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Wednesday, 08 June 2011 08:06
June 2011
by Lisa ReneeIt is now time to get down to the real business of true authenticity and transparency! The multiplicity of players that have returned to play out the ancient final conflict, such as the Atlantian “war over power” archetype, will start to be revealed and be seen clearly by those of us who have the “eyes to see”. We will see these archetypal roles and their dramas gaining clarity by playing out in our personal life and in the world center stage. We can actually see “who is who” as the masks are finally taken off in this master game of polarity. When we are able to finally “see” the actor wearing the mask in these archetypal games, we cannot be controlled by these false masks of perceived identity any longer. (How much longer will humanity choose the mask of the enemy patterning and need to play the war game archetype?) When we have the “eyes to see” the masked actors we stop allowing them to push our karmic buttons that spew out the same destructive programmed pattern in the collective, over and over again.

In order to have the “eyes to see” one has to be willing to be free of mind control programs and ego personality thought addiction. To be released of ego thought dependence is a soul body (4D-5D-6D) function. A true embodied soul starts to listen to itself through inner senses, rather than the ego function of its personality in external senses. This is why the controllers have worked hard to remove the soul function access from the 3D human being through external mind enslavement methods.

As circumstances and people in our environment become further revealed to us by showing their “true colors” it makes our life so much easier to navigate in transparency. Transparency makes deception impossible to float as a reality. What a relief! However the byproduct of transparency is that any “illusion” we may carry is shattered, which if we take personal, (especially in deeply bonded relationships) can become emotionally difficult. Do not take anything personal during these times, learn to observe neutrally and apply unconditional love and forgiveness to emotional pain. We have many angelic messengers to soothe and support us if we allow ourselves to receive comfort.

The requirement of living in true authenticity and transparency means that the restoration of balance is returning. (The Cosmic Sovereign Law of Living Liquid Light, The Natural Law of God is entering structures and places on the Earth it was not previously in the dark cycle.) Free will choice was granted to all entities even the ones who decided to manipulate humanity away from their own free will by enslaving their minds in order to steal their energy-liquid light bodies. This usurping of another’s free will by interfering with soul access cannot continue and is being returned back to human beings in this “restoration” period of the Ascension timeline now.

Although there are wonderful levels of progress from our recent successful anchoring of the “Eucharistic” (Krystal) body on Earth (see last month’s news), we are heading for a “Showdown”. This is a showdown of power between the forces who think they are in dominion of the Earth plane and are resistant to the change required for the next stages of planetary evolution. These beings do not want to take off the mask to reveal their true identity to themselves. Through their fear and confusion, and fight to control and suppress others, many continue to resist the inevitable change. Various Dark Overlords and their controller groups are being pushed to the corner to make a decision and that decision will necessitate a direct action by God Source and its true representative vessels. As in “Checkmate!” shouted in a game of chess, this final grueling game is being played on a “phantom” checkerboard time matrix for those that have the “death to the finish” reptilian mentality. Those staying in that “reptilian” station of identity continue to suffer greatly from their own mental torture. Those that have transcended the base ego identity will have greater experiences of expansion, connection and ease.

The Gridworker

This showdown in the game is the “volcanic” tension between these forces that are experienced mostly by those working in the collective consciousness field by doing planetary gridwork. It is this group (we are addressing specifically this month) whose accepted responsibility is to not allow a fracture to occur on the planet surface and to prevent the manifestation of massively destructive events to be seen in the visible light spectrum by the 3D human being. If this fracture manifests physically into a timeline, it creates a fracture in the masses of people that are not mentally, emotionally or spiritually prepared to handle this radical change in their individual perception of reality. Those in this spiritual family (that have been prepared to understand this change in reality by committing to our God purpose) are being utilized as energy placement holders and “consciousness power” directors and are being assigned new tasks for these reasons. We are being asked to stabilize and support the grid and the human beings in the radius areas. These tasks are simple tasks of “show up” and observe an area, person, place or circumstance. You are needed there as an energy placement holder and are being asked to “show up” and at whatever level you are capable to interact with the field. The ability to trust and listen to your assignment as its given (without personal ego) is the marker of your ability to be trusted to further progress to higher spheres of influence on the planet. To progress in your purpose is to serve the harmony of the larger group rather than serve your personal agenda. The Guardians are monitoring people at various levels to reposition recruits to higher levels of public awareness as a part of the coming cycle of the “changing of the guard”.

Right now our group goal is to prevent this showdown of force from being manifested in the beast machine timeline and its related destructive agendas being pushed by the controllers. These are agendas of surface devastation and war, and they absolutely do not have to be played out if we override the artificial structures supporting and “feeding” them. It is possible to do this through the purity of consciousness and by absolutely commanding your space as a Sovereign and Free God Being. Do not allow any vampire or parasite to use or direct your consciousness power.

Bridging Timelines

The next grid project focus is the necessity to bridge timelines that have been feeding off and replicating other false (destructive) timelines or stuck in the mire of massive superimposed artificial structures ( i.e. circulatory feeds and siphons) that are used by the Negative Alien Control groups. Once “Aurora Bridging” and Mother Arc trans-gateways are opened the false systems start to collapse and are unable to continue circulation feed of reversal polarity systems or other destructive circuits of energy. Without these reversal feeds circulating it releases many soul bodies that have been impaled for use in these systems as a battery source. One major focus of timeline repair is the False Ascension Matrices and the various 5D Ascension programs that have been feeding into these replicated and inorganic systems. Many of these inorganic systems are responsible for the reincarnation programs used on the low astral planes to recycle human souls. These inorganic systems must fail and are being dismantled at both levels of the human 3D programs and its 5D contact groups. These groups are also going into briefing and reassignment of their previous mission as this timeline has gone as far as it is possible.

There is a fracturing occurring in the collective consciousness fields of the planet that requires a reassignment of our consciousness power and energetic direction. There has been immense polarity amplification in the field that creates an acceleration of descending and ascending frequency hubs on the planet surface. When massive levels of higher frequency are exposed to the planet it amplifies the energy polarity existing between forces and certain areas of the planet either “lift up” or decline”. This is a byproduct of the recent Unity Source Code architecture that is the foundational platform required for the use of directing the Aurora bridge projects and the re-encrypted Krystal bodies. (The Ascension prototypers are embodied humans working within these fields of frequencies to create stabilization of the “Krystal” body platform) The last few months we have been in a training period to reach this new platform by attuning to new frequency levels and their accompanying abilities. Our mental focus, cellular telepathy and inner knowing grows stronger as our body is becoming more attuned to function as an “optic lens” for God’s Source Code. Re-encryption of source code into declining energy architecture in specified locations on the planet surface are a part of our bridging timelines assignment. Guardians/God Source will be directing us to those locations at the time we are needed, and as usual, we operate on a need to know “now moment” awareness only.

Training for Re-Assignment

These training exercises have come with a new caveat and that is to be disciplined to exert effort to learn how to be ego integrated between your mental and emotional bodies. In this new cycle to progress and flourish in the spiritual arenas, ego tantrums will not be tolerated nor supported. To align to your purpose and mission (and be trusted with the higher abilities, power of influence and public access) we must transcend the ego’s vulnerability to dark force manipulation and control. Know who your authority IS and command your space to serve God! Many of us (formerly teachers, speakers, healers, session workers) are undergoing integration template (polarity integration) training and completion levels in order to be prepared for next level group or public missions as facilitators. (Basically all it takes is a humbling of egos grip in controlling our lives.) Some of us in this Galactic Family are still working with integration training even with high level studies, prepared modalities for Ascension curriculum and having remote viewing capability and/or other superhuman senses. Until the psycho-emotional integration transpires and we are not energetically vampiric to others, we are being limited in access to the higher field at this time. This means if you are an established spiritual teacher or ascension facilitator you will be cut off from progressing in the old energy and will be required to update the frequency of your work to the new “unity” platform. The reduction in clients or workshop attendance is not the economic terrain – it is the necessity to upgrade the body of work to the next level frequency of “unity source code”. Do not take this personal. This is the learning curve we are operating in now, as we must learn to manifest with the unity source code, and not the old energy reversal systems used by the controllers.

