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Group Karma – Blue Star The Pleiadian

Posted by Admin on June 26, 2010

Group Karma Convention

6-25-10 to 8-25-10
“Group Karma”

NOTE: Blue Star wishes to include a special message for all people. This message is to remain on the website for the entire year of 2010.

*People of all nations, please listen to what I have to say: this year of 2010 is a year that will never be forgotten. Those who are progressing on their own path of Spiritual evolution at their own pace, will be facing many trials and tribulations FOR A WHILE this year. You are each here on the Earth Star planet for more than 1 reason; all you really need to know about that is that this is the year you all trained for. 2010 is a year to live courageously! All that you know and all that you think you know is being put to the test. How you each handle these tests will be your own measure of greatness, your own meter of your strengths and weaknesses. We will all continue watching over you as will those of the Spirit world. We will aid all those we can. Those who refuse to change, well, their future is now written in stone. The answer to “11-11” is IN “2011.”

Now, many Souls who are in fact “Spirit children,” gravitate to specific chronological spans of your “time.” For the most part, they have experienced the most joyful, fulfilling learning experiences in their previous youthful existences on your orb. Many are loath to part from those memories much like your fable of “Peter Pan and his companions.” Much of this issue centers on the fact that these Souls are “underdeveloped” in their capacity and their willingness to mature. They literally return to the Earth for their chosen span of existence then leave again until such time as they are ready to return to this SCHOOLHOUSE for further education. We reiterate … your planet is and has always been a place of BASIC training. Some of these gentle creatures after finally having tired of the experience of youth, will return again as adults FULL BORN. They will inhabit a human form to gauge the adult atmosphere. It would be wrong for you ones to ASSUME that ALL Spirits, or ALL Star Keepers from other home planets, simply bubble over with wisdom. In our hierarchy each must evolve in their own proper time also. Do not equate “wisdom” with “age.”

Some etheric beings who have transcended the mundane third-dimensional reality are extremely “young” souls. These ones are few in number, but they are in existence. These are some of the Souls who are capable of taking quantum leaps within their higher-selves in order to ensure their success. As to the ones who choose to remain as children for unspecified times, some of these ones will remain in this state for centuries, for others, it will be for many millennia. Since “time” is in truth a non-existent sequence of developments, we ourselves do not use a “timing” ratio as do you. By the use of a geometric system we are able to arrive at a figure approximate to your chronological “timing” abstractions. Now, often these little ones will only spend a brief period here then return to a galaxy populated with beings similar to themselves. However, over a cosmic triad period all of these ones will acquire wisdom and eventually grow both in inner strength and maturity. Jesus the Christ did NOT spring upon your planet clothed in maturity and eternal wisdom. Quite the contrary! He at one time was no different than many of your own younger family members.

Now, when the young ones are on Earth they tend to daydream and are not always very functional in your classrooms of learning. They do experience their greatest joy when permitted full rein with nature and when they are around animals. Many tend to be considered “wayward” by their Earth parents because they possess a minute concentration span. A great number of these ones tend to leave the third-dimension between the ages of 1 and nine. They do so because they do not want to overstay their youth span and experience the painful period known as “adolescence.” Yet as in ALL evolutionary beings’ educational processes, many Earth generations later when these same Souls finally return to experience a complete lifetime, they proceed onward to become some of the greatest and finest poets, artists and lyric writers of the age. Not all beings choose to wait for many aeons to pass before they return to complete their missions. It is a personal path each must decide for themselves. For any among you who may experience difficulty understanding this part of our Godumentary concerning the young ones’ perspectives of reality, please you must remember that in ALL the higher dimensions, there exists no sense of urgency concerning any “timing” of a Soul’s growth. All children are innocents but not allinnocents are children.

