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The World Is a Reflector

Posted by Admin on March 27, 2010

The World Is a Reflector

Heavenletter #3409 Published on: March 26, 2010

God said:

You are going to make a discovery today, a lovely discovery. You will see. You will have an insight. This insight will be like a revelation to you. This revelation will open you to a new world of your making. One little spark of light in your mind, and a whole new world appears before you. Because you become open, a whole new vista opens.

There is a new switch in you. Off has become On. Such a tiny switch. Such a tiny change, and it changes everything. Your whole view of the world will transform itself. And when your view changes, so does the world. The world is in your keeping, beloveds. The world is of your making. The world follows your perception of it.

You think the world as it appears to you now came that way, and you thought you saw the world as it was with all its nitty-grittiness, yet it is you who paved the world with your thoughts. You instituted the world. You cognized the world. Your thoughts made it so.

Although I have told you that there is no cause and effect, in terms of the world, the world is exactly how you see it. There is no world without your perception of it. Who sees the world? Whose eyes snap photos of it? Whose eyes color the world?

You have thought that the world happened to you. Beloveds, you happened to the world. This is why you want original rather than inherited thoughts, original thoughts rather than bought thoughts, original thoughts rather than pasted-on thoughts.

Now you know it. You are responsible for the world. You cut the world out of cardboard from your thoughts. You pasted a collage of the world. Have you heard that the world is as you are?

Now be the true you and fashion the world after the noblest thoughts of the soul that you are. Your thoughts transfer themselves like decals to the world.

Now enrich the world with your thoughts. No longer downplay the world. No longer be embarrassed by it. Change its frequency. This is doable. It starts with you. This is your mission. You are to be concerned only with your mission. Do not watch to see what others are doing. Let them watch you and follow you. You first.

One light in the world goes on, and then another. Pretty soon the sky is splattered with stars. The sky changes before your very eyes, why not the world?

Flowers bloom. Then why not the world you live in? Frequent the world and hold it up to itself. Give it a model to go by. The world has no choice but to be transformed by your vision.

The sun rises every day right before your eyes. Why not the world? Mountains stand tall and regal. Why not the world?

Ships sail the seas. Why wouldn’t the world sail on your thoughts? Of course, it does.

The world is a reflector. It has no jurisdiction of its own. The world has to follow the thoughts of those who inhabit it. Throw away your dire predictions of the world. Sprinkle happy thoughts and spice up the world.

Where you see dirt, plant a garden.

Where you see fault, remove the fault from your own eye.

Where you see unkindness, replace it. Replace it twice.

Where you see carelessness, take care.

Where you see heartlessness, take heart.

What is there that the mind of man cannot do? What is there that the mind of man has not done? What blemish cannot be erased? What disfigurement can you not reconfigure?

I know you rely on Me. I am telling you now that I also rely on you who are made in My image. I know you will come to the fore. An insight today will transfer you there.

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