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UFO shuts down Hangzhou airport

Posted by Admin on July 15, 2010

By Jessica BeatonWed, Jul 14 03:27 PM

By Jessica Beaton

Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou, China was shut down after airport workers discovered, well, we’re not sure what they discovered, that was the problem.

Think the only things in Hangzhou are West Lake and screaming? Think again. Looks like the famous attraction got some out-of-this-world company as Hangzhou’s Xiaoshan airport was shut down for an hour (creating hours of delays) around 9pm after “something” was spotted hovering in the sky. Officials still aren’t sure what they saw, but media reports coming from Xinhua government news agency have come out to say that an unidentified flying object (UFO) was detected in the area.

There’s no better way to make headlines than to have a UFO sighting.

As the airport tried to figure out what to do, outgoing flights were grounded and incoming flights (Hangzhou is Asian discount air carrier Air Asia’s hub) were diverted to Ningbo and Wuxi.

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Shanghai Daily reports that the object was seen on airport radar, and that a passenger who saw the UFO said that it “looked like a twinkling spot and disappeared very soon.”

Other reports say that witnesses in Hangzhou saw a glowing object, “glowing in golden light,” hovering in the afternoon sky and followed by “a comet-like tail.”

Hangzhou authorities have come out saying that what people (and airport officials) reported seeing might have been sunlight reflected from regular airplanes.

Were not saying we think little green men landed — why choose China when Thai beaches are so close by? — but really, a reflection from an airplane shut down an airport? They should come up with a better excuse than that.

Read about the forgotten Asian UFO files found in Roswell, New Mexico on CNNGo.

Read on here to see an image from the event.

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