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Will expose Deve Gowda now, says Yeddy

Posted by Admin on January 29, 2011–says-yeddy.html

Yahoo! India News – Fri, Jan 28 1:20 PM IST

Karnataka chief minister B S Yeddyurappa says he denotified just one acre of land and allotted it to his son by mistake, while his predecessor H D Kumaraswamy had denotified 60 acres.

Denotification refers to the process of making government land private. Yeddyurappa accused his predecessors of denotifying “thousands of acres.”

He said JD(S) leader Deve Gowda had usurped a tank bed in Holenarsipur in Hassan district. He had got it registered in his wife’s name, and then got it transferred to his son Revanna’s name. “I will come out with all the details tomorrow,” he said.

Yeddyurappa has been in the dock for helping his sons acquire government land, but he told Headlines Today, in an interview, that he was innocent.

He said governor H R Bhardwaj was trying to bring down his government, and had been sent by Delhi to destroy the BJP. “Any time Deve Gowdaji and Congress people can go and come back (from Raj Bhavan),” he complained.”He wants to bring back the Congress to power.”

Yeddyurappa said he was willing to act against the Reddy brothers, accused of illegal mining, if the charges against them were proved. He said they weren’t committing any crimes on Karnataka soil, and he wasn’t responsible for what was happening across the border in Andhra Pradesh. “I can’t interfere in other states,” he said.

He said he had received no complaints that the Reddys had broken the law. He evaded a question on whether he would sack the Reddys if the charges against them were proved, but said he would act against anyone found guilty.

“Best in the country,” was how Yeddyurappa described the law and order situation in Karnataka. He said his government had also

He said he wouldn’t bother about the allegations against him as the people and the MLAs were with him. He said party president Nitin Gadkari‘s observation that what he had done was immoral but not illegal was misguided, and that he would explain his position to the national leader.

Yeddyurappa declared he would not leave the BJP in his lifetime.

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Land allotment to sons a mistake, admits Yeddyurappa

Posted by Admin on January 29, 2011


State of Karnataka in India–admits-yeddyurappa.html

PTI – Fri, Jan 28 9:23 PM IST

New Delhi: Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa today admitted that he had committed a “mistake” by alloting land to his sons but appeared defiant about the act being “immoral or illegal”.

“If land is there you can offer it to anybody. My mistake is I allotted land to my son. If court takes a decision, let them take back the land,” Yeddyurappa told a TV channel.

However, Yeddyurappa- who virtually forced the party high command to allow him to continue in office despite the scandal- appeared to differ with party president Nitin Gadkari who had said the chief minister’s act of making out of turn land allotment to his sons may be “immoral but not illegal”.

“I will speak to Gadkari. He must be mistaken. Somebody must have misguided him”, Yeddyurappa said.

Yeddyurappa also lashed out at Karnataka governor HR Bharadwaj for giving sanction to prosecute him.

“He has converted the Raj Bhavan into a political party. I want to ask the governor Sahib: What is your intention?,” the chief minister said.

The chief minister felt that Bhardwaj may have been sent to Karnataka with a specific mission by the Congress high command.

“He may have been sent for this purpose only. Everyday we are observing, governor is acting like an opposition party leader in Karnataka.”

Yeddyurappa said that the governor had neither sent notices to him nor invited him for discussions to clear the air on the land deals.

“I am ready to face the prosecution in court”, he said.

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