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Posted by Admin on June 5, 2011

by Owen Waters

According to evangelist Harold Camping, the Rapture should have occurred on May 21, 2011. It was his third failed attempt at predicting the date of this Judgment Day and, not to be deterred, he now has another date predicted for the big event.

According to Camping, the Rapture is a time when the faithful followers of preachers such as himself will be lifted into heaven. Then, the rest of the prediction wanders off in a very old-fashioned direction filled with vengeance and lots of fire and brimstone.

As the author of ‘The Shift,’ I lean towards the New Age version of our impending rise into a higher realm of existence. Humanity is heading, in a few short years, for a mass ascension into a more subtle physical form. We are in a time of accelerating change leading to a cosmic tipping point where a physical transformation of the world will occur and lift up those who are ready.

Some people hope that it will occur on December 21, 2012, when the old Mayan time cycles end and new ones begin. After 2012, with new cycles opening up, all positive goals will become easier to achieve than earlier, when the old cycles were closing. However, we are still a number of years from the climax of The Shift as the cosmic energy is not yet near the culmination required for such a mass physical shift.

The evolution of the consciousness of humankind has been accelerating now for several centuries. Starting with the birth of the Renaissance 600 years ago, then accelerating with the growth of science 300 years ago, and coming into focus with the spiritual searching that blossomed in the 1960’s, the mass mind of humanity has been moving ever more quickly towards The Shift.

When The Shift occurs, it will happen “in the twinkling of an eye,” to use a Biblical term, and “the dead will be risen” and we shall be transformed. These snippets of ancient prophecy give us an insight into the mechanism of The Shift. In practical terms, they mean that the “dead” – those who live in the afterlife – will shift upwards into a higher realm and we will move up into the fourth-density realm that they vacate. Although we will share different sub-layers of fourth density existence, they will still be in spirit bodies and we will be in ascended physical bodies.

In this new reality, along with the shift into fourth-density, heart-centered consciousness, physical people will notice that the development of their inner senses has become relatively effortless. Intuition-supported thought will become commonplace. Telepathy between loved ones will become easy to develop. Contact with friends and relatives who have passed on will become ever more commonplace.

Fourth-density physical bodies are less dense than third-density ones. People will begin to perceive the light that radiates from their bodies and other fourth-density matter. Colors will take on deeper hues and sounds will expand in depth, creating a whole new range of possibilities in the arts. People will consume lighter foods and more liquids. Everyone will have one job description – to serve humanity in the best way they can.

Life after ascension will usher in a new golden age of human creativity and freedom. But, what if some people simply don’t want to leave their old lives behind? What if they prefer to stay immersed in “them against us” dramas or even “me against the world” dramas?

For some surprising insights into the other side of the picture, watch for next week’s newsletter article.

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