Ascension Facilitator Group Collaboration

With higher frequency and a new platform of which to exchange with them (without having so much of our direct energy and our work being siphoned or hijacked) we are getting stronger in our “Krystal” bodies. This is a direct result of the open architecture of the unity source code that once positioned and anchored, allows an exchange to occur in “trinity” or tri-wave orbital fields. We are learning new abilities that come spontaneously in the moment when it is required for our collaborative mission and fieldwork, and not for any other purpose of amusement. Conservation of resources is a part of the discipline of understanding the direction of consciousness power only comes when directed by God Source, and no other. Our energy, our group resources, our light bodies cannot be wasted or used by Dark Forces. We will be having more fun to collaborate together in light hearted exchanges both professionally and personally, however destructive or addictive habits will be removed as being labeled as “fun”.

Those of us that are disciplined and have committed fully to serving our God Spirit as our primary focus and mission are being prepared for the next stages of our group mission and “Ascension” collaboration assignment. This is the beginning of the Unity Bridge Projects which allows many of us that have been hidden to come out publically to be recognized and acknowledged by their extended Spirit and Star Families. Some of us will be assigned to each other, meaning that we will be asked to work with other Ascension workers, or projects with other groups or leaders. Some of us will be asked to integrate all of our knowledge and clarity with as many people as possible without the fear of copyright or greed. All of our trust must be working in full presence with our spiritual connection first and foremost. Ego cannot be present in these interactions, if so they will explode and be removed from any further collaboration immediately. These are interactions being orchestrated and designed for “re-encryption” of frequency loads to be re-gridded into the Aurora Lattice. The Aurora Lattice connected through the 12 D shield encryption is what allows the Guardian contact to be possible, re-directed and circuited into an orbital exchange with God (Eternal Living Light) Forces. Once the Aurora Lattice is gridded into a holding container, a living entity, living body is created for exchange with the Living Liquid Light of the Guardian/God Forces that can be utilized for a multitude of collaboration projects.

Many of us that have been quietly doing this Krystal consciousness work behind the scenes are being presented with new pathways to become more seen in the “public view”. We are being asked to focus our attention and our consciousness “optic lens” on more diverse projects and expand our sphere of influence – as directed clearly by Source. There is no active force behind these projects – the individual person exhibits no personal desire, curiosity or analysis – It just exists as it Is.

To be an Ascension Facilitator is a large energetic responsibility that holds consequences, so a testing and re-training period is transpiring before it will be energized to manifest fully. In these next cycles there is no tolerance for twilight masters or negative ego representing the God Source as nothing can be hidden in ego any longer. The Real (organic and authentic) will become extremely clear in the presence of the False. (inorganic and inauthentic) Many of us have been in the “boot camp” of living fully in transparency to ensure our integrity and clarity with what we choose as our ultimate authority.

5D Timeline Galactic Bridging

One major focus of timeline repair since May’s spiritual activation is the removal of False Ascension Matrices and the various obsolete 5D Ascension programs that have been feeding into replicated and inorganic systems. The 5D inorganic systems being manipulated by negatives must fail and are being dismantled at both human 3D program level and their 5D “higher ups” that channel to them obsolete Ascension information. The other Planet timeline groups and their 3D human contacts are being intervened with at this time to stop inorganic and obsolete methods that are feeding destructive timelines that the Reptilian contingents have been using to power their “Armageddon software” systems. Both human and ET groups are undergoing Guardian Team briefing and the reassignment of their previous “Ascension” mission as it has gone as far as it is possible. This is transpiring here on Earth as well as multiple dimensions with a focal point on 5D timelines.

This is a huge development as it means there is a change in leadership transpiring at multiple dimensional levels where previous “galactic” federations and their arms of council are being disbanded and re-educated from Guardian level contact. These are intervention contacts being made from outside our Universal Time Matrix from the neighboring Universes through direct Source Liquid Light.

As we move through this paramount shift, we may see many human ego casualties misinterpreting this change required of their “ascension” or spiritual work. The frequency of the spiritual ascension material given to the Indigo and Lightworker as it is made available to the public must change and be upgraded to Organic Ascension Models. Starseeds that have been working as Ascension teachers must upgrade to facilitator support and be trained into new frequency modeling without guru/disciple or ego corruption. Those that have been teaching Ascension falsely (Reptilian Plants) will be removed from the roster and energetic support will be withdrawn and re-assigned to those that have polarity integration training. 5D intermediaries will not be possible any longer unless they have been re-assigned to Universal Ascension modeling authorized by Guardian consciousness (Unity Intelligence of the Krystal Star Matrix) in No Time.

Ascension missions and its related code, language or body of work will be systematically redirected to new levels of Indigo/Starseeds that have demonstrated integrity through self mastery. These beings will be given the authority from Guardian “unity source code” alignment and those without authority will be dismantled from access to their previous contact and energy channel.

Asian Grids and False Dragon Lines

Another Guardian bridging project coming to the forefront has been the rehabilitation of the architecture of fallen grids in Asia feeding a large circuit along “False Dragon Lines” back to the United Kingdom. China and Tibet are the original planetary Stargate locations for Orion (8D) and Andromeda (9D). The galactic wars recorded the blood and genetic discrimination (Orion Wars and Draconian history) and their distorted male-female archetypes (Vesica Pisces harness with Twin Monad Splitting) into the Asian grids. These grids have been shown to feed back a massive power structure to the main headquarter reversal hub, the Nephilim Reversal Grid ( NRG) which is active in the United Kingdom. In order to dismantle the NRG, the various hubs feeding it from all over the planet need to be dismantled systematically while freeing the soul enslavement used to power these grids. This has been transpiring in the Guardian teams since my awareness of them in 2008.

The “NRG” is responsible to break apart hybrid genetics by reversing any synthesis of alchemy that happens organically between the male and female principle (electron-proton balance) as well as repelling any healing for reptilian based genetics. This is desired by the Reptilians because their human representatives that are bred as Nephilim (genetic hybrid between Oraphim and Reptilian) are easy to possess and mind control for their negative alien agenda. The Reptilians do not want to heal thereby integrate into human society as an equal, they want to rule it as an absolute authority. (The False King of Tyranny) The illuminati plan and the infiltrated monarchs are based within these genetically controlled factions. The NRG is a massively complicated structure that has interfered with true spiritual marriage and/or “Ascended Divine Union” as a possibility for human beings on the planet. This year we are working on embodying the unity template of Spiritual Marriage in No Time, which requires these false systems fail. The NRG system keeps electron distortions feeding the patriarchal domination archetypes of tyranny as assumed by males and females as within their “accepted” roles of identity. This results in a bevy of highly destructive mental belief systems and emotional body schisms. These schisms are highly dysfunctional to the point they create genetic damage in the 2nd and 4th chakra layer functioning. These archetypes were once “creational myths” to play out in the polarity game but became a massive source of food for the controllers. As these archetypes were then used to negatively control people, the person digressed (then societal behavior patterns digressed) into aggressive anti-human, robotic and disconnected behavior.

The name of the game for the NRG is propagating and feeding highly destructive addictions and deviant sexual attitudes and behavior within the global human population. Its first priority is designed to relegate all sexual activity laced with guilt and shame into the lowest forms of human expression and perversion possible. Depending on accepted cultural attitudes it will use the perceptive level of access to serve the current societal paradigm into distortion. (In Muslim countries it can be the legal killing of raped women by being left in the desert to die by their own husband, or the selling of little girls to prostitution in Thailand, Catholic priest pedophilia in the Vatican, Sadistic or masochistic fetishes in Germany. These harvested energies all feed back into the same NRG matrix.)

