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Awareness, Internet, Time, Karma, Joy

Posted by Admin on March 14, 2010

Awareness, Internet, Time, Karma, Joy

Awareness, Internet, Time, Karma, Joy

Awareness, Internet, Time, Karma, Joy

Random questions from readers.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, I AM Emmanuel and I welcome you to this moment.

Question: You said that two people -even close neighbors- would experience different outcomes from the 2012 events, like one will experience ascension and the other one catastrophe.  Could you please elaborate on this?

For two individuals to experience the same event they have to share the same portion of the vibratory spectrum. All possible combination of frequencies, including all planes in all universes exist within your consciousness, but are only the vibrations that passes through your awareness are the ones you perceive.

Many of you believe that previous to incarnation you choose the life-events you wish to experience in order to learn certain lesson and grow as individual, but in fact you did not choose the life-events but the vibrations you want to experience. After incarnation is all up to you. It is you, acting on free-will, who creates the events that occurs in your life, and if those events lead you to experience the vibrations you choose to experience as part of your spiritual growth, you have achieved. Then you can move on, otherwise you will have to try again.

So after incarnation you have two ways of succeeding, the first one is to create the right life-events, and the second one is expanding your awareness. It is up to you to choose the way with which you the greatest affinity and therefore the greatest chance of success.

The frequencies of all the universes can be seen as energetic lines or strings.

Like the strings on the guitar, and the sound-hole is your awareness.

The larger the sound-hole is, the more strings will resonate.

When you expand your awareness the world you perceive expands, allowing more energetic lines through, expanding the segment of the vibratory spectrum accessible to you, hence increasing exponentially the chances of experiencing the group/kind of vibration you came here to experience.

Awareness can be seen as circles, two individual’s circles may intersect or not. Two individuals will share the same world only in the area of intersection.

When one of those individuals expands his/her awareness and the other one’s awareness remains the same the intersection area become smaller because awareness expansion moves the center of the circle away from the two intersecting points, until there is no more intersection. And when this happen these two individuals will be living in different worlds, vanishing from each other reality.

In human history have been thousands of individual ascensions before, but this time is different because never humanity as a collective has been where you are now.

Your planet is increasing energy, expanding awareness, and hence increasing her vibratory frequency rate. It is a monumental change, a universal happening. Observers from many planets and distance constellation are here to witness such unique event in Galactic History.

But the higher your planet raises its frequency, the greater the separation will be between Gaia and those individuals with no awareness expansion. The centers will be further and further apart until the two intersecting points disappear and there is no more shared intersected area.

Those individuals whose awareness is in harmony with Gaia’s frequency will continue living on the new 5th density Gaia. The rest will have to repeat the cycle in 3rd density.

Gaia is changing, if you do not change with her by means of expanding your awareness, you will experience the 2012 outcome as highly negative events. On the other hand, if you change with her and keep your awareness expanding, you will never be in harm’s way.

Many of you believe that the soul grows through difficulties, when the real growth is through responsibility. Awareness expansion is your responsibility, in all four levels of consciousness.

Every new day brings the opportunity to be responsible. Life is an adventure into the infinite, viewed this way it is easy to continuously expand your awareness from every new experience gained in the course of living.

Causes do not exist outside your consciousness, they are all within you. You are the cause of your life, only when you understand this and take responsibility for it; the journey of divine transformation begins.

From this moment start taking total responsibility for your own being. This is the meaning of being a Lightworker.

Question: My awakening started when watching a series of video interviews from Project Camelot on the Internet, and I read dozens of post in forums saying the Internet helped them to awake. I know it has bad things too, but so far is helping many people to find some truth. What can we do if the Internet is shut down?

The Internet is far more important than you can imagine.

It is the physical manifestation of the collective consciousness, therefore cannot be shut down. If for any reason the existing Internet disappears a new one will be created in the formative plane through the collective consciousness.

For thousands of years individual consciousnesses have been activating subtle energetic fibers and structures that enable direct and easy communication between human consciousnesses, as well as accessing collective knowledge.

The Internet is the manifestation of all those quantum energetic fibers in the material plane, and although is controlled by few, belong to everyone.

When individual thoughts become collective thoughts, the vast majority of human awareness shares the same group of frequencies and their personal awareness’s circles intersect the same portion of the vibratory spectrum, sharing the area where those thoughts will manifest the same aspect of reality. The Internet is a clear example of these energetic structures in motion.

