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True Love by Kryon

Posted by Admin on February 8, 2010

True Love

David Brown

A message from Kryon channeled by David Brown

Tuesday, 26 January, 2010  (posted 6 February, 2010)

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you once again, for much has changed since we last did a channelling for you and there are a great many more changes in the air; for love and the planet earth now is a serious proposition. There are many changes coming and many new energies coming, and you will be releasing many energies that no longer serve you. You will be stepping closer and closer with each day that goes by in South Africa, not to 2010 and the World cup soccer, but to a new age beginning in 2012. A new age that is based in the energies of love.

There will be powerful hierarchies that begin, and have already begun, to collapse. You can see that in the global banking system, ethics are being called for and ethics will begin to happen. The bankers are here to serve the population by allowing money to flow to where it should flow, and their pockets are partly included in this equation but not to the degree that they think it should. Slowly but surely the governments of the world will begin to contain these men that are living this path of high adventure and not allowing the money and the love from flowing to those who generate it. Where energy is put into some-one’s life then that energy must be received. If for some reason this energy is flowing to where it should not be, things will change and this will cause suffering, pain and hardship.

Out of this hardship the Phoenix will rise, a new energy will come, and energy that will bring more and more ethics into the world of money and the world of banking. Money is necessary on planet earth, gone are the days of barter. There needs to be a freer and easier flow of love and money to let the Divine work be done, and that divine work belongs to those who created the money in the first place. The engineers, the craftsmen, the men that work with their hands, the men that build society and the men that create a stable loving family life and create a special place on this earth for their women and their children. Of course there needs to be social justice and a social world but the energy and the wealth must be more evenly spread and allowed to flow into the hearts of those who have worked for it.

Dear ones a new world is coming, a more equal and even world where the love does flow into the right places and where love is the answer, the alpha and the omega, for slowly but surely, we’ve said this many times in past channellings, people are coming closer and closer to enlightenment, in numbers never before known. By the year 2012, 144 00 people will be of Christ consciousness, enlightened and perhaps of an even higher consciousness not yet known on this planet. A new world is coming, a new dawn is breaking, new ethical and new loving world is coming. A new hierarchy is coming and a new leadership; call it a new world order. It is not made up of those that are in power at the moment. Some of them will survive this upheaval, for some of them are on the side of the divine and do allow love and consciousness to flow through their families and businesses and through their world. But those hierarchies who are not in divine order will feel the stresses and strains of these new energies flowing through their businesses, lives and families and they will have the choice to step into this new energy or to fight it, just to allow love to flow. Many businesses will begin to disintegrate for as love and true understanding of our human nature and psyche be understood by the masses, the seed is sown within them already, things will change dramatically on this earth.

Manifestation is set to become easier and easier. Just as the trillions of dollars were given to the bankers. Trillions of dollars will flow back to where it needs to flow. Money is being manipulated and stored, and this will no longer be able to happen as time goes by. Money will become like a river flowing. The rains constantly rain on the mountains and streams and rivers always flow. Money will become less and less of an object once ethics flow into the banking system; once working people are not paying so much tax and interest on their loans and when only the right amount of manufacturing is happening. It can no longer be a matter for ego or power. The Divinity must flow through the manufacturing and banking worlds and through all the industrialised world so that who needs gets and who wants gets and those that need certain type of job get that kind of job. The world will not be held to ransom by those who do all the manufacturing and who get all the money. The world can’t be like that anymore. Money will flow where responsibility is taken. The genetics of man is changing, new energies are flowing into man and man is changing, becoming more and more conscious, more and more free, loving and caring. As the 144 000 enlightened men and women come to their consciousness and bring their consciousness to earth, this new consciousness will flow through everybody. People will be like sponges; this will be a 100 monkey scenario. Once the 144 000 bring the new consciousness then you can expect wave after wave after wave of enlightenment to flow through each tribe and each culture that lives on this planet. Each culture will have something special to bring to this earth, they will have a special world to bring, new ideas and new innovations, new ways of power; free power, free energy. This earth plane is full of energy; wherever you look is energy, it’s a flow of energy.

Dear ones we bring to you a new world of love and charisma. We’re not going to tell you how the world looks, that’s your job and your dream, but the people who have the power will be the ones who have healed their inner child and their inner parents, their past lives and their ancestors; they will be the ones who have the power to dream and create their dreams. What exactly is happening is that any manifestation through negative forces will begin to slow down and over the next few years will come to an end. It will no longer be acceptable that the earth plane lives in the darkness. The earth plane will move into the light, there will be opportunities for new religions and a new power base for these religions. Power will be spread more evenly throughout the world and the new religions will carry the new consciousness and the new energies.