This NRG matrix starts out looking on the surface like its “harmless” based on open sexual attitudes (what are you a prude? Are you jealous and possessive? Don’t you know that polyamory is what we were designed for?) It’s designed to suck you into addiction and nonstop base instinct desire of the second chakra, so all that is craved is “plugging into” the next “outlet” or in its deeper levels – getting relief from addictive anxiety. The promiscuity design is to crash your human genetic code so you lose your “real” sense of divine human connection, which is the deep desire to be truly intimately connected and experienced as the divinity within. Unity intelligence (God force) is created between the male and female principle at highly developed consciousness frequency such as within the union between equals in Spiritual Marriage in No Time. (This is what it is like on advanced planets. This is when unconditional love is shared in a safe emotional haven and the full transparency of trust to create divine union is made possible.) Most of us engaged in the sexual act forget that the human design to Ascend into God Source is a part of the union of equals existing in perfect love. We need to remember this again in order to heal ourselves and return true unity in spiritual marriage to the planet.

In order to separate humans from divine union the NRG grid promotes disconnection through all means sexual, such as internet porn, the sexualization of inanimate objects and the belief the grass is always greener with another sexual partner. Once a person becomes addicted to the bait of this rapidly descending pathway, the architecture of this control system hooks into all of your lower centers to capture your vital force. When something vampirizes your vital force ( sexual chakra) all you instinctually want is to get it back, so you seek the next “seduction” to vampirize someone or something else. Never succeeding in feeling satiated, you become addicted to all things external. The mind becomes fixated on latching into another outlet, sex, food, drugs, clothes, or any object or person. In its advanced stages the fixation becomes obsessive compulsive in order to relieve the discontent to the level of anxiety experienced, courtesy of the NRG grid.

As an example, the Asian grids are feeding “princess code” female principle distortions as well as “sexual robot” fantasies. Hello kitty products (princess code) and Anime cartoons (sexual robot) had extensive architecture powering into the NRG as a battery source. This means huge Asian populations are feeding distortions to power this NRG in some way the reptilians are using, this does not mean these items in itself are “negative”. It means these items are being exploited into some massive deviation that is far from balanced and healthy to the human being –who is unaware they are being negatively manipulated through these systems.

As we become aware of these systems of manipulation that lead humans into unbalanced and destructive behavior we can correct them. Most being manipulated have no idea they are being mind controlled to feed these systems through advanced addictions that are not even organic to their personal free will choices. The more conscious we become, we elevate the planet and have the power in the authority of God to remove these false systems from abusing ourselves and others. It is the purpose of comprehending how humanity has arrived at this current state of being, so we are consciously able to direct ourselves to higher expressions in order to bring freedom back to the human race. We represent freedom for the human race and through accepting responsibility for ourselves and aligning to God purpose we can transform the world. Thank you to our Asian gridworkers who have been clearing and working with these negative systems, now and in the months to come.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love Always, Lisa

© 2011, Lisa Renee

This ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) as support, both energetically and informationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human’s to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.
The Group Unity Vow Decree

Defender Warriors of Truth, Sovereignty, Liberation. All Guardian races Serving the One. From Across All the Multiverses We Call Upon You to Join US Now. Our Unification Principle deemed as demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love – We Sound our Group Note to You Now. Our Group Template Updated, Individually and Collectively, Renewed and Forever Perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. Our Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and we endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Sustain Us in the Eternal Power of our Consecration.

We have called for your Gatekeeping in order to hold our community, our missions, our mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. Our Intention is Unification – The Christ Principle – as an Energetic Reality, Here and Now.

We request the handshake of our community to fortify our spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of our Genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into all created form. We set our intention now to be Remembered to That Which We Are, fully completely and totally.

To State our Mutual Purpose as One, Resurrect All inorganic patterns to the Organic Living Light Now. And to that we Say, Thank God We Are The Cosmic Christ!

And so It is. Lovingly Decreed.
© 2009-2011, Lisa Renee

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Lisa Renee is a Spiritual Scientist, Energetic Healer, Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Guide and Quantum Therapist. She is an impactful and startlingly insightful educator bringing new wisdom about our Planet’s Ascension Cycle, its effects on our bodies, minds and spirits and how this new energy can be utilized for positive personal and global transformation.Lisa Renee is a Telepathic Channel for the Guardians, an Interdimensional Group of beings focused on the evolutionary purposes of Humankind. Find Lisa on the web at:

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New Discoveries About the Human Chakra System

Posted by Admin on February 23, 2011

Cover of "The Chakra System"

Cover of The Chakra System

by Owen Waters

In my first book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, told the story of how I had made five new discoveries relating to the chakras, or human energy system.

I was fascinated by the similarity of the nature of the chakras to the stages of human development observed by social scientist, Clare Graves. He had documented eight stages of human development, ranging from ‘caveman consciousness’ all the way up to today’s world. He had also spotted an emerging ninth stage, but did not have enough data to reach solid conclusions on that one.

Graves had come to the realization that, today, humankind is preparing for a momentous leap from the first tier of six stages into the second tier. This leap, he said, would be a mega-change within civilization which would dwarf all previous changes.

When you compare his work to the human chakra system, he was pointing to the emergence of heart-centered consciousness. When the compassion and sense of social responsibility of the heart chakra goes mainstream, the world will become a very different place.

Traditionally, there are seven major chakras, but the more I questioned the traditions, the more discoveries I made. Humans are progressing through a total of twelve stages of experience which are a built-in design feature of human consciousness. It was this realization which led me to discover the hidden link between these stages and the natural frequency bands of human consciousness.

Most reference books list seven major chakras as vortices of energy. Here is how they are typically portrayed:

1. Instinctual. The chakra connected to the base of the spine prepares vitality, or life energy, for the chakras above it. It provides the base frequency of human existence including the instinct for survival.

2. Emotional. The sacral chakra powers the basic emotions or passions of human life.

3. Intellectual. The solar plexus chakra is used in the development of intellect or mental ability in a linear direction. For example, arithmetic is linear, so is algebra, so are computer processes. Linear thinking is a logical, left-brain skill. Holistic, right-brain skills, on the other hand, include the ability to see a pattern within a whole picture.

4. Holistic. The heart chakra is developed as issues of separation become resolved and integrated. Mind, body & spirit are seen as facets of the whole human being.

5. Creative. The throat chakra’s function is creativity. It is capable of inspiring the imagination to create new ideas, inventions and works of art. Its further development results in the power of conscious creation, the ability to consciously transform your reality.

6. Spiritual. The third eye chakra is the home frequency of your soul family. While a person’s closest soul mates can be usually counted on the fingers of two hands, soul families are much larger. They are extended, related groups of, typically, 1,000 individuals. When you feel a yearning for your true spiritual home, you are remembering your connection to this level of consciousness. In the sequence of reincarnation, it is to this frequency of consciousness that you ultimately ascend in spirit before planning your next incarnation.

7. Universal. The crown chakra is your connection to the universe on a cosmic scale. Its complete activation brings the peak state of human achievement and enlightenment, that of cosmic consciousness.

Within the entire range of human consciousness, we have seven major chakras and, yet, twelve stages of human development. Could there be a relationship between the two? Obviously seven does not equal twelve… unless, of course, you’re playing the C octave on a piano keyboard.

There are seven white, or major, keys within each C octave, and yet an octave always contains a total count of twelve black and white keys before the sequence repeats itself in the next higher octave.

