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Posted by Admin on October 11, 2010


Godfather of Exopolitics

Godfather of Exopolitics


Exopolitics: Let the Buyer Beware
By Ed Komarek
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The newcomer to Exopolitics and the UFO/ET field in general should carry with them all their abilities of discernment they can muster. Our field is no different than any other field with all the pitfalls, traps, snares and poison bait set out by the unscrupulous to catch and victimize the foolish and the unwary. Has anybody read, Women Who Run With Wolves?
Read chapter 8. 🙂

A recent article by my leftist friend and exopolitician Alfred Webre in the Examiner, that I understand has a wide public circulation, has once again stimulated me to provide a warning to my readers.–Andrew-Basiago-is-predicted-planetary-level-whistleblower-for-Mars-life-and-time-travel I think we have yet another major disinformation operation to contend with in the UFO/ET community following on the heels of past operations like Serpo. I watched closely on the Internet as retired Air Force Captain Robert Collins released sensitive classified core story information regarding Serpo in his book, Exempt From Disclosure.

It was not long before a string of Serpo stories were being distributed on the Internet to obfuscate and confuse the core story. Bob was attacked vigorously on the Internet by the DIA 6 promoting this disinformation when Bob correctly pointed out that this was disinformation and that many people were being duped in regard to Serpo. Now I have to wonder what is the reason for this new disinformation unwittingly being promoted so vigorously by Alfred Webre, what core story here is being obfuscated and confused?

(Upon reflection after writing this article the only other alternative explanation I can think of is that this may be a case of non-deliberate disinformation being promoted by a unwitting Alfred Webre. If this individual being promoted by Alfred is honest and sincere as Alfred claims, then the so called “scientific” paper is evidence that this person is confusing reality with imagination and so has some kind of psychosis. In this case Alfred may not only be confusing the public by promoting this non-deliberate disinformation, but in also hurting this individual by supporting his psychosis. I would be guilty of the same thing if I supported Dan Smith’s Messiah complex.)

I would like to give the newcomer to exopolitics a few pointers that may save them a lot of grief latter on as they pursue the truth about UFO/ET. Its always better if a person knows enough to be able to tell bad advice from good advice and so is able to avoid learning from the school of hard knocks. Unfortunately for most of us we can not discern the difference and so we have to learn things the hard way through much suffering.

The first thing to realize about correctly evaluating witness and whistle-blower testimony is that the UFO-Cover-up could not have been maintained for 60 years without effective security procedures in place to plug leaks of classified information leaking out into the public domain. What happens is that a little information leaks out into the public domain and this is picked up by very well resourced intelligence networks in the UFO community and the plumbers go to work on the person leaking the classified information. Whistle-blowers are threatened under regulation JNAP-146 that threatens fines and jail time for those leaking classified information as well as other security laws. The most effective threat is loss of pension. Any evidence or documentation can be confiscated with material seizure warrants.

Because of the stringent security procedures, usually only bits and pieces of real information leak out into the public domain over time. Real information that does manage to leak out and get past the initial suppressive security procedures and gains significant attention from the public triggers a second security perimeter. This consists of confusing and obfuscating the real information with loud public copious amounts of disinformation and propaganda inserted into the public domain through the media. It is at this point that the public and even seasoned UFO/ET investigators get tripped up and are mislead, usually first those with a liberal open minded perspective and then later the conservatives.

The seasoned counter-intelligence agent understands the vulnerabilities of human nature and exploits these vulnerabilities to mislead both the UFO investigator and the public. It is well to understand how propaganda and disinformation works. In the UFO community as well as elsewhere there are basically two kinds of people. Those that are more trusting and open and those that are less trusting and skeptical. This breaks down in our political system to liberals vs conservatives and the clever political operative knows how to manipulate both mindsets to his-her political advantage. Here is a very good article on propaganda.

A good storyteller hypnotizes the audience and can use storytelling to enlighten or to victimize the audience. In the UFO/ET field the disinformation operative first plays on the vulnerabilities of the liberal by carefully crafting a story that has some basis in fact and in liberal belief in order to capture the attention of the intended victim. The operative then takes advantage of the liberals trusting nature and open mind to gradually move the victim into accepting fiction as fact creating a induced psychosis. At this point in the scam the operator is very aware that it is a basic of human nature that once a belief gets fixed in the mind of a victim the victim will hold tightly to that false belief and even defend it vigorously even in the face of evidence to the contrary. See the above article on propaganda.

Then what happens is that the conservative sees how gullible the liberal is and not realizing their own conservative vulnerabilities throw up their hands roll their eyes and fall further into denial in regards to UFO/ET. To make things even worse the conservative attacks the liberal and the chaos and confusion may even be stoked on both sides by the propagandist to keep it going. Even a person like myself who understands this deceptive game ends up wasting time warning of these dangers when I really should be concentrating on more important matters.

In this new suspected disinformation case all the person has to do is look closely at the so called “scientific” paper being promoted as historic by the author Andrew Basiago.—andrew-d.-basiago—the-discovery-of-life-on-mars—12-12-08.pdf The liberal-leftist looks at the NASA photograph and not being able to see all the aliens and creatures that the author is seeing then thinks that it must be that they that are deficient and come up with really far out explanations to justify the article. A liberal lefist friend just did this exact same thing, and like Alfred is already swallowing much of the poision bait already. 🙂

On the other hand the conservative looks at the picture and basically sees a ink blot with the author projecting his imagination onto the photograph. The conservative laughs as how the silly liberal leftists can be so fooled and soon controversy and chaos reign with the disinformation operative sitting back and laughing at how easily tricked both parties are. Instead of fighting each other liberals and conservatives should both study closely the back ground of the storyteller for clues as to their real motives and agenda.

(Addendum: The Source A story turned out to be a hoax and I deleted my articles on it from my blog so as not to contaminate the blog with yet another hoax. One can go to Reality Uncovered or OM to study this hoax. )

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