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Mayan Calendar, 9th Wave and Relationships, 2012

Posted by Admin on March 31, 2010

According to the Mayan Calendar we are entering the 9th wave, “Unity Consciousness” which began around March 8th, 2010. I had a very vivid dream about the 9th wave. I was told to share this dream to assist those who are being challenged by this wave of unity consciousness. In the dream there was a woman. She was afraid of loosing herself, her identity. This was fueled by societal programming, past lives of servitude and disempowerment. There was a great love and desire to serve yet this was bringing forward her fears of loosing herself, her self authority and the invisible shields she had carried so long. As the energies continued to exponentially hammer on her shields and activate her fears she began to have emotional outbursts of anger, sadness, projecting her fears and old wounds on her mate and those around her. Luckily she was in a loving supportive environment with people who understood the process. They had compassion for her struggle but there were times they just wanted to scream and needed to take space away from the situation as she did. The fears come from the illusion of separation. Serving another is serving your self, the ultimate power is love and love serves. She was having trouble accessing that ultimate power, transcending social programming as well as tapping that divine flow, which is in alignment with the soul and unique soul purpose. “The only true path of fulfillment. ”

The acts of servitude, manipulation and disempowerment by those who wish to overpower others also come from the false belief in separation and non-equality. In its lowest form it is expressed as the lust for power and wealth, “tyranny” at the expense of humanity and the Earth. This is a very unevolved dense consciousness, which will not make it through the vibrational lifting or awakening and healing process. They have devolved and are on the downward spiral of evolution falling further and further away from the ultimate power, which is love. They also are evolving away from bliss and joy and there is no security due to the immutable law of karma. They are on a one way ticket to the hell of the reactions to their actions as well as the ever diminishing lack of love, joy and bliss. They have disconnected from the soul in massive egos and intellects, which are only a drop in the sea of consciousness. In the cosmic scheme of things they have no real power their only power comes from their ability to engage, control and manipulate the physical, which is less than 1% of the universe in which they live. No suit, tie, limo, castle, amount of people to dominate or amassed gold can fill the void or the addiction. In some cases they are engaged by the nonphysical yet it is of a disempowering nature eventually loosing their own personal power and connection to the soul and Creator.  In extreme cases it is called possession by regenerate forces. At the core of many of these tyrants you will find a child that was never loved, accepted or felt approved. They are seeking love acceptance and approval outside of self through others and material wealth yet they are always left empty and a nagging sense of dissatisfaction keeps arising. They still have the divine spark yet it is buried under layers of denial, fear and unworthiness yet they will be the last to acknowledge this. The light of truth will find even them in the days to come and many will fall on their knees in regret.

Both of these illusions as well as the fears, wounds and traumas are in the process of healing. Being aware of this process, feeling it and engaging it rather than running from it will create a quantum leap in evolution. We are seeing this in the macrocosm being played out as we speak. The polarities of the haves and have-nots are very apparent. The gross uneven dispersal of wealth, the unbridled greed, the corporate generated wars through false flag operations, the plagues of the war and disease profiteers have risen for all to see. They are being revealed as well as those behind these nepharious schemes for those who are awakening. The apocalypse is defined as the great uncovering and soon you will see all these past wars and plagues as outrageous as this seems were already on the books in a master plan. Not one of them was what it seemed nor what you were told by the mainstream media.  In this awakening and healing process you will see a complete unraveling, restructuring and in some cases collapse of the old system. There will be a movement back to courage and integrity, it will be seen in all facets of society and eventually there will be no more willing participants in actions which are harmful to humanity and the Earth. Those who have been a disservice to humanity and the Earth will have but one path and that is to serve in the highest and best good of the whole.

As more heal and awaken with this great wave you will begin to see incredible light beings and light ships. These are referred to in almost all cultures and faiths and were recorded in sacred doctrines, clay tablets, and temple walls. Dimensional gates or portals will begin opening during this process and a grand reunion with ancient ancestors, ultradimensional beings with technologies far beyond our wildest dreams will be making their presence known. With this presence the regenerate beings will tremble both physical and non physical. The Earth will shake, rumble, shift, rivers and oceans will loose their borders and the sun will also expand during this process withsolar flares and coronal mass ejections.  As we move closer to the galactic plane the grand tipping point Oct of 2011 this will all increase exponentially.

It is an incredible, awesome, exciting event the whole multiverse has come to witness and you have a front row seat. The only question is how are you going to participate, which polarity are you going to express and choose wisely because the immutable law of karma, action/reaction, and the downward spiral of disunity is coming to a close. It is time to choose, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth is well underway. Those on high are praying you choose to live in harmony with each other and the Earth for that is what the Earth has chosen. The reset button has been pushed and the original intent, Eden, a place where universal peace, love, joy and individual freedom and prosperity for all where each individual can excel to their highest potential is returning. It is time to leave behind the old ways and return to some of the most ancient of ways. Time to love honor and respect the Creator in all Creation.

Received by James Gilliland, www.bbsradio. com www.worldpuja. org
Author of Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, The Ultimate Soul Journey.

You have our permission to pass this on in its entirety.

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