We ask you to close your eyes and go inside and we ask you to visualise Mother Earth under your feet and see a beautiful pink heart at the centre of Mother Earth. Just observe the heart of Mother Earth beating and feel your own heart beat, allow yourself to descend into that beautiful pink heart of Mother Earth and feel yourself held by a strong pair of beautiful pink hands in the heart of Mother Earth.

Allow yourself to be held and to be loved and allow your heart to synchronise with the heart beat of Mother Earth and allow yourselves to connect deeper and deeper with the heart of Mother Earth.
Drop deeper and deeper into your bodies and allow for that deep, deep, meaningful connection with Mother Earth and feel this deep pink light surrounding you and imagine yourself as a sponge absorbing and soaking up the beautiful pink Mother Energy and allow this energy to energise your own mother energies, your inner mother, and allow it to switch on more and more strongly your connection to Mother Earth. Imagine the moon orbiting Mother Earth and feel the energy of the earth as it moves around Mother Earth and just feel it. Allow your femininity to connect and synchronise with this movement of the moon around the earth.

Both men and women have feminine cycles, men obviously not to the same extent as women, who will feel this much more strongly. Feel the love of Mother Earth and the synchronicity and what the synchronicity means to you, for this is Mother Nature’s way of showing you who you are, letting you see the planets and the sun and the moon. You are also a reflection of the universe.

Allow for a connection to the heart of the Great Central Sun. In the centre of the Great Central Sun imagine a beautiful fluorescent heart, for as much as your mother loves you, your father loves you also. Allow this energy of Father Sky and the heart of the Great Central Sun to flow through your crown chakra, through your third eye, through your throat, through your heart, through your solar plexus into your sacral chakra, through the root chakra and connecting to the heart of Mother Earth. Feel this relationship between Mother Earth and the moon and the heart of the Great Central Sun and allow your body to feel this relationship. Become this relationship. Soak up this relationship and allow your body to copy this relationship between the heart of the Great Central Sun and Mother Earth. The Great Central Sun being the father, the earth the mother, the moon the child. Feel the connection and the energies. Feel the oneness. Feel the love that flows between the father and the mother and feel the acceptance and the holding of Father Sky and Mother Earth. Feel the way the mother is held by Father Sun.

Allow your bodies to adjust to these energies. Allow your body to flow into the way it is meant to be. Take your time to allow for this to happen; allow your guides to come in and be close by your side and allow them to help you, to assist you, to allow this energy to transform and transpose and change. Allow the truth to move through your bodies and allow for a reconnection to the heart of the Great Central Sun and the heart of Mother Earth. Allow your inner father and inner mother to receive this healing inner energy and allow the love to flow, for in this moment the love begins to flow.

True love is the energy that we bring you this day; the energies of true love between the mother and the father. Allow this energy to flow, allow the love to flow, and allow for an inner and meaningful deep connection to all those aspects of yourself that have not been connected. Allow them to reconnect while you become safer and more secure; allowing for your inner mother and your inner father to heal. Recognise any negative patterns of your past behaviour and let them come and let them go. As you heal your mother you become more connected to earth and as you heal your father the greater your connection to the heart of the Great Central Sun and this creates more safety and security for the inner child to heal and to respond.

There is a new love coming, an energy of pure love, of pure joy and of pure connectedness. A love where you feel safe, and absolutely secure, a love that belongs to you, a love through you crown chakra and through your entire body, through all your chakras connecting to Mother Earth and a love that flows from Mother Earth through you through all the chakras and connecting to the heart of the Great Central Sun. Allow yourself to observe the flow of these energies and allow them to merge as they enter your body through the base and crown chakras… and we ask you to place your awareness deep inside your pelvis, and just observe what it looks like… and observe your Kundalini, for as these new energies flow through, your Kundalini will begin to rise in the form of two snakes, two friendly snakes that are full of knowledge and wisdom that will stop you collapsing in the face of absurdity, or in the face of any problems. We use the word absurdity, for this earth plane has no real use for difficult situations, it was never created for this to happen. The earth plane was created for evolution, and evolve is love spelt backwards and love spelt forwards. It was created as a place to love and now it has become a place where one has to face many adverse situations.

As we help you in rebuilding your energies we begin to plug the holes in your masculine energies for your masculine energies will collapse if adversity is too powerful or overwhelming. Men, who for example, have fought in wars, will not have the same gentle masculine energy that somebody that has come from an enlightened family would have, for men who fight in wars become hardened and brittle. This is not the true nature of masculinity. Masculinity is soft and powerful and holding like the banks of the river, there to guide the feminine.

