened in nature, sitting under trees, swimming in rivers, sleeping in caves, etc. Being in nature is the easiest way for you to experience the oneness with life. The problem nowadays is that more than half of humanity is disconnected from nature. Humans believe they are superior to nature and they have the right to use its resources without giving anything back, and this creates imbalance and disconnection from Source.

Question: How can I experience enlightenment?

Enlightenment is not something you can experience because experiencing happens in the mind, enlightenment is beyond the mind, only happen when there is no mind (no ego).

Enlightenment is just a word used to describe the result of the process of merging your individual consciousness with your higher-self consciousness.

Question: I’m always looking for new knowledge, what kind of knowledge should I look for in these shifting times?

Stop searching outside yourself. Self-knowledge must be the only search. Knowing everything without knowing yourself is pointless.

All knowledge is inessential and only creates the illusion of ‘knowing’, and this illusion is what prevents you from getting in tune with your real-self. If you become a ‘knower’ you will lose something infinitely more high-priced, you will lose wisdom.

Knowledge is not wisdom and will not change anything in you, only wisdom will transform you. Unlearn knowledge and you will be amaze at how knowledge was preventing your Devine metamorphosis.

Question: Is Jesus and Sananda the same entity?

If the notion of time is present in the question/answer, Prince Sananda is Jesus Christ’s Higher Self. If asked/answered from a timeless perspective, they are the same entity.

Question: (original question too long, showing only the last part) How can I have peace of mind?

You cannot.

Either you have one or the other. The mind is what is preventing you from having peace. Drop the mind and peace will bloom.

Question: With so many ‘truth’ and ‘guides’ out there, how to know whom to follow.

Follow nobody. You are your best guide.

Question: Many teachers said we came to third density to learn Love, is this correct?

This is incorrect, Love do not have to be learned.

You were born into existence out of Love, thus you ARE Love, you simply have to remember.

The main learning for a third-density being is to transcend duality remembering Who you are and Where you come from.

Question: You said that our thoughts create our reality; if we hold our thought on certain frequency, how long it takes to create a new reality?

Thoughts create emotions and emotions create reality from the Formative Plane. The Formative Plane exist beyond space and time, hence your thoughts can manifest reality at light-speed. Any change in your consciousness instantly affects the Universal Consciousness accordingly.

Question: You said you are from the 6th density, is life in 6th density only spiritual or you use ‘technology’? And why are you helping us? Is this your ‘job’?

We have technology you cannot comprehend.

It is my choice to work with Mankind; I consider this to be a great honor.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, in the eyes of Creation you are the most important being, is your birthright to choose your future.

Make your choice today; your heart will lead you home.

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa

Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.

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