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Posted by Admin on October 4, 2010

by Owen Waters

Here are three simple, yet powerful, steps to spiritual living. Because they are based on the Universal Law of Creation, they bring you the power to create positive transformation in every aspect of your life.

1.  Look up

Recognize your spiritual nature. Know that you are a spiritual being living in a physical world. The real, immortal you is your inner being or soul consciousness. Several times each day, take a moment to turn your attention within and remember your true nature as a spiritual being.

Remind yourself that the universe was created by the all-present, all-aware consciousness which is behind all things. This infinite presence or beingness, thisInfinite Being, created the universe in order to experience itself from all possible perspectives.

You are an expression of Infinite Being, experiencing life from one individual point of view. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. We are the eyes, ears, and hearts of Infinite Being as it experiences life from all possible viewpoints.

The objective of living on earth as a human is to gain experience while finding our way back to the ultimate state of consciousness from which we originally came.

We are Infinite Being.

2.  Look in

The gateway to spiritual consciousness is through the heart.

The Creator designed the human experience to consist of twelve stages of evolving consciousness. These range all the way from basic survival to the ultimate state of spiritual consciousness.

Much of the 20th century was devoted to the fifth stage of human consciousness, which is intellectual development. Today, people are migrating in droves to the next stage of human growth, which is heart-centered consciousness.

When a person focuses their intellect through the lens of heart-centered consciousness, they see how much the world needs help and healing rather than competition and destruction. The initial stage of heart-centered consciousness produces a constructive, global outlook. It also places a person just one short step from the second stage of heart-centered consciousness and the dawning of spiritual awareness.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is a guideline that has been with us since the early days of human development. Today, it’s no longer a distant ideal to be sought after. The mass shift to heart-centered consciousness means that unconditional love now comes to people naturally. The complete love and acceptance of yourself and others is the heartbeat of the New Reality.

Feeling unconditional love towards others is the key to successful, meaningful interactions with everyone with whom you meet in any situation. Feeling unconditional love towards yourself fosters a healthy sense of self-esteem which builds a healthy, positive world based upon mutual support.

Even if there are outer behaviors that need improvement in yourself or others, it is unconditional love that is the key that will find the solutions that will heal such limitations.

3.  Look out

Outward action is the third step to spiritual living. Helping others improve their lives by doing work that you love makes the world a better place.

When you see life through the lens of your heart, you see how your innermost joy and passion continually prompts you to develop your own unique talents. When you recognize those talents, you can acquire the skills that bring them into active expression. When you spend your working days doing what you love and loving what you do, then your life becomes a constant experience of heartfelt joy.

The inspiring guideline as stated by Jesus, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is one that becomes second nature in today’s emerging New Reality. A heart-centered person simply wouldn’t do anything to hurt another. Nor would they want anyone to receive less than fair value for their goods and services.

You can bring light and joy into the world by engaging in heartfelt action and doing work that you love.

The Secret of Creation

By utilizing the Universal Law of Creation, you can create new realities that improve your life and enhance your ability to help others. This is the law was used to create the entire universe, so it should come as no surprise that, correctly used, it is both powerful and effective.

While Infinite Being is the ever-present ground state of passive awareness which exists throughout Creation, the Creator is the action-oriented aspect of Infinite Being. The Creator was given the task of creating the universe so that Infinite Being could experience itself from all possible perspectives.

The only tool at the disposal of the Creator in making the universe wasconsciousness. Therefore, everything in the universe consists of consciousness – people, rocks, plants and planets – and, because they consist of consciousness, they all have some degree of awareness.

Creation was achieved when the Creator divided its consciousness into two complementary aspects – thought and feeling. It then intertwined these aspects and set them into motion in ways that created everything that was needed to develop into life as we know it today. The universe, you, and everything around you consists of 100% consciousness.

Life is but a dream, and each one of us is here to change the dream in our own unique way.

Recreate your dream to realize all of your potential using the Universal Law of Creation.

The Universal Law of Creation

Creation = Thought + Feeling + Motion

The three essential steps to spiritual living are structured using the Universal Law of Creation.

Look Up – focus your thoughts on your spiritual nature.

Look In – find spiritual consciousness through the gateway of the heart.

Look Out – take action to express your inner joy and your unique purpose in life.

The Meaning of Life

You are an expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible perspectives. Your perspective is unique, as is everyone else’s. That is the point of the whole exercise – for Infinite Being to experience life from as many perspectives as possible.

In order to best support this primary mission of human experience, we need to both celebrate our own uniqueness and support others in their efforts to develop their own skills and talents. Unity is our spiritual nature, yet it is found through celebrating our diversity in the common cause of developing our potential to the fullest.

The One is the All and, as parts of the All, we are the One.

Everyone’s path is unique because that’s the way life was designed.  There is no one-size-fits-all philosophy. However, we can learn about the universal laws that will help us to achieve our potential in life.

Your mind is non-physical and therefore has higher capabilities than your physical brain. Your mind is immortal and it grows with experience. We are each on our pathways back to the One source from which we originally came. To get there, we continually grow in consciousness by experiencing life.

The meaning of life is to grow in consciousness.

Intuitive Reason

Once you make a habit of looking within and focusing on your spiritual nature, you open up your awareness to the intuitive information that comes from your soul consciousness. Intuitive insight is available to both men and women and, with it, you can achieve more than you had ever imagined possible.

The conscious, reasoning mind assesses a situation using the physical senses as well as past information. Intuitive reason is possible when you include intuitive information in the process. Intuition comes from your inner, soul consciousness and it is tuned into the thoughts and energies that surround any situation.

Intuition brings direct information on the nature of any situation. With intuition, you know what will best work and when.

Intuition adds to your knowledge and understanding of a situation, allowing you to achieve objectives with greater ease and harmony than before. Intuition can warn you about danger ahead and reveal what hidden risks you can avoid in order to stay safe. Intuition prompts you to take actions which will help you in ways that you had not been able to detect using the physical senses alone. It also puts you in touch with the natural flow of unfolding situations.

Effortless Action

There is a flow to events; a timing that, when understood, makes tasks much easier to achieve. The key to gaining this information is to tune into your inner, soul consciousness.

This inner work need not be a one-way street of receiving inside information. You can also take the initiative by using the principle of effortless action. Instead of trying to make something happen by the usual efforts of planning, willpower and determination, you begin by going within and seeing the action as accomplished.

When you begin by seeing the action as completed, something very different happens. The action doesn’t mysteriously become accomplished by magic or by non-effort, but you experience a state of flow which enables you to move through the task with ease, grace and incredible efficiency.

To invoke a state of flow, go within and attune with your inner being and the intended task. Then, come out into the world of action and follow your intuitive guidance every step of the way until the task becomes physically completed.

This is how synchronicity happens and you will notice coincidences becoming commonplace in your life. People, ideas and resources all come together at the exact right time and in the right place because flow is an orchestration of the many, not just the one.

Like water finding the shortest and easiest path down a slope, your intuition will reveal the shortest and easiest route to the successful completion of any task.

The Inner Light That Beckons

Because the primary purpose of life is growth in consciousness then, sooner or later, everyone begins to sense the spiritual light that lies within your very being. It heals your spirit and beckons you forward into the realms of more light.

When this happens, you are firmly on the path of spiritual discovery. You are heading back along the pathway to the level of consciousness from which you originally came.

These three simple steps to spirituality – Look Up, Look In, Look Out – open the doorway to positive and lasting transformation. Take the time to reflect upon them now and be sure to tell everyone who could benefit from this uplifting message. It has the power to bring a special depth of meaning and purpose into people’s lives. When you spread the word, you are helping to make the world a better place.

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