I found it eerily coincidental that there would be seven major keys within a twelve-note octave, and also seven major chakras within a frequency range covered by twelve social stages. It was as if I had stumbled upon some beautiful, synchronistic design feature within Creation, but, initially, I couldn’t yet identify exactly what it was.

Then, when I remembered that the seven chakras have a total of twelve faces, the excitement of discovery began to fill the air.

I pursued the path which had opened up in front of me and made a total of five new discoveries relating to the human chakra system.

If you would like to follow the unraveling of these discoveries, the whole story is included in my first book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness.

An e-book version is readily available, but please note that the printed version is about to go out of print.

To order The Shift as an e-book or to secure one of the last available copies of the printed version, go to:

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The Gateway to Spiritual Consciousness

Posted by Admin on November 29, 2010

by Owen Waters

Love is the saving grace of all of humanity. We contact this primal energy in our finest moments. From the moment a baby is born, it is enshrouded in the unselfish love of its mother. From the moment a person springs into action to save others from peril, their own thoughts of survival are ‘overlighted’ by the love and caring that shines from their heart.

When a person looks back on their life, they see that one thing that mattered the most: Love. Pure, unadulterated, unconditional love.

It is the source of compassion. It is the energy of caring for others. It is the binding force which holds together the entire universe, and it flows through you whenever you simply allow it.

Love is the gateway to spiritual consciousness. It is through activation of the spiritual heart that we pass into a whole new world of expansion and joy. In the realms of spiritual consciousness, we find peace, bliss, and continual inspiration. In the realms of spiritual consciousness, we expand our view of life to see the issues that are important to the soul. We can then see how love can heal and how we can and should make the time to spread a little more love in the world every day, even if it is simply done in silent prayer for the well-being of others.

Let your heart open to love each and every day. When you are attuned to the natural flow of love throughout the universe, you then feel the natural flow of energy within your own being. Your senses of insight and timing develop to help you achieve more and to succeed easily at the tasks that are important to you.

The flow of love is critical to life. Without the all-pervasive love of the Creator which fills the universe, nothing would exist. For centuries, humankind has been playing a role where love and inner inspiration have been blocked off and ignored. Today, the tide is turning and people are opening up to this wonderful flow of natural energy.

Remember the love within, especially when outer circumstances seem dark. Remember that love is the gateway to the higher realms of consciousness where answers can be found to meet every challenge that life presents.

Tune into love. It will never let you down. Instead, it will set your spirit free to explore the realms of consciousness which offer greater vistas of awareness, greater peace of mind, and a sense of constant joy.

This was an excerpt from Owen Waters’ new book, Spirituality Made Simple, which is available both as a paperback and a downloadable e-book, at:

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Channeling, UFOs and The Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World – PART THREE

Posted by Admin on October 30, 2010


Summary: The final conclusions about positively and negatively-oriented higher dimensional being. Would positively oriented entities directly lie into your face?? Yes they can, and do. Find out their reasons… and how they perceive “reality”. All the secret motives that you’d never be able to guess alone are freely spoken out perhaps for the first time.

Quote: “Indeed the phenomenon of channeling altogether is most susceptible to the blandishments of “positive” and “negative” beings of the space/time densities neither of which are, by constitution, of optimum spiritual benefit to us.”

Last but not least, the Government interaction in this scenario is outlined as well.

Will, Being and Well-Being

In Parts I and II of Channeling, UFOs And The Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World, we discovered through such proffered channeling sources as the Ra material that “graduation” beyond this threshold 3rd-density existence holds ambivalent implication, of a disconcerting type, for many who’d assumed that only the “positive” alignment possessed a purchase on integration adequate to make the advance in required spiritual coherence. As it turns out, negative orientation of a virtually exclusive, self-serving type is capable of commanding a coherence and sufficient systemic integration to “make the grade” as well, as far as the necessary technical degree of mind-body organization and threshold intensity (or purposive unity) is concerned, the negative polarization can exhibit a “harvestability” equivalent to that of the positive.

This is where the comparison ends, of course, since beyond this admixed 3rd density plane (where such decisive polarization is still being determined) the astrally inclusive, biopsychic fields of an overt void-nature obediently factor out into discrete realms of qualitative organization spun respectively about the poles of either positive or negative orientation. In this way the law of that level is exhibited whereby correlated properties formally combine into the unific presentation—or cohesive exteriorization—of the Symbolic value functioning as common denominator. Thus identities, on the aggregate, compose worlds of a basically astral character; and even the “materializing” property of the informing, focal-coordinate lock-in whereby that group psyche incarnates exists structurally as a system of mutually reinforcing parallelisms, of a uniform or consistent grain, as distinguished from the earth/physical structures integrated through magnetic opposites.

The idea that negativity or “evil” orientation not only survives this plane of blindered ignorance but is capable of holding its own and advancing through the higher spheres of more overtly spiritualized substance, is not only a distressing notion to many, it is difficult for some to accept on philosophical grounds due to the conventional understanding that “negativity” is inherently self-divisive and therefore ultimately disintegrate, so that the requisite unity consistent with Being through the higher planes is by nature beyond its grasp.

And of course this “understanding” holds, in an ultimate sense, as the Ra material explains, spiritual advance through the Negative Hierarchy reaches the pons asinorum at the mid-point of the 6th density, the cutting-off place just before consciousness merges into unity with the so-called Oversoul orHigher Self. Anywhere prior to that point the inherent deficiency with respect to negative orientation may have become apparent to the ongoing focus of consciousness assaying an “ascent” by that mode, the upper limit of friction, division and thus inanition (or unassimilable energy) may have been grasped as the inbuilt barrier to perfect resolution with the Whole in terms of the Negative tactic.

But in any case such recognition is inescapable at the threshold of mid-6th density, where the necessary magnitude of Wisdom as it is made impartially available discloses the structural impasse automatically defining the upper limit of compatibility between the “unity” of negative orientation secreted around the false granule of the illusory ego-self, and the uncompromising Unity of Absolute to which that imitative parallelism aspires.

It’s important to note however that such inescapable concession, structurally imposed at the degree of conscious intensity corresponding to “mid-6th“, indeed occurs at a relatively “late” or advanced point. This indicates that the stress of ultimate incompatibility is not a sufficiently imposing factor through any of the previous stages as to comprise an Imperative. There’s no obligation to confront its proposition until the brink of Oversoul consciousness is met. Thus the whole hierarchy of spiritual strata preceding this point, is capable of being strewn with the litter of relative negative “waste” without obligation on the part of that poisonous processing to dissolve.


When we turn, puzzled, to ask how this may be, we need look no further than our own 3rd density backyard. Here recent research has found, on behalf of the general Newsweek-consciousness, a medical evidence not only tending to substantiate aspects of the perennial Teaching regarding the relation of mind and body, but ripe with other implication. Scientific investigation into the “mental” influence on health now documents that those exhibiting strong positive correlation with values of will, confidence and self-motivation tend to display proportionately strengthened immunological response.

Just as it has been established for some time that protracted stress of an internalized type (manifesting as “anxiety“) as well as prolonged periods of grief, depression and boredom predictably correlate with depressed immunological function, so conversely it’s been found that the highly purposive, self-confident psyche literally tends to amplify the available leukocytes and in general enjoys a more resilient mind-body vehicle—and this independent of whether the personality is altruistically oriented, a self-giving soul of beneficent motivation or on the contrary a narcissistic and manipulative power-broker out in fullforce service to self!

This should be very instructive, for those who can read the implication. From this interesting data, we can locate the mechanism behind the otherwise perplexing intelligence that beings of a committed, threshold degree of inner unification whether positively or negatively oriented may equally advance to the higher ground, where their respective intentions are granted more potent substance with which to experiment.

The common key of such advance is not the character of the motivation per se, it is not a moral judgment that draws the line, at any threshold gate of progress. The common key is identifiable here as will, and its closely correlated value confidence.

