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Master Hillarion's Weekly Message – August 8-15, 2010 A.D

Posted by Admin on August 10, 2010

August 8-15, 2010
Beloved Ones,
Time is speeding up as the last of your situations are clearing up and you will notice a definite improvement as the days go forth from this time on. Many of you have begun to understand that you have chosen to take on certain roles that have been puzzling to you for a long time, as these roles required that you act in certain ways that were totally foreign to your previous way of living, thinking, acting and being. These roles were for a specific purpose, which was to overcome the illusions that humankind has been experiencing for millennia in order to facilitate an easier time of it for your sisters and brothers who are just now beginning to Awaken to their truths.
Many of you are beginning to enjoy these roles and are realizing that you have been going through initiations and are coming into the Mastery of your selves. This is so exciting to view from our perspective, for we have watched as you have seemingly carried the weight of the whole World on your shoulders and have born and experienced the entire gamut of human experience and have come out sparkling clean and ready for your new day. This will now begin to manifest for those of you who are ready for next level. Well done, Dear Ones! The fact that you went into your roles in complete and almost total blindness and had to fly by the seat of your pants says much about the greatness of your courage and character.
Not all of you Beloved Ones have chosen to take on these roles, so if you feel confused by my words so far, then be assured that you have chosen another assignment that is equally as important. Each of you are volunteering almost constantly to use all of the tools of your multi-dimensional selves for the highest and greatest good of all and this is a sure sign that you are progressing into your world service. Each of you are special and unique and each of you came here at this time in the great and momentous changes that are taking place to be of service to the Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her. Many of you have been through this process many times before and are here at this time to be of assistance and to work upon your growth at higher and higher levels and as you know, the higher you go, the more you live your lives in service for the highest and greatest good of all, for that is the highest expression of Eternal Love.
This service is a sure sign that the tasks you each have chosen are leading to victory in the raising of the consciousness of Humanity and all upon the Earth to Ascension levels and this is a remarkable feat which is being accomplished in complete peace and relative harmony, even though it may not have felt that way as you have been going through the process. It is what you do, Dear Ones, in your Galactic service to the Light of God that never fails, for each of you are Galactic Beings who have been in service not only in your human form upon the Earth but also on other multi-dimensional levels. Your work goes on continuously and it is done with joy and gratitude and a great level of humor and fun.
There is much joy to find in expressing life in a human form, for there is a great infinity of experiences to feel and savor while manifesting in your human body. What a marvelous and majestic work of art your human form is, and is still becoming! It adapts and adjusts to all manner of energies and frequencies and has the ability to travel up or down the vibrational levels almost at will. Many from our vantage point look upon this opportunity you are experiencing with some envy and great applause, for it takes great strength to withstand the lower energies that have been rampant in your World and still strive to overcome them to create a better World for all and each of you are to be commended for all that you have done and continue to do. We know and understand that it has not been easy for you and that it requires almost superhuman strength of will to not react to your situations in the typical human manner but to strive to bring equilibrium and balance as soon as possible, while still coming from a place of Love and compassion in your hearts.
In so doing, Beloved Ones, you are bringing your gifts of Love to this World in a way that is harmonious and Loving and kind, even though some of your personal experiences have felt anything but those qualities – nevertheless on the higher levels of multi-dimensional realities, you knew what you were doing. Some of you have found that you played your roles most enjoyably and you have played them with zest until the novelty of that particular age old emotion was thoroughly explored and transmuted into a higher energy form. This is now in the final stages of completion for the majority of you who are reading this message. It is a time of completion and also new beginnings that are filled with limitless possibilities and probabilities for each of you that you could only call wondrous.
So be gentle and kind with yourselves and others and feel joy and gratitude for the lessons they provided in the various situations that you have been experiencing. All is as it should be and in spite of the seeming chaos, all is in Divine Order. Know this, Beloved Ones, and keep on keeping on!
Until next week….
I AM Hilarion
©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff
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