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A Macchiavellian “False Flag” from the Pentagon?

Posted by Admin on July 25, 2010

False Flag Cyber Attack – Restriction and control of the Internet has been widened on behalf of the pentagon and other government agencies in light of recent threats. The media has increasingly covered the threat of an “electronic pearl harbor” that could take place online. If the US was attacked online, it could potentially affect banking, power grids, rail networks and water sources, leaving the country in a position that would make it tough to defend itself. However, many of these claims have been over exaggerated.
According Evgency Morozov, a researcher and blogger who writes about threats and political events on the Internet,at times the threats are due to government agencies and cyber-security companies creating a false-hype around the subject. It is these agencies and companies that would likely be employed in the event of an attack, and they are trying to drum up business for themselves.

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One piece of proposed legislation would give the US President the authority to declare a “cyber security emergency” and shut down or limit internet traffic to critical information in the interest of security. While the bill is nowhere close to being passed, it will be interesting to see how much steam the bill picks up over the coming weeks and months.
Giving the president power to shut down the Internet in the event of a threat is something that is unprecedented in America. As of now, it is not even certain that attacking American networks would be a viable option for most countries. The safeguards that we have in place have been tested be even the most skilled hackers.

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