Every Soul who chooses to experience mortality, for whatever reason, and regardless of the entity’s duration of mortality, has pre-designed a pattern, a modality to follow in order to learn or not learn, AGAIN. Very few carry the CONSCIOUS memory of the road less traveled. The Soul ItSelf is a wonderful complexity of ETernal memory; it does in ALL cases choose to retain a remnant of prior lives, prior joys and prior pain. It does so to assist in reminding the entity of its true goals and to once again become wary of “previous mistakes in judgment.” If it were permitted for a being to incarnate with the Super Conscious memory predominately charting a course on a conscious level, as a means for the Soul to evolve, then the entire journey would be superficial. It would result in naught. What would any have learned? What would any have achieved? Logistically the evolutionary process would be superseded by a total lack of Soul expansion. This does not equate with the Universal Law governing the path to the higher Self. What so many fail to realize is that karma is a primary part which exists WITHIN every being, regardless of the Soul’s status.

KARMA EXISTS WITHIN THE SOUL, LITERALLY. This energy force field is in reality a delicate appearing “micro-bi-atomical” power site in the shape of a minute triangle. All of its components are highly charged heat sensitive webings of etheric design and texture. It is lodged directly in the upper midsection of the Soul. This non-linear manifestation of karma releases a finely tuned vibrating NOTE. Just as a dog can hear and respond to a silent whistle, so does karma respond to thought and intent vibrations. Some beings require a process of beginning a “hemi-demise” quaver vibrational journey before they will eventually become a “semibreve,'” whole unto themselves So, as the Soul ItSelf is invisible to third-dimensional eyes, so too is karma NOT visible on this plane. IT IS A NON-LINEAR EXPERIENCE WHICH MUST BE FELT, IT MUST BE EXPERIENCED, IT MUST BE LIVED!! Karma possesses a “micro-lex-i-con,” still etheric in nature, which absorbs and dissects every word, thought and deed which an entity projects. This process of the absorption of ALL knowledge, both good and evil, passes along and through currents of pulsating energy in extremely tiny dosages. The Soul and karma have as a whole, an integrated and infinitely low voltage system in the form of a type of communication via certain circuitry conduits. They are not separate; rather, each is an extension of the other. The Soul transcends many dimensions to be SEEN only in the highest level of ethereal non-gravitational energy waves, as does karma.

If you can visualize a tiny speck of matter in the middle of a droplet of water, then you will have a clearer picture of the Soul and karma. The function of the housing of the knowledge pertaining to karma and the Soul’s evolution is known by us as “KNUD-A-LOUS.” As the Soul and karma absorb the knowledge of each and every lifetime of an entity, regardless of what planet or galaxy a being inhabits, this wisdom then becomes a living entity. The “living entity” then becomes an alter ego, a silhouette, or mirror of each being. The Soul/karma literally disassembles a particle of itself containing all the sacred knowledge of SELF/Soul. It then proceeds to transmit all to the Akashic Library. Thus a personality’s history has been established and credited or non-credited. So, do you yet understand why so many children on the Earth Star die violently? Not the ones who havechosen to become symbols, nor the “Light Workers” whose forthcoming has been foretold for millennia and long have been an endangered “species,” we speak now of THE OTHERS. IT IS THEIR DESTINY! THIS IS THEIR KARMA! THEIR “SOULS” HAVE SPOKEN. For every action there is a reaction. Many who long ago in this United States, as well as in many other countries, have throughout the centuries murdered, raped and tortured children and other defenseless people, these ones HAVE BECOME WHAT THEY DESPISED. THEY COME INTO BEING AND LIVE AND DIE AS DID THE VERY ONES THEY MURDERED. WHAT YOU HAVE DONE UNTO OTHERS IS INDEED DONE UNTO YOU.

It is quite proper and fitting that these Souls chose to re-enter a specific locale and dimension with others of same ilk. In one sense, there is a segregation of sorts, yet there does exist an inherent “need” to walk again on a path with the very same Souls they have been with before. This “segregation” is a reality; it is a direct result of the NECESSITY of distancing the clean from the unclean, so to speak, although it is not a “permanent” arrangement. Many, who choose to relinquish their “ties” to their previous paths and to atone to their Souls for the foulness they had carried within themselves, re-enter on the lowliest, most defenseless of all physical embodiments. Some of these people are deformed or handicapped mentally and/or physically. Some such enter at birth in this manner. The Universe always provides these ones with the lessons of humility to be first learned then experienced as part of their chosen growth process. You who are of different natures, cannot conceive in your limited perspectives of how many child murderers walk among you. Yet in turn they are murdered as children themselves, for the most part. These ones have existed in one form or another throughout your centuries. When a Soul relinquishes an old sordid past and embraces and emulates their Higher Self, this then is a time of celebration. This does NOT involve any coercion from the Universe, it is not permitted.