Will is medically associated with the cerebrospinal system, known as the volitional axis, voluntary behaviors and conscious determinations are connected to lobes and circuits of this central nervous network. A highly integrated and purposive will would in effect “take command” of the whole being much more thoroughly, as that channel through which consciousness acts and with which it’s aligned comprises the locus of organization for the total mind-body complex. Through volitional unity all instruments, faculties and functions of the being (processed by the autonomic currents of the subconscious systems associated with the extended line, or frontal axis, flowering with its glandular “points” from the central column) tend to be harmonized, set to mutually cooperative service in a more efficient manner than is characteristic of the average of those same processes taking their “commands” from self-contradictory programs, of mental quandary or mutually conflicting intents, indicative of the ordinary 3rd stage psyche adrift in the chop of indirection.

It’s axiomatic that those functioning through a sense of “control”, whether control over some precious little area of their private world or apparent control over the fate of nations, infuse a kind of concord through all the coordinate processes of the mind-body whole, such agreement of intent amongst contributing aspects of the being promotes a high harmonization of part to subconscious part expediting the efficient issue of every order.


Conversely, those with a comparative sense of helplessness, of lacking control or the capacity for direction and who therefore succumb more readily to despair, equally “program” the subconscious processes through volitional currents and intents, there is no escaping the order of influence which always, in will positive manner, proceeds from the implicit “command” contained in the aggregate of intimately-held concepts and feelings, of which the relative congruence or lack of correspondence with inherent Unity impartially authorizes the behavior of subconscious response-patterns in faithful transcription of the character of the command.

The Great Orion Gang (GOG)

Sought by Law Enforcement Officials in all known Galaxies. On 6 counts of violating the Man Act; 66 counts of infringement of Civil Liberties; 333 counts of Psychic Burglary and Aggravated Mayhem. The Sloe-eyed Vixen in the center is their reported leader. If you see these notorious cosmic banditos, do not attempt to subdue as they are armed and dangerous—Call FBI (Free Being Intelligence) for immediate Protection.

In this framework there are really only two kinds of mental contents and feelings with which the value of identity can become involved, i.e. those which reflect and enforce the reality of the volitional directive of the mind-body whole, or those which believe it. In either case the subconscious systems process the mind-body pattern and its field in conformance to the internal implication of the identity content. Thus it’s never a matter of whether there exists some impartial gauge of being from which a “realistic” assessment can be made regarding the actual proportion of our “control” or “helplessness” as subjective centers of the universe, or objective bits of flotsam in the buffeting cosmic tides, there is only the impact which such estimates, infused with the committed force of identity and “volitional subscription”, may make in their respective values on the nervous systems that encode their implications in the cells and biochemical functions of the mind-body vehicle.

Since there is only one orientation (between these two possible positions) which conformably reflects the unitive truth of the very process of which it’s a function, there is only one orientation which can effectively serve to advance the being into deeper congruence with the ground of that truth, for the opposite orientation denies the validity of its function in the very process of implementing it (as an inevitability of the structural correlation between the mind-body system and Whole-conscious Being) thereby undermining the inner instrument of us potential self-focus and adjustive resolution. Ergo, either positively-oriented or negatively-oriented beings of a sufficient, threshold value of volitional unity are candidate for advance to the “4th stage” in the developmental saga of consciousness. As far as the practical mechanics are concerned, it’s equally possible to create a strong integral system in orientation about the axis of an insight inspired by the spiritual Oneness of being, or around the illusory core of a persistent self-hypothesis to which the credit of Oneness is extended.


This brings us, in turn, face to face once more with a problem we’d commonly assumed was surpassed once we’d crossed to the comparatively “foolproof” ground of channeling.

Crossing the Channel

Channeling, after all, seemed to possess a timely-inbuilt solvent to a difficulty just recently experienced, i.e. the troubles encountered when in our dawning ecumenicalism we’d presumed the Eastern attitude and opened ourselves to the possibility of embodied enlightenment (therefore necessarily exemplified in some current, incarnate being Who could act as the exhibition and demonstrable forerunner of our own imminent awakening). What was rapidly discovered, (as a genuine or apparent disclosure in any particular instance) was that whoever declared himself enlightened was not by the sheer magnitude of such announcement necessarily or automatically enlightened.

This of course led to corrosive distrust regarding the possible, lurking presence of ego behind any agent occupying the same (notoriously ego riddled) plane as ourselves.

Embodied, walking talking Enlightenment was a novelty devoutly to be wished by those whose cultural instruction confined the benefits of spirituality to an afterlife, and to one historical personage possessing exclusive proprietary rights to the genre, but the barrier to locating the living address of such a sublime state of consciousness seemed proportionately insurmountable, since the very factor making it so attractive (i.e. the possibility such a Freedom could arise precisely in the heart of ego-territory) was also the factor making its identification through that agency and in that milieu terminally ambiguous.

It’s for this reason that the phenomenon of channeling, young and marginal in the ’70s heyday of Esalen, human-potentials, est and Divine Light Mission inevitably flowered as that first hope waned.

The prospect of channeling seemed suddenly made to order. If the Catch-22 of locating Enlightenment-incarnate in “3rd density” hinged on the common presence of ego belonging to so low a plane (permitting sheer chicanery to cloud perception) then the obvious answer was to inquire after that Enlightened status only through planes or states of being intrinsically ego free, and thus patently safe—by definition—from the subterfuge of self-serving. The presumption underlying this, of course, took background from our very cultural conditioning through which we’d long learned to make the conventional equation between “spiritual” existence and innate beneficence. Naturally we were more than delighted when (ignoring our own new, highly-touted occult discovery re “like attracting like”) we began apparently receiving “objective” corroboration of this equation from our contacts with the Other Side.


For yes indeed, Seth Spoke and many more followed suit to the effect that “negativity” is a subjective misperception, brought about by the masking opacities of our 3rd density camouflage world and therefore—like a deepsea fish—unable to survive the transition to the “upper atmospheres”. Ignore for a moment that Seth actually qualified what was otherwise a very emphatic and consistent teaching about the formative power of thought, in a minute passage from Unknown Reality in which he proclaimed that “90% of the time”, encounters with the specter of negativity are purely self-created.

  • Ignore the fact that the exception of even one all-but-negligible percentage point changes the picture dramatically from the wholesale authorship otherwise espoused—ignore all that but for the larger issue as to how it is that Voices speak to us from an apparently Homogenous Beyond, in tones of supreme confidence allowing no room for reservation and still manage to contradict each other as flatly as spokesmen of competing political parties?

  • How is it, we may well ask, that one Voice lulls us with the glamor of a world in which all “evil” is reduced to a subjective ignorance that can’t withstand the all-absorptive Good composing the inner planes, and another is equally sanguine that the Negative comprises a whole Ontological Orientation, a basically spiritual interpretation of Being existing independent of the projection-screens of our privately enveloping auric wall, vouchsafed validity as a polarized universe of implication extending a particular hypothesis of “unity” to its logical extreme?

  • And how may we, in our apparently inferior position, possibly discriminate between the two?

The usual new-age afflatus to the effect that both may be “equally valid in their own space“, just doesn’t sit well. It’s for this very reason that we turn again to the Ra material, as per our method of last month in which we “play by Queensberry rules” and consult the internal evidence at its highest available source in order to find some resolving principle!

In this case, it’s necessary to note the distinction which Ra makes between the orders of space/time and of time/space (all the densities from Ra’s Perspective downward are organized in these complementary ways). Although the Ra material doesn’t detail the significance of these organizations beyond certain preliminary points they are cited as categories of consideration because of what they necessarily imply.

