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How to save Awareness


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Musty Prawns in Timbuktu

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[Stage Entry – The MAN in THE MIRROR]

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am today’s and forever’s entertainment. Welcome one and all humanoids to this brief narrative on a sojourn that has taken me far and wide, across the cities, towns, rural establishments, districts, sectors, acres of forests and tilled lands, mountains, deserts, hilly regions, ranges, plateaus, peaks, plains of undulating grasslands and as the Great Eagles and Condors of Old rise above the sweet updrafts of hot air simmering from the surface of our beloved Mother Earth so have I too witnessed the majestic seven Continents across the latitudes and longitudes of geography vastly harassed by their decadent and complacent inhabitants of subservient order. Humanity can indeed be described in various formats of expression suiting to the needs of communication of the writer itself.

I have been through the contents of Al Gore’s provoking Documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” which resulted in me taking the purpose of my life much more seriously on this World. Until then you could say I was the black sheep trying to hide the skin in a herd of white ones, moving along incessantly. But what caught most my attention was the slow and steady zoom out video piece of the Voyager Spacecraft as it got farther and farther away from our beloved world until far enough it looked upon us with a camera lens recording the Earth as but a brief spec in the vastness of the cosmos.

Then Al Gore continued, “and all the time we have spent upon this world, and all the wars and all our efforts and trials and tribulations…all that we have ever done ever is recorded and represented by that one little spec, ever”, and there it was unassuming and fixed.

I then thought where did we go wrong. Where did we all go wrong and what did we do? What happened dear God? What happened? How could it have come to this? How did we let this happen to ourselves and how could we have done this to such a caring and wonderful world in which we lived?!

No wonder, especially, the Arcturians, are themselves, so upset! But apart from all that the first couple of times I watched this documentary I wondered about our impending FATE. Back then I still hadn’t been allowed to extend my grasp on exo-politics…it struck me that YES, obviously there is INTELLIGENT LIFE elsewhere so even if we mess things up, the UNIVERSE is so vast and self-capable, it wouldn’t even have noticed our “ACT”. The EGO and the self pride of a dominant species with its right and might on other sentient beings went out the window for me!

I then said to myself, the glory of mankind, especially after being brainwashed by The Chronicles of Riddick, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Titan A.E, Gattaca, The Star Wars Saga and of course Star Trek, it became apparent to me that in the Cosmos our worth as a species is considerable. It became apparent that if not for our small sizes, inferior anatomy, lesser intelligence and guile, poor group connectivity and so on, we would still be feared and respected and known certainly to be accepted as a part with due respect and dignity for our pride, glory, honour, the three being a mix in something known as RESILIENCE.

If there is one thing for which we can all stand up to say proudly with our heads held high and without a trace of a doubt it is and always will be RESILIENCE. No matter what the odds are, what the situation is, what is stacked up against us, what is to be borne on our shoulders as burden and what is to be fought out from a corner, up a hill or a slope or against too much, deep down inside we were created for this very admirable and unique purpose of survival, endurance, test and continuance. Yes, we are the living testament to all of that and showcase ourselves to the whole of the Cosmos and in doing so have earned our respect and Love, not sympathy or even compassion not just from our friends and Galactic brethren but from our enemies as well, striking fear and the second thought of counteracting us instilled in them to the end of time.

Wherever we are, whatever we may be up to and whatever it is to be faced and conquered I rest in peace knowing that when the job was given to us it would already be completed on this very fact of handing over the responsibility and accomplishment to us. In fact I can presume boldly it was given to us in the first place on that very account. So it is that the race of men were created in the eyes of God beloved as It Is not to rule, dominate and serve others of such virtues but to endure their wrath and the suffering and the pain in a telling manner of epic proportions to twist it hence forth back to them saying we cry on behalf of all who are too weak to even protest, we suffer on behalf of all else too fragile to survive such harsh treatments and to endure as per the will of our Father in fulfilling the Divine Truth of sovereignty, freedom and the indomitable trait of the Spirit brighter than the glow of a thousand Suns, none of which can ever be conquered, bent, abused or used upon to the extent of tampering.

I must imply we are here to give hope for when all else fails as so it seems there still remains hope to preserve us for that very glorious end in which we can rejoice and bring others under the Shadows to the Laws of the Spirit and to the Love of the Father, in His footsteps we shall walk hand in hand, the ones to enter the Kingdom of His, not of this world, anymore.

I am proud to say whatever happens and I guess this time we will “win” the battle, yet another will subside, and we can add another trophy of record to our Halls of Fame and Endeavour sitting back on it, exclaiming I was there when it happened and lived to tell the tale. I have been there and done that! Thank You my dear brothers and sisters.

[Stage Exit]

[Curtains Close]

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