Now, we shall “move on.” There does yet exist another group of beings who choose to be born into your reality. They are of an entirely different species. Every generation of YOURS, gives birth to specific Spiritual Beings. ALL THAT IS decreed that in times of turmoil and strife, a planet under siege would ALWAYS be the recipient of light emanating from the angelic realm, as well as from we ourselves, who are of Spirit and/or E. T. (Star Keeper) heritage. A Sacred council was called forth and convened for the purpose of initiating the most innovative actions that would most benefit the inhabitants of this planet. Through the simple procedure of accelerating the “time” process, it was possible to know precisely the conditions which would exist in any given linear “time” sequence. ALL Beings of ALL NATURES and from ALL GALAXIES were then made aware of critical mass times and conditions forthcoming. Through the alchemical process of mental telepathy, each iota of pertinent information was transmitted to the council, for the good of all. A brief span ensued which centered around a selective symposium which enabled all creatures to simultaneously experience the “future” conditions of ALL primitive planets, SUCH AS YOURS. Then after a brief planetary summit, volunteers sent transmissions to the council stating their intent to be of assistance. This information was scrupulously analyzed in order for all “probabilities” to be accounted for and taken into consideration.

Now, countless numbers of Souls who still resided within the “in-between” incarnation plateaus, were aware through a synchronization process of linking atom to atom, of exactly what the semi to super critical aeons of time were perceived to be. Also, they were made aware of all which was needed to be accomplished in order to save a planet. When any planet endangers a galaxy, a “domino” effect will reverberate through many other universes. This could be catastrophic! Thus this is NOT permitted. Pursuant to a large scale destruction of the innocents, it is always prudent to take preventive measures whenever POSSIBLE. If the issue were merely that the entire planet was so dis-eased that NO life form would be able to be saved; if the contagion were so great as to reach through the higher dimensions, through the dimensional doorways, then that planet would be destroyed. So far, this has not been necessary. Only the planet housing “The Valley of The Screaming Souls,” now exists in such a putrescent state. Thus it is “THE LAW,” that this particular planet not only continues to be, but that it too must serve a higher purpose. Now, in this long ago time period it was clearly seen that it would require many centuries of descending Light Souls armed with a single-minded purpose in order for the Divine Plans of the God of this Universe and the Creation Processing to come into manifestation.

Due to the “alien” conditions on your planet in regard to “group higher consciousness,” it was further decreed that all who volunteered would beMATCHED with others possessing the SAME Soul VIBRATION. They would then encounter many Beings who would share the same Soul NUMBER at a specific period in time. We were aware that it would cause extreme anguish to HIS children to enter an atmosphere of so much density of negative emotions; of Spiritual density. It was accepted that this pre-arrangement would accomplish two important goals; the children of the Spirits and the children of the Stars at the pre-DESTINED time, would indeed encounter one another and “unite;” each specific group forming a Sacred CIRCLE of Higher Power. Understand now please…for a given period of time these Souls are bereft of the Soul music to which they are accustomed. None was forced to undergo this process. Each has always been advised of the conditions which MUST exist at this particular level. Each KNOWS that in order to “live” on your plane they MUST first experience the deepest Soul anguish of being far, far, from home. Thus it is as part of this cleansing process they will re-learn THAT WHICH THEY HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED IN AEONS. This is a necessary part of the WHOLE process, yet it is an extremely painful path of, “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED WELL.” It is NOT in their vested interests to merely be here on the Earth with all their Soul memories intact. Nor is it part of their individual destinies to NOT experience human life fully. They MUST live an “ordinary” life in a NON-ORDINARY WAY!