This series of meditations and channellings is to heal the masculine so that the masculine can hold the flow of the feminine, to allow the feminine to feel safe and secure as it flows. We have to be very careful with the use of “masculine” and “feminine” for in truth there is a masculine and feminine that can flow together, that can merge and create life. Something has to hold these two energies together to allow them to flow and be both guided to where they can both mix and merge and meld together. Where they merge is the second and sacral chakra. And this is where all of creation comes from, whether it is a new car or a new child, it happens in the same place, there is creation and procreation. The stronger your masculine is, the more it can hold your feminine, be you a man or a woman, and it makes no difference. Both men and women create. When we come to the subject of children and imprinting, there is a difference because the mother is meant to be there to look after the child and the father is meant to be there to see that the child and the mother’s needs are met. When the mother’s needs are met then she can give the child the mothering love and energy it needs.

The world of the father is competitive and not easy, he competes with other men in his world. They compete against price in business, they compete for many things, and it pits man against man. This is neither supportive or in integrity with the divine. It is not the world the divine envisaged. This is not the world after 2012 either. It will take an integration period to change things and also the inter-relationship between men must become more honest and ethical.

People need more time to bring up their families and they need more time to make them feel safe and secure and loved on this earth. Because of two horrific world wars in the last century there is much disconnection from the divine and this disconnection must begin to change. We are helping you in these channellings to reconnect to the divine, to reconnect to Mother Earth and bring that safe secure loving father energy and safe secure loving mother energy into your world so that your inner child can develop and grow become its authentic self and step into a completely new world.

We are asking you this day, this very day, to allow those parts of you that are disconnected to begin to reconnect and to allow for a loving integration back into your world. There are many, many gifts inside these dark spaces that we are asking you to observe and reconnect with. Allow the darkness to move away, to become more loving, conscious and connected.

This is a very soft and gentle love, a soft, loving, gentle, love that will flow through your bodies and reconnect those dark places, those traumatised areas of your life. It will heal those spaces and this love is the energies of the sacred embrace. Allow yourself to be loved and embraced by the divine, and feel this love all around you and feel your connection to your spirit guides. Feel your second chakras, feel the masculine and the feminine energies being channelled through your second chakras mixing and merging as it moves through that chakra and allowing your Kundalini to vibrate and energise. Once your Kundalini starts to energise you can expect very big shifts to come in your life, you can expect to feel much more safe, secure and loved. Allow your Kundalini to reconnect and rise in a soft and a gentle way. It’s taken you a long time to get to a place where you can allow your Kundalini to activate and rise. Take it easy, take it slowly, step by step, for each day it will get stronger and stronger; it will also participate in your journey into oneness, in your journey into love, into connectedness; to become that magical child that walks that magical path between heaven and earth. We use the word “magic” with the greatest reverence for the divine. The Kundalini will allow the feelings to dissolve and will energise your inner magician.

Your inner magician loves to opearte in the dark spaces, bringing light to those dark spaces, healing the fears and letting the fears go so that it’s so much easier for you to connect and to move into a sacred space. A space of sacred love. Even though these energies of the masculine and the feminine are moving through the second chakra, this is not a sexual love; this is a love of the divine. This is allowing the divine to create its world through you, creating a loving caring world one human being at a time.

It is very important that you allow any issues with your father and Father Sky to surface, your father is the sun and that contains phenomenal amounts of energy; and you want that energy for yourself. You want your solar connection, you want to be connected to the sun so that you have that energy to flow through you into your dream, creating and manifesting your dream.

Allow your crown chakra to open like a lotus flower, and let it face the sun, and let it soak up the sun’s rays… all those rays that you can see and all those rays that you can’t see. Allow yourselves to become energised, loving, caring and free. Your inner mother will benefit tremendously from you allowing your crown chakra to open and to expand and to connect to the heart of the Great Central Sun. She will also feel safe, secure and held and will begin to respond in a more nurturing, loving and feminine way towards the child which is you. She will allow you to be nurtured and grow into your authentic self – exactly who you are meant to be. It is as if you are allowing the solar system on the outside to become the solar system on the inside.

Dear ones you are love, and the seed within you that is being germinated is like any other seed, it knows everything there is to know about everything. Slowly but surely you will access all that knowledge and you will become love, truth and a divine manifester in your own right.

Go well and God bless for this is Kryon signing out. Thank you.

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