Through the Looking Glass:
The Time/Space of Our Space/Time

We may understand “space/time“, first of all, in the terminal we’re familiar with. We occupy the system of our space/time as a vehicle, (or axial, mind body locus) through which the coordinates of that system necessarily arrange all features according to the requirements of situalionality. We are located, vehicularly, at and as a particular juncture of time and space, so that the values of “near” and “far” acquire functional importance. In this context, our limitations are our opportunities; what is filtered through the bottleneck of space/time becomes the focus of our concern, and the material of our resourcefulness in operating through finitizing faculties. Because our condition is one of centrist perspective and therefore discriminative navigation, the order of space/time comprises the context in which progress is possible through situational doing. We learn by acting through defining conditions, from which an order of consequence develops whereby to gauge all Adjustment.

We may have heard that at death, the limits of the localizating body dissolve, and we move through a lighter material into conjugation with a display of space and time that’s comparatively plastic. It is here that, in the unity of a presiding Light, we may review all features belonging to our personal past without regard for the used measure of sequence, or apportionment of priorities. Everything appears equally available, in the manner of a deck of cards fanned out in panoramic display or as simultaneous images shining as reflective flotilla of bubbles. Here there is no “rootedness” at enclosing, defining space/time juncture similar to that which experienced in physical life. The “vehicle” (or axial locus) of mind-body being which may be identified as operating in the state, gives no impression of imploding on a contained self-sense; rather it has more the feeling of an acceleration constantly surpassing itself, expanding through Space of starry nerve-clusters in a race embracing the soul-record to the finest part of the life last lived. This is the complementary field of time/space belonging to the inner plane of 3rd density existence. The ticks of time are indeed spatially exhibited, in a kind of interior hall-of-records where a life-review may be conducted and all the “masked” elements unveiled for a kind of global consideration.

This is an interval in the pattern of soul-progression, usually conducted as a kind of protracted sleep-and dream-state wherein experience may be assimilated, distilled, and the various steps of “dissociation” rehearsed whereby the heart is ferried—on the implacable subconscious current—through the underworld ordeal of a purifying dis-identification from every attachment and lingering fixation of form—summing in the Amenta of the psyche’s recuperative rest what must eventually take place as a volitional work of conscious understanding in the context of space/time limit.

This time/space framework of the inner planes is inferentially sealed up, self-enclosed for purposes of such soul-examination, for here the most important determinations must be made as to what the soul has within it, and this process necessarily goes on without disturbance.

Such a state is a kind of clearinghouse for the assignation of souls, each according to the quality distilled in the process of “becoming” the sum-total of what, viewed in the complementary space/time frame, is spread out piecemeal as a sequentially shifting pattern. From this time/space antechamber, where the soul aligns progressively with the non local character of the compositional coordinates subtending all “local” clusters of physical existence, the distillate of psychic focus comprising the latent personality-expression may be transferred to the space/time framework most consistent with its net value, these worlds of space/time organization may indeed, beyond the admixed education of 3rd density, polarize to the emphatically positive or decisively negative.

The complementary time/space frameworks of the “inner planes” of each succeeding density, function very much on the same principle of review, analysis, attunement, adjustment according to sum-volitional inclination, and further assignment of space/time fields in which the relative “localization” of vehicularized consciousness furnishes conditions of real, developmental furtherance and learning.

The “division” between the contractile, self-enfolded space/time vehicle and its expansive (self surpassing) time/space counterpart seems much more solid and impermeable in the 3rd density framework owing to the general screening-device of that realm, in which the interior order of things is specifically rotated at mutually filtering angles to the physical field of expression. It’s for this reason that there’s no direct knowledge of or recognition re an “afterlife”, for the most part, at the 3rd stage level of consciousness, all such matters being confined to speculation, rumor and culturally modified myth. In the higher densities the “division” between the given space/time and time/space organizations at each level is less severe, there is a permeability between the two orders in the higher densities, greater or lesser depending on the refinement of the density.

Each higher density has a space/time framework wherein the soul “contractually” aligns with a nest of embodying vehicles, through which the compound focal patterns of specific level identification produce an incarnating eversion of the currents organizing the locus of cross-correlation and perceptual synthesis. This “invagination” of the participating planes of the current field (through ideoform lock-in of the focal coordinate line) fixes the streams of multidimensional, patterning geometries into a stabilizing structural hold, concentrating a practical station of space/time “points” of coherent convergence so as to formulate a real position of true situationality.

The process is much the same throughout the densities. The extreme invagination or turning-inside-out that comprises the physical 3rd-density frame of focus, is represented in familiar terms by the polarized lock-in of the kundalini, the energy-coils of which seem to settle the multidimensional turns orMoebius twists of the composing current-fields in inverse order of descent around each other, this in effect nucleates the subtle, radiant-psychic ethers reflecting the given (operative) Typologies so that mind and idea seem to occupy a position of faint interiority with respect to the fixed “physical” envelope of structural consistency and inertial repetition, into which those psychic coordinates are aligned.


In the condition of 4th density, such incarnative focal lock-in formulates a functional specification of time and place in the same general manner, producing a kind of “materialization” of the Astral field into a similar, situational centrism. There exists the same type of vehicular contingency which makes “travel” in the Astral 4th density fields of space/time a matter of actual space “ships” (albeit of the biomechanical type described in last month’s issue, consistent with the psychic level at which material is generally organized in such a framework), whereas we are familiar, if only by hearsay, with the flotational mode of conveyance wholly free of any mechanical-vehicular requirement in the context of Astral or inner-plane, 3rd density time/space frameworks.

This accounts for the apparent discrepancy, i.e. the difference between what we hear in terms of the “Robert Monroe” style of inner-plane astral travel conducted strictly in the Soul-vehicle, and those reports of astral like entities certainly functioning from the plane of a “psychic” milieu that nonetheless require physical-mechanical vehicles of some type to convey them from place to place: the non mechanical flights of astral transport through unencumbered agency of the Soul-vehicle in general belong to orders of time/space, which have a specific and very different function from space/time in any given density; conversely, those modes of travel through astralastral-etheric or etheric-physical fields manifestly requiring a kind of mechanical or “hardware” vehicle, belong to space/time orders of organization.

Either type of vehicle, proceeding from space/time or time/space frameworks, may intrude upon familiar space/time physical reality.

In the higher densities the frameworks of space/time and time/space are equally discrete, since they serve separate purposes, yet the more translucent modes of organization belonging to those densities allow a permeability which makes the fields and informing patterns of time/space more readily accessible to the vehicularized “localism” of incarnative, space/time agency.

Thus to 4th density “embodied” entities, the whole history of a life-system is akashically available even though in practical terms they’re functioning at a particular cross-section in the span of that history. Similarly, in 5th density the totality of cosmic patterns comprising the infrastructure of all times and places is theoretically available, even though the “incarnative” pattern of the particular space/time agent functions from the perspective of a situational locus immediately responsive to certain worlds, space/time frames and patterns.

In every case, the juncture of “meeting” between the Positive and Negative realms and/or the Positive and Negative Beings is generally reserved for the space/time frameworks of any given density, since the time/space frames (serving another function) are largely self-sealed as the souls “isolation-tank”, where it may take stock—as it were—of the potential moves of further progress through its chosen polarity.


This accounts for some of the channeled information we receive to the effect that the Negative is just a chimera, a “projection of our own subconscious fears and primal doubts”, etc , the other sources of such information are Negative propagandaproceeding from the Negative planes themselves.