Overall, by being ABLE to sort through the pain and emotional complexities involved, they are more able to relate to their Earth brethren in a NON-JUDGEMENTAL MANNER. For those who have not been in the third-dimensional Realm for some aeons, it DOES require much Soul searching as to the proper paths to follow at such times when they feel ALL ALONE. None are permitted to “pick up their. marbles and go home.” This is a process of re-learning and re-trusting in SELF. It was never HIS intent that these Souls would immediately consciously KNOW their true origins or their destinies. The necessity of “appearing” as an ordinary Earth child results in the entity being better able to FIT IN; this is a camouflage of the BEST KIND. Back in those times, the early planning stages, it was well known that each of these peace keepers would ultimately accelerate their vibration and their frequency, leveling off at a certain plateau which would then make it imperative for these ones to be joined with their own kind. This gradual coming of age; this coming together, does begin for the most part, on a small scale. As each Soul links with another, then yet another entity, with whom they have SHARED ONENESS with previously; a new level of heightened awareness is achieved by each. A certain purity of a love “sensor” soars among them which transcend ALL dimensions. It is indeed a beauteous sight to behold.

Now, just as it was never intended for man to live alone, so was this privilege extended to ALL sentient Beings. The shared bonding which humanity as a whole experiences when involved in the deepest, most loving relationship, pales by comparison to the Spiritual fusion of two or more etheric Beings who have come together AGAIN. My Celestial daughter and David of Arcturus know this well. These bonds are KARMIC in nature. These ones have chosen to bless themselves by uniting repeatedly and existing in a PERPETUAL state of grace. THEY ARE AS ONE. In most cases, one is but the extension of the other. There does exist a molecular umbilical cord which has been a part of all of these joined Souls, “AS LONG AS THEY HAVE BEEN.” Indeed, there is a silver-white filament of microscopic proportions which literally extends from one of these Souls to the other. Sections of this cord contain minute “knots” which form a basic definitive design.

The nucleus of this particular atatomical structure is a type of electro-magnetic matter containing trace elements of each individual Soul’s macrocosmic Self . This is a part of the reality of the existence of monism functioning as a catalyst within the eternal Soul. Thus, as one encounters another whom they have “been with before,” they experience a current of electrical energy which flows THROUGH the matrix until it arrives at a specific “knot.” Now in fact, many Souls share the same power site, (knot) simply because the “knot” itself is a vessel containing a part of their Soul. This process of absorbing a miniscule particle of an entity’s energy for the Soul purpose of connecting with others from “the past,” is known as“mono-et-tarin.” It had been revealed to us long ago that this process of redefining and connecting Soul energies serves to strengthen each personality by constantly revitalizing the Spiritual body with the eternal life force.

In group karma situations there exists an unseen force of fortifying energy streams encouraging the Soul’s endeavors when other Souls are drawn to an individual who is “like-minded.” At this point alchemy is present, each Soul will then assist the other or others, during periods of crisis as they build and maintain an unbreakable wall or shield of light among them. Much work and energy has been expended to help. them to protect themselves while on their lesser journey. They did indeed know well beforehand that the trail would be fraught with dangers. By bringing together the intangible, the Higher Self, which in some has culminated to a very high evolutionary degree; it forms an incredible force field of tangible energy. Thus it is that the two halves form a whole; they jointly give birth to a •citadel• of power. In a short span of “time,” others who are just like them are .attracted to these ones regardless of their geographic locations. Thus they form the Scared Circle, the union, and dance the Sacred dance to HIS SONG. Throughout this experience they learn to reconcile themselves to the truth … the Earth is a wilderness of mirrors. These hardy Souls possess THE KEY to immortality; “WHENSOEVER TWO OR MORE GATHER IN MY NAME, I BECOME THEM IN UNLIMITED PHYSICALITY AND THEY ARE INFINITELY WITH ME.” Group karma will exist throughout eternity. As Souls evolve, some who are joined through the unit of light are the primary mentors while others have chosen to be the primary students.

