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Posted by Admin on September 10, 2010

Depiction of a soul being carried to heaven by...

Depiction of a soul being carried to heaven by...

by Bryan de Flores

It can begin with the sound of fluttering wings or a series of soft tones in your ear or the feeling of incoming grace and exaltedness all around you. When they are near, a sense of peace and tranquility overcome you and your body immediately relaxes and opens to an unseen power. Many times you will feel as if you are being lifted and drawn upward, away from all earthly cares and worries, into another level of existence where everything is lighter, more beautiful and fulfilling. These are the feelings which accompany a divine visitation. This is the frequency of the Angels, and unbeknownst to many individuals, they are everywhere, all around us, watching over us, protecting us, prompting us to make the highest choices and assisting us in making all of our dreams come true. They are the ones who bless us and nurture us in times of great challenge. They are the ones who inspire us and keep us motivated, perpetually assisting in the evolution of mankind, never faltering and always working tirelessly in divine service to God and to humanity.

Who are these blessed beings called Angels? Basically, the definition of an Angel is a divine being that assists God in carrying out the Plan. However, there are many types of Angels, both physical and non-physical, with different levels of power and intelligence. In all of creation there are countless legions of God’s Angels, who are invisible to our eyes for the most part, but who nonetheless have a ceaseless devotion to every living human soul in all of God’s creations. There are Angels in every dimensional frequency and realm, on and beyond this earth. There are Angels assisting on every level of existence, some of which we will never see or meet, but nonetheless are working for us in loving compassion. Many of the Angels in the higher levels of God’s hierarchy have never been born into a physical polarity world, and have thus retained a purity that many souls strive to attain. It is this simple fact that allows them to assist us from an unbiased and more compassionate position. From their higher-dimensional perspective their guidance is always much more balanced, as they can see further down the road then we often can.

What do Angels look like?

Most, but not all of the etheric Angels are androgynous.  They are completely balanced masculine and feminine, and it is often difficult to tell visually when you see one if they are male or female. However, the feeling of their frequency, will always announce the Angel’s primary gender affiliation. Also, every Angel has a pair of beautiful luminous wings which are tipped with different colors such as blue, gold and silver, delineating their status within the Legions of Light. Most of them are White robed, but can appear wearing various colors on occasion. Their eyes reflect the purity of the divine energy so completely, that when you look at them you fall into a trance and feel immediately the embrace of God. They also have a double-spiral energy field, which often looks like a luminous ball of fire-light dancing all around them.

An Angel’s Purpose!

Most of the angels have specific jobs that they attend to and have a vast knowledge of whatever and/or whoever they are working with. There are many different levels of the etheric ˜Angelic Assistance Team” including the Solar Ark Angels, Throne Angels, Principalities, Seraphim and Cherubim. There are also Angels who attend to some of the toughest jobs, such as the Fire Angels, the Destroyer Angels and the Carrion Angels; who assist in dealing with and often removing misguided soul’s and trouble-making energies from the earth plane. (Remember the shadowy characters in the movie Ghost?) Members of the etheric team rarely manifest physically. However in certain circumstances they can make themselves physical by down-stepping their frequency gradually, which often takes months, to be able to manifest in physical form. Why does this down-stepping take them so long? Because, for an Angel to down-step their frequency, they must do it slowly in order to retain and not imbalance the purity of their vibration. And even after all the preparation they may often only be able to manifest for a few minutes or hours. However, as more light pours onto the planet, Angels will be able to manifest more easily and quickly to assist us and live among us.

The more physicalized manifestations of the ˜Angelic Assistance Team” (which include Devas) are the Angels of weather, such as the Snow Angels, the Storm Angels and the Angels of the clouds. Also, every ray of the sun’s light is accompanied by an Angel. There are also Angels for every aspect of the Natural Kingdom, including Angels for every animal, fish, bird, tree and flower. There are Angels who oversee each stream, river, waterfall and ocean. There is an Angel who presides over and manifests through each crystal and gemstone. There are Angels of artistry and music, architecture, justice, finance and medicine. There are also Angel teams which guide each state and country, every city and town, every hospital and home. And more importantly, there is at least one Angel that accompanies each one of us through each and every daily task no matter how mundane it may be.

Connecting with the Angels!

So, you may ask how you can begin communicating with our divine companions and I say, begin by acknowledging and thanking each Angel who has ever assisted you throughout your life. Then through silent meditation ask your primary guardian angel to blend with your essence and bring full awareness of themselves into your conscious mind. Next, verbally state that you give them permission, in every circumstance, to assist you in whatever way possible. This gives your Angel permission to do whatever is needed to assist you in any given moment. You see, the Angels have rules they must abide by. One of the rules is they must honor our free will and not directly intervene unless asked by a human being, unless it is an emergency situation. Therefore, your Angels can only assist you and guide you up to a certain point unless you ask them or command them to cross the boundary and make their presence known and assist you in a more physical way.

At this point, I would like to say a couple of important things about our etheric companions. There are many Angels who are currently unemployed, so to speak, due to the fact that many people lack the trust and higher consciousness necessary to communicate with their divine guardians. Secondly, it is important to get to know all of the Angels and what their specialties are not just the popular Angels such as Archangels Michael and Ariel. The fact is that there is a great diversity of Angels who are extremely powerful and who can offer assistance to you in many ways. So get to know them and allow them to come into your life by connecting with them through meditation and prayer. Secondly, gratitude to these divine beings is of the utmost importance. Of course, they never ask for nor expect it. But in truth, God is always watching, and by divine law, in every situation there must be a reciprocal energy exchange, even if one part of the exchange is only a ‘thank you.’

When you are connected with the Angels and speak with them throughout your daily life, you will find that every situation becomes a magical one. You will find that there is always a constant flow of joy and healing energy all around you. You will find that your personal processes and understandings of God and life are more effortless and expansive. And you will ultimately find that you too are an Angel in human form, here to assist the Plan and ground it on a physical level so that heaven can be manifest on Earth. So let your wings now expand and allow yourself to take flight in the realization that you are that which you seek.

Many blessings to you all, Bryan

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