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The Tipping Point

Posted by Admin on March 10, 2010

The Tipping Point

Friday, March 5th, 2010

The messages at this site are the result of communications between Mark Kimmel and beings who are not the indigenous humans of this planet. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness. Messages on this site build on each other; for their full impact, read them in sequence beginning with September 2008 (archived below). They detail the situation on this planet, our place in the universe, and a positive picture for our future – if we are willing to act. I hope, by presenting them to you, that they spark your curiosity, and a decision to join with others to create a new civilization on Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it.

This is my 4th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2010 that involves communications with off-planet beings. It is with great pleasure that I welcome back Bren-Ton, Moraine, and Justine. I have missed posting messages from them.

Greetings, we are pleased to return once again with a message for you. We had expected one of three events to have happened by now: First the collapse of your monetary system under the weight of the extreme mismanagement of the wealth of your world by the few who are collecting it into their hands at the expense of everyone else. It is a system that will eventually crumble. Why it has not is a bit of a mystery to us who observe from afar. The tenacity of those who are controlling your wealth and how they continue to hold it is much greater than had been anticipated by those of us gathered about your planet, much greater than had been the case on other planets where we light has overcome darkness. At the same time it is not totally unexpected that it would be difficult, as Earth is the pivotal planet for this universe.

The second event we had anticipated would happen during this interval were earth changes of some magnitude, things rivaling what has happened in Haiti and Chile, but more widespread, earth changes involving many more people. This too is a bit of a mystery, as they have not yet occurred. These smaller earthquakes have released some of Earth’s pent-up energies so as to delay the earth changes we foresee. While this may appear to be favorable at first glance, it only serves to delay the inevitable. Earth is undergoing a transformation. She is ascending toward the 5th dimension. She is ridding herself of the fear–based oppression that has harnessed her for so many years. That this is being delayed will only cause it to manifest more extremely in the months ahead.

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