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Separation has begun

Posted by Admin on March 22, 2010

Separation has begun

Gaia Reborn

Gaia Reborn

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, the separation has begun.

Gaia has entered the 8th segment of transformation; she is now in the point of no return.

Division has started at third-dimensional level, and the groups of frequencies present in your plane of existence are being regrouped.

From now on, you will be seeing many signs of division and regrouping manifesting in your reality.  Companies will split, friends will stop seeing each other, families will separate, groups will be divided, etc. And at the same time you will be witnessing the absolute opposite; you will join new groups, you will feel closer than ever to your loved ones, family and friends.

This change is neither positive nor negative. It is existential.

This is a natural step in the mass-ascension process.

Existence consists only of vibrations, and when the vibrations that builds your world change, your whole reality changes accordingly.

At soul level you know that at the moment you decided to embark on this journey, you have been empowered by the Infinite Consciousness to be the architect of your destiny.  Just by drawing the blueprint you set in motion powerful energy/flows through your system that will lead you into awareness expansion.

When you change your awareness frequency to a higher rate, you align your being with higher vibrations, anchoring them in your material reality, hence helping Gaia in her journey to the fifth density. Remember, giving and receiving happen simultaneously, so when you help Gaia, you are being helped too.

If she makes the ascension, a monumental change will occur in the universe, and you will be part of it. The last time a change of this magnitude has happened in any third-density world was 21 billion of your years ago.

The divine plan for the whole cannot go ahead without you, your individuality was given to you for the good of the whole, and your role is utterly irreplaceable.

Once you understand this, you can start helping others to see the responsibility they have at this crucial point in human history. Everyone in your world has divine power that they do not realize he/she posses. The divine powers from within surfaces when consciously he/she start focusing attention on awakening it from the inner core of his/her very consciousness.

Help them and help Gaia by making the most of yourself, raising you personal vibratory frequency towards the Creative Principle of Love. This requires a transformation of your being, a conscious attitudinal shift from your side.

At the end of Gaia’s ascension process/separation, two inter-dimensional gateways will open, one leading to fifth-density and the other one ending in third-density, your consciousness will align you with the gateway that best support your most dominant awareness frequency.

The re-union has begun. Little by little your group-soul will get together. In the process you may separate from others, but the shared moments and learning that has been gained in the company of others, will always remain in you as a gift of the beyond.

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa

Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.


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Awareness, Internet, Time, Karma, Joy

Posted by Admin on March 14, 2010

Awareness, Internet, Time, Karma, Joy

Awareness, Internet, Time, Karma, Joy

Awareness, Internet, Time, Karma, Joy

Random questions from readers.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, I AM Emmanuel and I welcome you to this moment.

Question: You said that two people -even close neighbors- would experience different outcomes from the 2012 events, like one will experience ascension and the other one catastrophe.  Could you please elaborate on this?

For two individuals to experience the same event they have to share the same portion of the vibratory spectrum. All possible combination of frequencies, including all planes in all universes exist within your consciousness, but are only the vibrations that passes through your awareness are the ones you perceive.

Many of you believe that previous to incarnation you choose the life-events you wish to experience in order to learn certain lesson and grow as individual, but in fact you did not choose the life-events but the vibrations you want to experience. After incarnation is all up to you. It is you, acting on free-will, who creates the events that occurs in your life, and if those events lead you to experience the vibrations you choose to experience as part of your spiritual growth, you have achieved. Then you can move on, otherwise you will have to try again.

So after incarnation you have two ways of succeeding, the first one is to create the right life-events, and the second one is expanding your awareness. It is up to you to choose the way with which you the greatest affinity and therefore the greatest chance of success.

The frequencies of all the universes can be seen as energetic lines or strings.

Like the strings on the guitar, and the sound-hole is your awareness.

The larger the sound-hole is, the more strings will resonate.

When you expand your awareness the world you perceive expands, allowing more energetic lines through, expanding the segment of the vibratory spectrum accessible to you, hence increasing exponentially the chances of experiencing the group/kind of vibration you came here to experience.