The groups in power know this and they are using the same mechanism in reverse with certain results, they try to control the collective consciousness by controlling the Internet.

Question: I watched a video…, it says that exist more than one ‘creator’ of the universe, actually it says there is more than one ‘main’ God and many ‘creations’ or universes, could you please tell me if this is correct?

This is incorrect and partially correct at the same time.

There are many Universes, many Gods and many creations, but at the beginning and at the end there is only one Infinite Creator, there is only one God, there is only one Soul, there is only one Being, there is only one Thought, and there is only one Creation.

Question: I’m seeing that most of the theories about the end of the world in 2012 are based on the Mayan calendar, I’d like to know if the Mayan calendar is correct and accurate.

The Mayas used three separate calendars, and no one of them predicts the end of the world.

The 260-day based, the 52 year/Venus based, and the Long Count 1,872,000 days based. These calendars have been given to the Mayan people by a very advanced extraterrestrial civilization and the Long Count (13 periods of 144,000 days each, starting on August 11, 3114 BC and ending on December 21, 2012 AD) is the most accurate calendar ever found on Earth.

Question: You mentioned that time doesn’t exist, but in fact we can measure it. How is this possible? What is time?

Time does not exist. It is an agreement.

Before incarnation you agreed to the rules set by the Logos, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. This means that one portion of your awareness is focused upon the frequencies that create the illusion of time. These frequencies are shared by every single individual consciousness/awareness in your planet, fulfilling the collective agreement, thus manifesting time.

The Infinite Creator gave to every Central Logos the freedom/choice of creating collective agreements in order to help you in your evolution process.

Time is one of those agreements, as is gravity.

Gravity –like time- does not exist. Your scientists can measure it, but it is simply a collective agreement.

After physical death, these are the first two agreements that you do not have to honor anymore, only then you will understand that Time and Gravity do not exist, and you will have a big laugh about the whole concept of your Time.

Question: You said that unconditional Love is the Key, which will open all doors. Also you said that the power of one who is in this state of consciousness counterbalances for thousands of unaware individuals. Where can I find the key? How many of the existing population on Earth have founded it? And how many people counterbalance each one of them?

Love is the master-key, but is a key you cannot possess, it posses you. Approximately 25,000,000 individuals have achieved the unconditional love state of consciousness in your planet.

One Individual with this level of awareness atones for almost 900,000 individuals in the ‘absence of Love/Fear level’ state of consciousness.

Question: You said enlightenment happens when the human consciousness merges with the higher-self consciousness, how can we do that? And how ‘high’ in the universal hierarchy is our higher-self?

Higher refers to a state of consciousness, not to a position in any hierarchy.

The actual merge of your consciousness with your higher-self consciousness is the peak of enlightenment, and is the divine attainment of the ultimate truth of existence. But enlightenment starts much earlier, with the simultaneous realization of Compassion with Wisdom. This is soul-alchemy and leads to permanent Joy. Joy is another name for enlightenment. Each moment of existence is a source of Joy/Enlightenment.

Question: Does karma really exist?

The realm of Karma is where your human rebirth begins.

Before incarnation you choose which frequencies you wish to experience in your next life in order to continue growing as an individual consciousness. But you cannot choose just any vibrations but between a limited number of options. Your karmic record sets the limits. The more negative oriented karma you carry from the past, the less options you will have. On the other hand, when you live a life with good heart you automatically expand the number of groups of frequencies you can choose for your next incarnation.

You see, nobody else is imposing the decision on you, you are totally free before choosing, but once you have decided, your very choice brings in the limitation.

This is a natural process that every human being has to pass through prior incarnation.

Question: I see bad things happening all around the world to people, more frequently and with more intensity, and at the same time many like you talk about hope, love, light and ascension. What is going on!?

The night becomes very dark just before it is going to end. In the same way negative events coming with great force is an indication that soon they will end.

Question: Why we have to live so many lives before going back to the Source?

Because unless you find your real home you have to go on traveling.

Question: What exactly is death?

Death is nothing but a change of frequency.

Question: You said everybody has a reason for being here on Earth at this time, a duty to fulfill. What about if I don’t know my reasons or duties?

Your only duty is to be happy.

Your soul knows the reason for you being here, look inwards.

I will give you a hint: Joy.

Joy flows vibrations of the highest frequency through your system; it brings knowledge that transcends space and time. True Joy sets in motion powerful love/energy/forces that outpaces the earthly understanding that comes from third-density learning. Joy creates its own momentum and enables you to acquire all answers from within.

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa

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