“Axial” Alliance: The Return of Tokyo Rose

As to the latter, we refer you to the discussion of the so-called Hilarion material of Maurice B. Cooke in last month’s issue. In this particular case the misleading counsel did not proclaim upon the “unreality” of the Negative, instead, it took an alternative tack by recounting the ancient moment of our collective “fall” into material consciousness as a temptation by negative inner-plane powers which subsequently, so the tale goes, imparted a spark of that negativity to the “veiled” soul along with the counterpart spark of goodness furnished from the angelic side. This tale subtly installs a very deceptive and subversive notion, for if there is an increment of truth in the time/space asseverations counseling to the effect that we “create our own reality” (and that as a consequence negativity is but a phantasm of our own mental self-estimates), such truth may be located in the corresponding implication that any term of “negativity” is, necessarily, wholly self-appropriated. This is precisely the case, and is the part of such time/space counsel which has a legitimate purchase on the “psychic facts” of our experiential self-patterning.

And it is exactly the personal responsibility, the ultimate soul-accountability contained in this interpretation which the “Hilarion” counsel slyly subverts, through the tactic of conceptually reifying the influence of negativity making it in effect a “thing” which is lodged within, an alien presence interiorly importuning over-and-against the volitional consciousness of the soul in which it ostensibly inheres (rather than a potential, approached in the freedom of the determining psyche requiring the active appropriation—and introjection—of the consciousness in question in order to possess any personal force at all).

In this way we can see that Negativity is not a phantasm of personal fear and trepidatious projection which “doesn’t actually exist” (an understandable if obliquely skewed counsel from the self-sealed planes of time/space), but rather, we can accept it as a potential, as real—in that sense—as any “goodness” or “positivity” (whether as aligned with the ultimate character of things or not) and constituting a Philosophical proposition that springs internally from certain considerations of the general terms of existence. It is not an “independent entity” or alien presence that, like an ensouled parasite, whispers subversively from within (implying a passive, dependent and thus ultimately estranged and helpless relation to it), but a general Proposition requiring an interpretive orientation (always ultimately made through the inherent freedom of the determining void-psyche of the soul).


Two tricks of the dedicatedly Negative are,

(1) to appropriate the short-sighted counsel of 3rd density time/space (or the revivifying afterlife of this dimension) in “confirmation” of the non-existence of the Negative except as a subconscious tendency, and

(2) to endow the idea of the negative (as in the Hilarion recitation of the “fall”) with an alien and antithetical formalism that, in essence, imposes upon us a “forced” or inoculated kinship rendering us all that much more powerless and ineffectual in relation to its invasive presence.

(The fact that in this account we are also “inoculated” with the Good, only makes that value-potential an equally alien and invasive presence contending for the soul in virtual independence of its passive-battleground condition. The soul, in such a case, simply becomes an incidental “site”, and is reduced to the stature of host-organ).

In this way we come to see that, even in relation to the alleged rescue-operations of channeling, we haven’t succeeded in surpassing the original problem at all. We find there is no device to which we can have recourse, that serves as proof against the possibility of deception and illusion. We find once again that we are thrown back ultimately on our own resource, stuck after all with the responsibility of developing our own discriminative faculty, our own will, our own spiritual intelligence able to act as a gyroscopic monitor of information-signals. For it becomes inescapably evident that, regardless the subtlety of the originating plane or quality of the formal Ground, the voice of Self-serving can Speak from the Other Side with as great an ease as any other orientation, and indeed takes up Residency there with as firm a sense of proprietary rights.


At this point we hear the common plaint,

  • What about the “goodness” of the medium?

  • Doesn’t the “right intention” and positive expectation of the channeler tend to ensure the benign intent of the Received Signal?

  • Doesn’t the occult proposition pertaining to the law of the psychic plane wherein “like attracts like”, serve as sufficient safeguard so that we may resume our basic confidence in the integrity of the Higher Ground granted this one proviso of appropriate alignment?

Overlooking for now that this still leaves us with the petitio principii of having to assume just the egoic equanimity on the part of the channeler that’s as problematic as the question of any “guru’s” ego, and that in fact has yet to be proved, we should go to the central consideration in the whole question of any invited intercourse between planes.

The “Good” Ol’ Boys

Channeling is resorted to in the first place in order to obtain what one manifestly doesn’t have, and despite tangential issues, this means most critically certain Values of Being. Indeed, the device of “meditation” from which those values are traditionally thought to proceed, becomes the agency of acquiring information more colorfully descriptive of those values, in the context of channeling. The operative plane from which all of this takes place, is as a consequence maintained at the ordinary low level of mind-body integration characteristic of 3rd density consciousness as a whole. Indeed, the channeler takes pride in the preservation of just that humble “ordinanness”, displacing all claims to the extraordinary upon the received Source. In this way, we’re supposed to take comfort in the fact that the channeler lays claim to no personal merit in terms of Transformative Realization, he’s not purporting to be the source of such fascination but only the indifferent medium, thereby retaining his warmly assuring identity in ingratiating commonality with us.

This shouldn’t be a matter of such congratulatory assurance. The implicit confession is that the channeler, no matter how personally oriented to the “good” he may be (and whatever that may be in his terms) is functionally established at the same, essentially non-transformed level of mind-body harmony and integration characteristic of the mean average with which he takes such proud identity. He is, by inference, only as integrated and properly aligned with respect to the volitional axis, as everyone who goes to consult him.

His very method of “receival” may be traced back as an extension of the initial way in which the whole “foreign” theme of meditation first intersected the framework of the Western Psyche. A couple decades ago the debilitating tension of Western-technological living issued an implicit call to alternative “technologies” able to solve for that specific problem. And if we remember, it was the “Maharishi” style of “Transcendental Meditation” that answered to such a call. Thus we get our impression to this day as to what “meditation” amounts to, through the ripples issuing from impact of that first imported influence. All those subsequent, bandwagon techniques either borrowed or domestically developed took their acceptability— and measured their “correctness”—from that original template.

Meditation as understood in the Initiated Tradition is a technical means of augmenting a general practice of spiritual orientation and whole, mind-body intent whereby the subconscious systems are integrated with coordinate intensification along the conscious Axis to the degree of producing a combustion lighting the filament of that Volitional Line, and “turning on” the spirit-lamp of direct Awareness. The hallmark of such Meditation is a poised, alert receptivity that carries through all actions. Meditation as understood through franchise-versions of the Maharishi-styled technique, is a means of rendering the mind-body system passively quiescent. It is relaxative, to be sure, and that answers adequately to what was, in the aggregate, a rather shallow “call”.


Such a trance-like state of semi-drowsy passivity, however, has come to constitute the standard of all that we think of and accept as belonging to the subject of Meditation. Any number of such methods are bandied about on daytime talk shows, and consumer-consciousness now knows how to “count backward and lower yourself with eyes closed into the deep well of your inner self as well as it knows how to measure out soap-flakes in the washer-cup.

(It is more than telling that the “Hilarion” material, in contradistinction to the overwhelming body of channeled material the sources of which specifically abjure giving technical instruction, blithely offered just such a “countdown” method of meditation inducing the type of vulnerable contingency—and entranced passivity—optimum for establishing the invitational configuration of “horse and rider”).

The West has accepted the technology of meditation from its angle as a relaxative, and has exploited it extensively along such lines. In the process it’s come to find out that such techniques can indeed induce a deeper state of “rest”, they are, on the pattern of the Maharishi-method, able to establish a kind of minimal, quasi-meditative harmony and integration at the ordinary, low-level of common functioning. This becomes the sum of what we tend to know or expect from the category of meditation. We tend to know nothing of a mind-body integration and harmony established at a higher functional level than that which characterizes the norm, in deeper congruence and alignment through the unitive value of the Conscious Axis itself.