Awareness can be seen as circles, two individual’s circles may intersect or not. Two individuals will share the same world only in the area of intersection.

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Make your choice…

Posted by Admin on February 5, 2010

Note from Langa:

Emmanuel contacted me telepathically and asked to meet in the astral plane.

We met in our usual meeting point, a simple room with neither doors nor windows, invisible to other astral travelers, hidden by consciousness.

Emmanuel arrived in his ‘physical’ form, a form he adopts for easier communication, since I can’t maintain the ‘bubble of light’ form for long periods of time.

After the usual greetings I asked what was the meeting about, and he answered there is somebody I must meet. Suddenly a ‘bubble of light’ came thru the wall, it was the first time a being other than Emmanuel was able to enter the room.

The energy coming from that being was so peaceful and loving, that I wasn’t frightened in any way. I asked the entity if he/she could project a physical form.

The light at the center of the ‘bubble’ faded quickly and a beautiful ‘human being’ materialized and said: “I salute you, I AM Commander Ashtar Sheran”. I was puzzled. Looked at Emmanuel with million questions in my eyes, but he simply smiled.

I could see Ashtar smiling too. Then, I asked Ashtar permission to run through the questions/test Emmanuel taught me in order to verify the identity of any being I may encounter in the astral plane.

There was no doubt he was Ashtar.

What happened next is difficult to describe. Ashtar somehow split my awareness and I was in two places at the same time.

On the one hand I was still in the astral room with Emmanuel and Ashtar; and on the other hand I was somewhere else with Ashtar alone, in outer space.

I‘m very tempted to describe Commander Ashtar himself, his loving presence, his wisdom, his immense power, etc. but Emmanuel advised me not to do so, arguing that I should focus upon the message, rather than upon the messenger.

Ashtar telepathically said:

“All preparation from our side are completed, all communication channels with Earth have been open, and now in order to receive our assistance you need to rise your vibrations the higher you can by means of tapping into the Universal Force. You are on Earth at this point in time because you have an important role to play in the ongoing story of Mankind. And the choices you make today is what will shape your future. Our advance awareness-tracking technology is constantly monitoring the vibratory rate of the human collective consciousness, and we see that at this moment is rising significantly but not fast enough, hence help from every Lightworker is very much needed at this time.

Then Ashtar showed me huge ‘waves of light’ travelling in all direction, he said, “this is the energy that bounds us together, it is Love. Love, is the one single force in the Universe, there is no other source of energy, and how you relate to that force determinates its effects in your plane. You are conductors of energy, and is time for every one of you to make the choice about how to conduct the Love/Life energy-force into actions.

Make your choice.”

Then he stopped projecting his physical form and became a bubble of light, and vanished. A second later I was ‘one’ again, back in the astral room with Emmanuel…

Question: Emmanuel, would you like to add something to Ashtar’s message?

Ashtar’s message is wise beyond words, and is not for me to add to it; every individual will understand it accordingly to his/her awareness expansion.

He is saying make your choice today, tomorrow you will have to leave and the tickets have to be booked today.

He is also saying that help from higher beings aligned with the Christ-consciousness comes down to you through energy vortexes, these vortexes open when you make a choice, thus you can choose what kind of energy will assist you in your journey; it is your birthright.

But unfortunately the vast majority of your people live their lives as if they have no choices, not realizing that if they don’t choose, somebody else will choose for them.

Regardless the place you are in the spiritual evolution, it is time to make your choice. This choice cannot be made with the head; it is essential to follow the heart. When you make the choice, you open up a vortex of very powerful energy and through it the Universe will provide according to your choice.

The Federation of Light is at service of God’s Cosmic Plan, each single member of the Federation works for the Light, aligned with the Life-force of Love, even the Federation’s spacecraft irradiates Love.

The Federation of Light normally operates from a higher density rate than yours, so in order to receive their help more efficiently; you have to elevate your vibratory rate. The easiest way to accomplish this is allowing the flow of Love vibrations through your system. Just with the simply act of choosing Love the vortex is created and the highest part of the vibratory spectrum will flow through you, raising your vibratory rate and making easier the transmission of help from higher planes into your reality.

