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Posted by Admin on June 2, 2010

When humanity moves into its natural state of full consciousness in the very near future — as it most definitely will — the joy and exhilaration throughout creation will be beyond stupendous!  We have all been waiting in excited anticipation for this momentous event to burst in on your awareness, as the wonder and magnificence of God’s infinite Love for you overwhelms you with ecstasy.  In the spiritual realms it happened instantly at the moment of apparent separation, and so our joy has never ceased — and you truly exist only in the spiritual realms, along with us, in a state of eternal, infinite joy.

Within the illusory reality, where you appear to have your existence, the experiences you undergo seem to be undeniably real, and to suggest that they are not would lead many to question your sanity.  You have built an imaginary reality that defies imagination!  You were created from Love, in Love, utterly perfect like your heavenly Father.  But, intrigued and excited by the immense power He had given you, you used it to build the illusion and immerse yourselves in it.  Time is part of the illusion, and at first you enjoyed the experiences you were having.  They became more and more real for you until you came to believe that the illusion was Reality, and then you were unable to release yourselves from it.  As you became further ensnared, the experiences you were having became increasingly bizarre and painful, and the power of the illusion became so intense that you invented imaginary gods whom you thought controlled it, and who demanded obeisance, obedience, and sacrifices from you in exchange for the gift of life, with which they had seeemingly provided you.

These gods were easily offended and quick to punish you for misbehavior, using earth-quakes, storms, floods, droughts, plagues, volcanic eruptions, and so on.  Consequently, you started to look for scapegoats among yourselves whom you could blame for offending the gods, and whom you then tortured and executed in expiation for your sins.

It truly is incredible how deeply into the illusion you have allowed yourselves to sink.  God, knowing where this was leading you, sent prophets, guides, teachers, and mystics who had willingly and lovingly volunteered for this perilous assignment to help you release yourselves from your insane non-reality.  And then you sacrificed them as well!

Nevertheless, their divine messages of Love from your infinitely loving Father were heard and preserved.  Realization that your behavior was insane began to become apparent to a small minority of you about five hundred years ago, and they shared that realization with others, so that by the latter part of the twentieth century this understanding had become well established, leading to major behavioral changes in societies across the planet.  However, there are still many who are unwilling to recognize their insanity, and who remain committed to the ways and beliefs that the illusion fosters.

A sea change is underway.  The divine energies engulfing the planet are making it increasingly difficult to perpetuate the old, insane, behavior patterns.  You are all beginning to see that these divine energies require more loving, enlightened forms of social interaction; indeed, you realize that you cannot and will not continue to support, let alone continue to practice, the old, ego-driven ways.  The break point, beyond which the insanity of the illusion can no longer survive, is approaching.  The love that so many of you are expressing and demonstrating is rapidly eroding the last underpinnings of the illusion, and its collapse is imminent.  Hold the light; share the love; and know that all manner of things will be well.

With so very much love, Saul.

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