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Nawaz biggest threat to Pakistan's security: Zardari

Posted by Admin on July 2, 2011

Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan

Nawaz Shariff
By ANI | ANI – Wed, Jun 22, 2011

Islamabad, June 22(ANI): Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has asked Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif to refrain from “defaming the Pakistan Army and institutions of the country for his personal gains”.

Zardari said that the national institutions, including the army, were fighting against the mindset which had so far killed thousands of people, including former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.Nawaz Sharif’s thought is the biggest threat to Pakistan’s security. His earnest regret is that this time army did not maneuver against the government of the day and refused to listen to his conspiracy theories,” the Daily Times quoted Zardari, as saying.

“He (Nawaz) wants the politics of General Zia-ul-Haq,” he added, claiming that the “mindset which took the life of Benazir Bhutto is on the retreat”.

He also called upon political forces to work for strengthening the country’s institutions and refrain from inciting clash of institutions.

“There is no single country in the world which survived or achieved progress after its institutions, including the army, were damaged. Do not speak against institutions. Do not talk about breaking them,” the President said.

Expressing concerns over the deteriorating law and order situation in the country, Sharif had earlier said that the country’s rulers and foreign agencies were behind the current imbroglio in Pakistan.

He said that corruption was in full swing in all departments, and that Zardari was following the policy of destruction. (ANI)



The Islamic nations are in a mess because of their rabid Islamic fundamentalistic attitudes and mindset.They pretend to be enemies of terror yet secretly provide shelter to the master of terrorists Osama Bin Laden and his followers.They are nothing but wolves in sheeps clothing.Their doom is on the horizon.If it wasnt for the Americans,British,Autralians,French,Canada,Japan and a host of other developing nations countries like Pakistan,Iran,Afghanistan,Turkey,Yemen,Iraq and other smaller Islamic nations would have lost their identity.They should thank the liberalized nations for their existance but on the contrary they turn around and bite the hand that has all along protected them .They are not altogether to blame —it is the violent culture and religious doctrine of hatred they follow .They are like horses in harness,with blinds over their eyes , iron bits in their mouths and reins in the hands of the Devil, who by the way, is steering them ruthlessly on the road that leads to the path of destruction.
When will realization dawn on the Islamic world .


A failed state, will destroy by itself.

As you sow, so shall U reap for Pakistan,

Only India Can save them, no body else can, others (West and China) and are using Pakistan for their selfish motive.

It is time to wake up for Paki and change their mind set towards his Great Nation.


Bhutto killed by Musharaff. Nawaz sent back by the same flight from his motherland by Musharaff. What is Zardari’s problem? He has got presidency served him on platter and he still complaining.


What is this yaar Zardari sahab?

Taliban waale inti mehnat karte hai. Building ko bomb se udaate hain, logon ko maarte hain aur saara credit Nawaz Sharif ko de rahe ho?

You are denying Taliban the credit of being Pakistan’s biggest threat, the same way the makers of 3 Idiots film denied writer Chetan Bhagat the credit of making 3 Idiots film a huge success.

Raju Hirani aur Vidhu Vinod Chopra se kuch seekho. They apologised to Chetan Bhagat and gave him credit. Now you should apologise to Taliban for making this statement and give them full credit of being Pakistan’s biggest threat.


Mr. Peer has very little idea of International politics and America.Pakistan is nearly bankrupt in it’s economy and it is declared as twelvth most failing nation in world clubbed with some African and Asian nations like Bangladesh, Bhutan., Nepal, sreelanka ,Afganistan and Iraq.If US stops giving AID to pakistan, it will be disaster for Pakistan.But biggest threat of Pakistan to my assesment is not from Nawaj but from ISI, different Islamic fundamentalist groups and policy of Pak Army showed by former general Jia ul Haq.They have to give up Dar-E- Islam mentality or else, how their own extremist groups are engaged in action sometimes with civilian population and with Army itself which helped this groups to be formed to punish India.Though entire world does not want to see Pakistan again devided into three /four states, I feel it is inivitable and none can stop it .Initiatives will be taken by their own people not by foreigners as it happened in East Pakistan and again their own policy will be held responsible for such divition.


Zardari is barking for his country at the expense of Nawas Sherif.Suddenly,he found out that Nawas is a big threat to Pakistan.He is mistaken.The present crop of leaders are self-centred,corrupt and made huge money,by corrupt means.Benazir also looted Pakistan like every one.Zardari made use of Banazir,made huge money,during her rule.[Probably,the loot by Karunanidhi and his family will be much more then the loot of Bhutto’s family]All these comedians-Nawas Sheriff,Zardari,Banazir,Musharaf etc were on the periphery of Pakistan Politics.the real power rests with the army and are calling the shots.Zardari stitched plenty of trousers after his unexpected victory in the last elections of Pakistan.He appears well-dressed for every body to see his trousers.He spends sometime in the presidential House and goes to sleep.Poor fellow!!He is not consulted on important matters of Pakistan.He manages his time like this.He is not to be blamed for this state of affairs.The Pakistan army should take responsibility for the plight of Zardari.He is a good material for Reymond advertisement for the well-dressed male.Waste fellows and a waste country!God save Pakistan!!


This comment is from an Indian.

There is no need to defend the army. They know to take care of themselves, whether you are with them or not. You can allow someone who has held the post of P.M. to say what he feels. If individual army officer cannot be held responsible or quoted or commented upon, the next best way is to say about the institution. Shutting the mouth of someone today, will come back to you soon.

Let your army be under the control of Civilian President. You are the President. Please be patient to praise the institution till they let you know what they propose to do with Nawaz. Now with your comment you have given them the legitimacy to eliminate him by proxy.


Zardari is in league with Geelani, Kayani and Pasha. They are only playing a big drama to siphon off the Aid coming from the west & US. They are using the terrorists to get more aid. At the same time they are trying to bring China into the AF_PAK theatre. China is very much interested since it wants the big share in the mineral wealth of the region. As such they cannot tolerate any one denigrating the President, PM, Army head trio. Of course even Nawaz is no better. he is just playing the card since he is not benifitting from the loot of Aid. The sufferers are the Pakistan people.
As for as India is concerned, the UPA’s hand shake policy is a fiasco. Inspite of knowing the crookedness of the Pak elite rulers and the turncoat president of Afghanistan they are going ahead with development plans in Afghanistan. It looks that the UPA is following the US dictats. The US will ditch us. They are even capable of teaming up with china to put us down.


Mr Zardai, I hope yoou are educated enough to understand that the people of Pakistan is not with you. You leave the hands of the US and its allies , which all the Pakistani people and the worlds Muslim population think as their enmy . Your 90% of the Problem will be solved. Do you not understand that your own army is not satisfied to work with US and its allies. Why you are exposing the rank and file of the army and the public in general to face the wrath of your discontented population. Please do nor try to deviate the attention of the mass to Nawaz Sharif or to that extent anybody else but introsepect. If not ,Pakistani people will not forgive you and your coterie.

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