Once your choice is made, the resulting vortex is absolute and there is no dark-force in the Universe powerful enough to close it.


Short Q&A with Emmanuel

(random questions from readers)


Question: You said Gaia is duplicating itself, is she creating new matter?

Matter is not the substance your planet is made of, Gaia is made of consciousness.

Question: And who or what will decide on which earth I will continue living?

Your consciousness will align you with the inter-dimensional gateway that best support your most dominant awareness frequency

Question: In your last contact you said ‘your awareness will guide you on living a life that is honorable and meaningful’, what is a meaningful life?

A meaningful life is a life with purpose.

Awareness growth creates clarity about your real purpose in life. Your soul is on this Planet for a purpose, the sooner you discover what your purpose is, the sooner you can begin to make your life meaningful. And the more meaningful your life is, the more blissful you will be.

Question: I read that in December 2012 various portals will open on Earth, and thru these portals some people will ascend. Will we know in advance the location of the portals?

YOU are the portal. The Unified Field of Divinity is not outside but within you.

Question: Some time ago you mentioned that ‘total freedom’ is steps away; how do we walk those steps?

Take one step at a time, do it at your own pace, with that pace which is natural to you. Find your own rhythm, and you will be able to walk much more.

Freedom is your right by virtue of your existence.

Love and Freedom are the dominant vibrations of the Universe, and the only thing the Universe has to offer.

Question: You mention that there are humans living on Mars, could you tell me since when?

The first group of earthlings arrived on Mars more than 20 years before the official Moon landing.

Question: I do one hour of meditation every day, is this enough preparation for ascension?

Meditation helps in many aspects of spirituality but has nothing to do with ascension. Animals do not meditate and most of them will make the ascension. On the other hand, many of the individuals who practice meditation will not ascend. The key of ascension is in your heart, in your awareness, and in your connection with All That Is. In your third-density plane of existence, All That Is manifest itself mostly through nature, hence connecting with nature is one of the most effective ways to connect to Source.

If you recall all the great spiritual teachers who have walked the face of your Planet, all got enlightened in nature, sitting under trees, swimming in rivers, sleeping in caves, etc. Being in nature is the easiest way for you to experience the oneness with life. The problem nowadays is that more than half of humanity is disconnected from nature. Humans believe they are superior to nature and they have the right to use its resources without giving anything back, and this creates imbalance and disconnection from Source.

Question: How can I experience enlightenment?

Enlightenment is not something you can experience because experiencing happens in the mind, enlightenment is beyond the mind, only happen when there is no mind (no ego).

Enlightenment is just a word used to describe the result of the process of merging your individual consciousness with your higher-self consciousness.

Question: I’m always looking for new knowledge, what kind of knowledge should I look for in these shifting times?

Stop searching outside yourself. Self-knowledge must be the only search. Knowing everything without knowing yourself is pointless.

All knowledge is inessential and only creates the illusion of ‘knowing’, and this illusion is what prevents you from getting in tune with your real-self. If you become a ‘knower’ you will lose something infinitely more high-priced, you will lose wisdom.

Knowledge is not wisdom and will not change anything in you, only wisdom will transform you. Unlearn knowledge and you will be amaze at how knowledge was preventing your Devine metamorphosis.

Question: Is Jesus and Sananda the same entity?

If the notion of time is present in the question/answer, Prince Sananda is Jesus Christ’s Higher Self. If asked/answered from a timeless perspective, they are the same entity.

Question: (original question too long, showing only the last part) How can I have peace of mind?

You cannot.

Either you have one or the other. The mind is what is preventing you from having peace. Drop the mind and peace will bloom.

Question: With so many ‘truth’ and ‘guides’ out there, how to know whom to follow.

Follow nobody. You are your best guide.

Question: Many teachers said we came to third density to learn Love, is this correct?

This is incorrect, Love do not have to be learned.

You were born into existence out of Love, thus you ARE Love, you simply have to remember.

The main learning for a third-density being is to transcend duality remembering Who you are and Where you come from.

