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Dear Family,

Depth Chargers are those explosive devices dropped off by Destroyer Ships into the ocean to sink submarines. These devices go off with a bang at an interval based on depth. It means they are programmed to explode at a particular depth depending on the pressure of water around.

These explosions when dropped according to estimates through radar and sonar, if close enough to the hull of the submarine cause shockwaves to burst open the walls leading to the flooding of the vessel.

In a very similar allegorical sense, I’ve decided that my DVD Discs containing the various folders of archived material consisting of videos, audio files, songs and most importantly documents, articles, current updates, notifications and e-books written by well established and eminent authors, academicians and research scholars proving their findings based upon factual deductions and in depth research both alternative as well as mainstream along with a mix of good faith and goodwill in the intelligent and creative forces of the Universe not necessarily polarized but condensed into cognitive data to act as THE DEPTH CHARGERS in the hands of me(THE DESTROYER SHIP) during these most wonderful and intriguing times to certainly sink the hideous and de-cloaked submarine of the Dark Forces a.k.a Illuminati to ensure the smooth transition of the masses of Homo Sapiens Sapiens into Homo Galactus before the End of the Cycle.

I believe this depth charger will enable me to split open the hard nut shells keeping the masses dormant and unaware. Through the presentation of a well defined, cohesive and related set of quality content presenting the TRUTH in its entirety to an optimal extent will provide for the means to ultimately disassemble The Illuminati Work Structure.

We are as most that feel or presume to know the most poised at the brink of imminent E.T Disclosure worldwide.

We also know technology used against us can and must be used for our aid! This is the Age of Internet and the Digital Superhighway which initially created to enslave us has in fact acted as a platform to launch our assaults and defend ourselves from our foes.

Almost everybody these days posses a PC or a laptop or a notebook or access to such devices along with DVD writers and players coming inbuilt. This means that with a very affordable cost of buying empty DVD discs we can come up with our databases of information and distribute them freely to others in our social circle. Let us harness the power of free media these days.

I know it isn’t an original idea but it comes with a twist making it smart and innovative! I say PASS IT ON if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean!?

Remember the movie Pay It Forward in which Haley Joel Osmond and Kevin Spacey along with Helen Hunt enact the passing on of a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS…well, here we just pass on the DVD and make sure it keeps moving on. Whatever happens the chain must not be broken, and it means you make a copy, keep one to yourself being the starter and pass on another to your nearest and dearest BUT with the IMPLIED INSTRUCTION that they do the SAME!

Keep your copy BUT PASS just ONE on…so that if everybody just CONTINUES this we can come to the Hundredth Homo Sapien Sapien and fulfill the 100th Monkey Theory! Once critical mass is reached it becomes unstoppable.

The costs involved run into several cents for each individual PLUS

The time taken for others to go through the KNOWLEDGE is at the most a MONTH because we have given it to them in a ready format which is very convenient and doesn’t need to be searched. This is the fruit of our hard work.

The only thing people can now say is We chose not to absorb the information BUT can never give excuses like before, saying lack of access, time consuming, not told or made aware of it even!!

This just doesn’t have to end with people because we can evolve it into a mass movement through the right contacts in the right places. Imagine this coming out in your local dailies as a supplement or in some magazines stacked as a free giveaway provided you get someone to support your distribution costs. This is an organized and systematic manner of an underground Light resistance Movement.

Let’s start being SMART and get work done instead of exchanging VERBAL volleys at one another through this FORUM and brooding upon the future. I’m not saying we are at fault but lets really start working now…

If worst comes to worst none of us have the time to sit down or stand up and give talks and lectures. We NEED to be ready and gently provide assistance to those panicking during times of distress with these DVD’s.

So lets make our depth chargers now and start bombing the Illuminati or at least the people’s heads. We do not have much time, less than two months I guess.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER it is our PRIORITY to present the TRUTH in its ENTIRETY so when you COMPILE the information you have gathered into data make sure you do not have your own views posted as well. Let there just be copyrighted info leading back to the source (website or blog) with bookmarks. Just present do not ask anybody to assume anything. Others must be allowed to be the JUDGE of their own EXPERIENCES and the gathering of the KNOWLEDGE!

I have been preparing for the last eight months on this and I must say I have gathered some astounding facts in the last one due to all the wonderful activities stirring up. Please do not attach your names to your DVD’s as this will bring the EGO into play. We do not want that and let us make sure that people need to realize only six degrees of separation exists between each other and we need only one disc to bridge that gap.

I know one thing on an ending note and that is there ain’t such a thing as Superman but we can and will achieve great things working together helping each other out. WHAT SAY YOU ALL! I’ve already started my ship and I don’t want to be alone in the waters…WHAT SAY YOU ALL…lets hunt us some submarines

P.S – DVDs provide as a hard backup once you have loaded the files from/into your hard disk and as the optimal storage of upto 4.7 GB in single layer discs. They cannot be tampered with like pen drives and other flash media which have greater capacities but are limited by loss of data and virus attacks. Once burnt theses DVDs do not get modified or affected so also please be careful and check before passing them on.

I guess we will have maximum coverage taking into account population, demography and technological limitations. Good luck…

Guess what even if you can’t do the above somehow just pass on the information in any way possible…I guess our lives upon the world will never be the same.

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