Indeed this is a rather simplistic explanation to a complex issue, however, my desire is that you ones learn the “basics,” before you can proceed to a greater understanding. Now, each true mentor challenges the pupils to not merely function, but to live their life to the fullest and to further develop their individual “note” as the direct reflection of God, which it truly is. Now, throughout every descent into your dimension, some Souls choose a role reversal; they select whatever mode they feel will expedite their evolution on the path which they seek. When these Souls unite with their TWIN SPARKS, they become a TEAM; they are a MATCH. However, now in this year 2010, there are in existence far more highly evolved Souls who have banded together in group karma situations than ever before in your planet’s history. It would behoove all of humanity to take heed and live by the examples of these ones. If in fact you CHOOSE to do so, do not concern yourself as to how you will find them … for THEY WILL FIND YOU. Now, concerning the matter of “turning the other cheek~ what does this mean to you? If another person does NOT understand NOR respect your realities and seeks to thus destroy you and those you love through ridicule and/or abuse, then walk away, but NOT in defeat. Do not seek to fight but do defend your right to seek!

The time is now at hand for ALL buds to come into full bloom, as a ROSE. This is no longer the quiet time. In the present NOW TIME, the storm which cleanses has arrived! Now, knowledge not utilized, not acknowledged, is but a SKELETON KEY. THE SKELETON THUS BECOMES PHYSICAL AND SUPERCONSCIOUS DEATH. I ask you, is this a viable alternative for you? Just as the lone spider spins its eternal web, confining then devouring the unwary, so does the opposite polarity of the Christ Light devour even its own, in cannibalistic fashion. They are the “Lords of Misrule.” Those among you who choose to frit away your lives at the expense of others’ lives, seeking only the easy way in this life, also need to be forewarned. “YOU STAND TO LOSE THAT WHICH YOU SHOULD HOLD DEAREST…. ETERNAL LIFE. You each have the privilege of Creatinq your own reality; it is then that you must become your OWN CARE TAKER. “The wise man tends to his SOUL SELF with the zeal and the reverence which he would bestow upon the most precious, irreplaceable jewel of his dreams. In return for all which he has endured, for all his toil, he will be repaid ONE HUNDRED FOLD. The foolish man who tends to his ego-centered, materialistic perspective of the TRUE REALITY, will also receive HIS JUST REWARD! AND HE WILL NOT LIKE IT! HE TOO WILL BE REPAID ONE HUNDRED FOLD!”

Thus it continues to be NOW as it was in the beginning” of times, the necessary segregation of those who honor themselves from those who have cursed themselves. Now, there does not exist any span of time when it is “too late” for any Soul’s salvation. Intent and the utilization of the inherent ability to lay aside those things, people and places, which ARE NOT OF GOD is a KEY! It is NOT enough to pay lip service to this issue; it is MOST necessary to reach down deeply into the core of your Soul and ascertain which qualities you deem to be of absolute pivotal importance to your Higher Self. Then as now, many of the ones among you have fully moved into CONSCIOUS knowing of their mission, and are accomplishing this with the assistance of their group karma. They have “lost” their inhibitions by meeting and defeating that which you ones refer to as “the devil.” This is part of a cycle which is eternal. The Divine Triangle once CONSCIOUSLY perceived, becomes ingrained within them as it does with all evolving Souls. Part of their perception is the innate knowledge that THEY WILL NOT FAIL, for they have God’s knowledge; they KNOW that He will be on their shoulder very much. He will cloak them with His MANTLE of eternal love and protection. No harm will befall them that cannot be healed, for THEY BELIEVE-AS ABOVE SO BELOW! They have already begun the long, arduous JOURNEY HOME. God awaits them joyfully, His CHILDREN ARE RETURNING!”

I am signing off for now…….

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side
and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation.
In time, all shall be as one…I shall meet you there.”
….Blue Star……©Copyright 1997, 2010 –

All information may be reprinted with copyright notice and
link back to visibly displayed.

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