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Monsanto has limited involvement

Posted by Admin on February 11, 2010

Thursday February 11, 02:45 AM Source: Indian Express Finance

Monsanto has limited involvement in Bt Brinjal

By fe Bureau

Global seed giant Monsanto on Wednesday said it was not responsible for the development of Bt Brinjal, a day after the Centre deferred commercial introduction of the genetically modified crop. In a statement, the US-based company said the crop has been indigenously developed by Indian seed and biotech company Mahyco, with the crucial gene accessed from Monsanto. The company said its association with Mahyco is restricted to the minority financial stake of 26%, through Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd a 100% subsidiary of Monsanto Company, USA. “Monsanto will continue to conduct research in our focus crops cotton, corn and vegetables, in compliance with the Regulatory protocols. Monsanto believes better seed, biotech-enhancements, and improved agronomic practices hold the long-term solution to increasing crop productivity sustainably,” the company said. Mahyco has independently conducted Bt brinjal research for over nine years in full compliance with the guidelines and directives of the regulatory authorities to ensure its safety; making Bt brinjal the most rigorously tested vegetable with 25 environmental biosafety studies.

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