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SaLuSa: Now is the Time to Help One Another

Posted by Admin on July 22, 2010

SaLuSa 19-July-2010

Fame and wealth are looked upon as an achievement to be desired; yet so often they are difficult to handle. Your privacy which you value is intruded upon and literally your life is not your own. Some people are prepared to withstand such a loss, and live out their make-believe lives in circumstances that are no guarantee of happiness. Show business is surrounded by glamour and the need for success, and failure is often experienced with inconsolable grief.

So who can lead a so-called ordinary life and find happiness and satisfaction? The majority of people are in lives where they struggle to make ends meet or even to survive. Yet some manage to find a purpose in life that does give satisfaction, and it is through serving others. When you have found a way to help others, it gives an inner feeling of having discovered a true path, that allows you to express your love and experience fulfillment.

There is within each one of you a desire to love and be loved; yet not everyone can express that in terms of freely giving of themselves. The energy of love is powerful and can work miracles, and costs you nothing to share with others. When it is given without seeking reward, and with no conditions you are well on the way to being able to give unconditional love.

That indeed should be the goal you are working towards, and if you struggle to achieve it do not be too concerned. With the ever-increasing upliftment of the vibrations you will naturally attract higher energy to yourself, and it will become much easier to hold the love vibration. Everyone can work towards such levels, and those that are successful rarely seek fame or gain beyond what is necessary for their immediate requirements.

Lightworkers know their life plan and are not distracted by the search for fame, although it sometimes comes with success. It is knowing how to control it that prevents it from taking over your life, so that you can continue with full focus on your work.

Service to others is not necessarily seen as an attractive occupation, yet its rewards are manifold. You cannot take anything with you when you complete your life plan, but you will have the inner growth and joy of having spent it in a beneficial way. It does not require that you become one of the leading lights, and every contribution however small helps uplift the level of the mass consciousness.

The capitalist way of thinking tends to promote greed, but there are of course some successful people who because they are blessed that way do not forget to share their wealth. Because of it they sometimes achieve exceptional levels of generosity, but it is not the amount that is important but the thought behind it. This is exemplified by the biblical story of the widow’s mite, as she gave when her needs were as great as anyone else’s.

So where are we heading with our message and why now, and we will tell you that the changes on Earth are becoming more widespread, and leaving many people in dire need of help. That position will worsen for all manner of reasons, and it begs of you that until it changes for the better that you try to help ease other people’s distress.

The challenge of these times is putting a lot of pressure on you, but you can help prevent it becoming chaotic by getting together and organizing some kind of relief. It will provide an answer until the coming of real help, and the changes in your governments that will start a new era of beneficial changes on a large worldwide scale.

Be assured that at all times we continue to keep a check on the well being of Mother Earth, with your Ascension in mind. There is a balance that we are responsible for, and it stops matters really getting out of hand. You will complete this cycle as decreed and in that sense it does not matter whatever the dark Ones attempt to do, they will not stop completion as planned.

After all Dear Ones, you may conjecture that you have God on your side, and the Light is all-powerful. In reality God favors no one, but allows all souls to experience as they desire, using their God given freewill. In fact God loves all souls and is waiting to welcome them back to the Source, by which time your Light will have been completely restored.

As fellow travelers we admire your confidence and tenacity in taking on duality, as it is far removed from the wonderful levels of Light that you came from. Now you are at the end of your journey and hardly realize what you have achieved. To have left your home of absolute beauty and bliss amongst the stars, and an enduring state of being within the love vibration was an immense decision to take. You were aware of the nature of the challenge, and took heart that whatever happened you would never be forsaken.

You were promised help and direction, so that no matter how far you became immersed in the lower energies you would rise up again. That promise has been kept, and already you have emerged from the dark sufficiently, to recognize your own divinity and link to the Light. The awakening continues to speed up and you are beginning to feel the expansion in your consciousness. Now Ascension is in your sights and so near to taking place, that you have only a few more years before you lift up with Mother Earth.

When you look at the larger picture, realize that you can ignore what is going on around you as it cannot last long, and you are stepping onto a new path that leaves it all behind. The new paradigm is taking shape, and as you focus on the future will imbue it with the power to manifest. You are creating all of the time but now you have the powerful energies directed to Earth, and they are far more potent than ever before.

Because of this latent power it is in fact good practice to monitor your thoughts and emotions, and direct them only for the good of all. As time passes you will be helped to master such a degree of control, and it is one of our tasks when we arrive upon Earth. We come to do much that is of a physical nature, but we do not forget that your upliftment is for your spiritual evolution.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and already feel the joy at the thought of traveling with you for the last part of your journey. We come as friends and for many also as family, but more importantly as your spiritual mentors and guides. You shall feel our love that we give unconditionally, and it will lift you up out of any worries or concerns you may still have.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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