Question: You said that our thoughts create our reality; if we hold our thought on certain frequency, how long it takes to create a new reality?

Thoughts create emotions and emotions create reality from the Formative Plane. The Formative Plane exist beyond space and time, hence your thoughts can manifest reality at light-speed. Any change in your consciousness instantly affects the Universal Consciousness accordingly.

Question: You said you are from the 6th density, is life in 6th density only spiritual or you use ‘technology’? And why are you helping us? Is this your ‘job’?

We have technology you cannot comprehend.

It is my choice to work with Mankind; I consider this to be a great honor.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, in the eyes of Creation you are the most important being, is your birthright to choose your future.

Make your choice today; your heart will lead you home.

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa

Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.

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In 2010 expect the unexpected

Posted by Admin on January 16, 2010


Expect the Unexpected!

January 15th, 2010  A.D

Question: I’ve received many emails from readers asking why haven’t you addressed the 2012 issue yet?

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, we of the Higher Realms are in great joy witnessing the new Gaia being born.  This is the first time a whole planet attempt to duplicate itself into a higher plane of existence in your solar system. The duplication is the first step on Gaia’s ascension process, and although is not complete yet, we believe it will be accomplished soon. The second step is the separation of the two planets; this step could be compared to cell reproduction. In the case of cells, the process is Mitosis, and the original cell divides itself into two complete new cells that are identical to the original one. In Gaia’s case the process is more like Meiosis, being the cells created by this process not identical to the original cells. In your density this is apply especially to females’ bodies.

The duplication process of a whole planet takes around 9 of your years to complete, while the separation will occur in a split second. At the end of the Galactic cycle, Gaia will have a very short period of time during which the separation must occur. Once this process is completed, the new Gaia will exist in 5th density, while the old Gaia will remain in 3rd density. That is why there is so much confusion about what is going to happen in the year 2012. Some individuals say catastrophe, some say ascension, and others say nothing will happen. And they are all right.

The year 2012 cannot be understood if observed only from the third-density point of view, because in fact it is a multi-dimensional/galactic alignment happening at all consciousness levels, from where the spreading of a stream of electrons, protons, etc will occur, due to their mutual electrostatic repulsion. The total amount of flux spreading is an infinite volume at any point of the vector field, and its manifestation/result is determinate by the net flow of consciousness in a given region of the vector field.

This means that there will be many different outcomes from the same event. Everything depends of the vibratory rate of your consciousness, meaning every individual will experience a different outcome.

Some will experience catastrophe, some will experience ascension, and others will experience nothing at all. Two individuals will experience the same outcome only when their consciousness vibrates at the same rate, because when two individuals focus their awareness on the same part of the consciousness’ energetic spectrum, they become contemporaries, they are no longer separate by the illusion of space and time.

To understand this concept, first you have to understand that you are a multi-dimensional being living simultaneously in thousands of superimposed parallel planes of existence.

Many of you are able to sense this, but many think they have one ‘main-self’ (the one who is reading right now) and all the ‘other-selves’ are less real. When in fact your consciousness is equally distributed in all your-selves, making all of them your ‘main-self’.

With every single decision you make, you redirect your awareness into one of your thousands-self. When this happens, you don’t feel anything at all, but you –literarily- have moved into another world. Everything will look as it was ten minutes ago, you will be living in the same house, married to the same person, working at the same place, etc. but from a vibrational point of view, all that things are totally new, since you are now living in a new world.

The superimposed parallel universes model was designed by the Creator with the purpose of enriching your soul experience, now it is up to your free will to decide which one of yourselves will attend the 2012 shift with full awareness.

For example, you and your neighbor will not have the same experience. Each of you will continue living in different Earths. All those who do not have the same vibratory rate than you, will simply vanish from your reality. That is why most of the ‘mass predictions’ made lately do not happen, because a prediction is made at a specific point in the vector field, where the predictor awareness is integrated with his/her consciousness, but a second later he/she, and most important, you have shifted your awareness into another-self, and now you are living in another parallel timeline, where the predicted outcome will not occur.

Your awareness is what determinates in which timeline you exist right now, and your beliefs is what fix the awareness in certain portion of the timeline.

If you believe that the year 2012 marks the end of humankind, then you will experience some kind of ending. On the other hand, if you believe that in 2012 the ascension harvest will begin, then you will experience some kind of beginning.

Remember, your thought-pattern creates feelings, your feelings creates emotions, and your emotions create your reality.

Question: You have mention many times that we must leave fear behind, a reader from Australia asked: How to substitute Fear for Love?

Love is a gift from the beyond and exists beyond duality. There is no way to substitute one for the other; this has to be understood deeply. Fear and Love are not two different things; they are different qualities of the same energy. Fear is a negative aspect of Love. If the highest vibrations of the primal energy do not flow through your energetic field, that energy becomes Fear. If the higher part of the frequency spectrum is allowed to flow, Fear disappears and Love remains.

The idea of Fear and Love being two different things has been rooted in the collective mind throughout the ages with the only purpose of turning humanity into slavery, because an individual cannot be reduced to slavery if he/she understands that Fear and Love are the same energy and all depends on which part of the spectrum he/she focus the attention.Because when two individuals focus on the same part of the energetic spectrum, they are no longer separate, they are one. Love vibrations help you to dissolve with others.

Question: You have mentioned that our DNA is being activated through beams of high vibratory energy pouring down onto Earth, a reader from France would like to know how many of the 12 DNA strands can be activated at the present state of human consciousness?

Third-density human beings are potentially able to activate countless DNA strands, however, at the present moment in human evolution there is 144 main strands that need to be active in order to wakeup your full human potential. The Great Divine Director and the Council of Lords of Karma has set the number of strands needed at this specific point in the evolutionary line to 144. In addition to these 144 strands, there is an upgrade package of 144000 ‘galactic’ DNA strands available at the moment.

Question: A reader from Russia asked:  The further I am in the spiritual path, the more insecure I feel, what am I doing wrong?

You are doing nothing wrong, simply you can sense that real security does not exist. Security means nothing but complacency to the circumstances of your reality. It is merely an ideal implanted in your mind to fool you into fearing the unknown. Because if you remain in the known there is no growth. When you enter the unknown and embrace the uncertainty, you would have taken a quantum leap in opening the doors to your real self and your part in the Devine Plan.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, you are living in amazing times!

The energies pouring down into Earth are increasing significantly each new day, the newborn babies’ DNA contains genetic information never seen on Earth before, and your scientists can confirm the presence of a new active DNA strand in many newborns. Your skies are full of ‘lights’ seeing by thousands on a daily bases. The collective consciousness is creating new connections between individuals belonging to the same ‘soul group’, regardless the physical distance between them. Telepathic abilities are now available to almost everyone. Your energetic body started to remember its potential and is activating its auto-healing capacities.

More and more individuals understand that they have a life-contract to fulfill, and are changing their attitude towards life, changing the very world in which they exist. Many, many have come out of their conditioning, and can see total freedom just few steps away. The majority of your collective is dropping all fixed ideas from the past, and a new paradigm is being born.

The idea of separation between individuals of your collective is fading faster than you can imagine, your souls started to remember that separation only exists on the surface, and deep down you (we) are all one.The cycle of limitation is coming to an end.

Amazing times for Mankind indeed!

But the new opportunities bring new responsibilities. Just look around, whatever you have been doing, now it seems it is not enough.It is time to bring in something new, a new start in the journey, a new beginning.You have been preparing through many lives for this moment, do not miss it.

It is time for deliberated co-creation of your future. The secret of co-creation of a whole new reality is simply to break down big goals into series of little ones. With every little achievement, the ultimate goal will come closer.Be a person of action, only action oriented individuals make things happen. Do not wait until tomorrow. Today is a good day to start.

Start by trusting in yourself, in your potential, in your connection with All That Is, and in your utterly irreplaceable part in the Divine Plan. When you trust in yourself wholeheartedly your awareness will guide you on living a life that is honorable and meaningful!

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa

Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.

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