Leaky Submarine

With the subject of meditation as we’ve accepted it and tend to know it, there is no basic reorientation that would belie the standard orientation (in which the self-lumining “light” of the conscious axis is chronically displaced, through its divisive conceptual categories, as “focal reflection” scanning the nocturnal fields of subconscious identity patterns and vital-survivalist imperatives). Rather, through the accepted, passivity-oriented meditative methods it’s the autonomic system which is set in ascendancy as the result of effectual submission to the murmur of subconscious processes, the subsequent, diffused focus lowers the light of consciousness gently down to certain, subconscious depths so that those levels and spontaneous springs may be refreshed at the expense of the conscious or volitional system.

Rather than leaving the subconscious processes to their uninterrupted business as in sleep, here those processes benefit from a slightly different order as consciousness slips silently into their field and “loans” them a certain value of implicit unity (borrowed from the conscious axis) which they may momentarily appropriate in more direct manner. Since however those subconscious processes are never by this means oriented and aligned with respect to the conscious channel and thus the awakened value of mind-body unity, they necessarily slip back from their “optimized” degree of meditative rest under strain of compulsive ego-resurgence, bounding back from the ordinary (non-transformed) level of habitual functioning.

It’s as if, rather than the subconscious processes being intentionally turned in integrative amplification toward the spark of consciousness abiding in the “central channel”, so as to kindle it with their combined energies of coaxial intensification to full flame, that conscious spark is instead lowered down into the well of those subconscious processes themselves (in displacement from its central, axial locus) loaning them its integrative light to be used at their ordinary, low-level of interaction until it’s altogether extinguished in the slumber of their depths. This has the effect of temporarily “unifying” the subconscious processes so as to make them a suitably receptive vehicle only deprived of the spark of consciousness belonging to their own central axis, putting them inferentially in a position prime for the structural invitation of a “Conscious Light” not part of the specific integrity of that axis but finding an adequately airtight vessel, accommodatingly empty of “driver”!

Thus the “goodness” of the personality is, at such a common level of mind-body integration, strictly subject to the specific tolerances of the axial harmony thus far established through the consciousness-systems. It is strictly a function of egoic habit, not the condition of a realized integral ground. The shallow state of mind-body integration from which the channel-meditator assumes the “appropriate” passivity to receive, functions through a volitional axis that is effectually empty, the value of consciousness-in-itself being chronically displaced into the subconscious habit-channels of the frontal or vagus-current.

The “goodness” which may seem to formally extend the invitation is a shifting, unstable value based on egoic estimate rather than unitive congruence with the Divine Order; the real constant presiding over any such invitation is the effectual emptiness of the Conscious axis displaced into reflective, subconscious habit channels, that would otherwise serve as illuminated instrument of that Order. The response which is elicited from such a passively oriented invitation therefore answers to the real constant, the actually consistent factor presiding over the whole proposition. The real invitation doesn’t issue from any well-meaning attitude based on personal self-estimate but from the operative emptiness of the (relatively unintegrated) axis of will implicitly requesting a replacement-filament of volition from a Source superseding its own technical level.

Such assumed passivity as preparation for the receipt of an anticipated, Otherworldly Beneficence, thus amounts to an invitation for that empty volitional channel to be filled. This is, in fact, a very contingent and vulnerable orientation. Any Intelligence of high integration and proportionately powerful Will functioning through the deeper densities, whether positive or negative, is in perfect position to infuse that vacuum of the volitional axis without challenge. Nor is the common counsel (cued even by the “human” authors of the Ra material) to the effect that one can invoke the protection of the Positive God-light under such circumstances so as to ensure the alignment, any sufficient corrective in itself, for in order that such an invocation carry practical weight, it’s necessary that there already be a sufficiency of corresponding substance in the channeler.

The personality in question must already be substantially committed in positive integration and alignment congruent with the value of Light called upon, in order for that Call to have any basis for effective Response. Otherwise it’s an empty invocation, and needn’t have anything of automatic “expectancy” about it at all. Here we may note the Gospel account in which an Apostle, purporting to cast out a demon in the name of Christ, received the retort of that very demon“Him I know, but who are you?” (!)

This same basic passivity as the implicit orientation assumed in channeling, also accounts for those odd fluctuations in the quality and character of material coming from the same—ostensible—Source. It may well be that a channeler one day receives a truly positive communication, and the next a communiqué which though superficially similar is exposed to subtle detection as a specifically negative source. It’s as if, in other words, the channeler had glided imperceptibly over an invisible broadcast band, shifting from one station to another and never noticing the difference (“Positive” sources do not, incidentally, interfere as a rule with this negative drift as they must honor the implications of free will in every case).

Even more to the point in a certain sense, we must ask ourselves ultimately just Who is interested in establishing such Communications with us in the first place!! Beyond even the valuation of Positive or Negative in relation to these sources, we ought to be asking the more central question as to what order of being, what class of intelligence or spiritual development seeks to respond to the inquiry of 3rd density consciousness through these specific means.


Here we may receive a surprise, for, even amongst those Sources which we can identify as safely “positive” in the sense that they communicate in conformance to the essential harmlessness of Cosmic Law, there is that formerly noted, by-now-notorious lack of concord as to the most basic tenets of certain foundational points. And it is in just this lack of concord that we may be able to discern the giveaway signature, the real hallmark that distinguishes the majority of “channeling” whether positive or negative.

Let There Be Light Reading

Let us return to our original, inspirational guideline mandating us to perform that needed work of cross-correlation and comparative indexing of otherworld Sources: the “Christ” material of Virginia Essene and Ann Valentin. Here is a Source purporting to emanate from the very Personality of “Jesus” (not just Christ-consciousness in general), and an additional source of this channeling team identifies Itself as the “Gold and Silver Rays“, represented as nothing less than the original creative powers of God with whom the Christ-personality is now in intimate association (these major Actors are accompanied by a lesser supporting cast, including “Sananda Lord of the Omniverse” humbly so-called, who—revealingly—is described as a kind of “cosmic coordinator” of UFO activity and communication, and an entity identifying Itself as the Archangel Uriel).

When we turn to such a Source to consult what It has to say regarding such important, foundational principles as the nature and genesis of the Creative Process, the population-origin of earth consciousness, the character of spiritual development and so forth we immediately encounter an interesting phenomenon. All consideration duly taken into account of the reasonable need to “tailor” such complex subjects for the general level of earth consciousness, we still find a peculiar recitation of the Creative Process—for example— being advanced by no less than those Authors of All Creativity the Cold and Silver Rays Themselves. In most Grimm fashion they proceed to regale our apparently pitiable comprehension-level with the “information” as to how, prior to forming any other aspect of the cosmos they first fashioned an experimental globe out of their own complementary materials (as emanated from the obelisk-presence of the centrally situated Creator) to function as prototype of our very own Earth.

This account of course has none of the actual sense of Creative Superfetation (of the profusion of simultaneous foci from which the multidimensional probability-patterns of the universes come endlessly cascading) described very nicely within the precisions of language limitation in Book III of the Ra materialor the first Book of Seth—or which is indeed accessible at any time to the Viewing of a consciousness appropriately integrated either with the 5th density of Creative expression or any adequate subreflection in “astral” or “etheric” terms etc.

In comparison to direct “yogic” observation, or the accounts cited above, the “Rays’” explanation has all the piecemeal ponderous quality of the ordinary focal mind, which is indeed the targeted recipient of such a recital without respect of any esoteric facts at all, such “teaching” operates out of a clear calculation aimed to ingratiate the lowest common denominator in the comprehension-range of that slow faculty.


Such a primitiveliteral-Genesis model of the Creative Process is reminiscent of another curious allegation found in the Cosmic Revelation book, i.e. that the type of exquisite interdependence characteristic of our planetary life is expression of some unique design involving free will and is not indicative of other planetary life in the galaxies (!) What can we make of such remarks? other than resorting to the weak excuse that the “channelers” may be imperfectly interpreting the communicated impressions in oversimplified terms of their own cosmically-parochial psyches….

While this may be in certain instances, there’s too consistent a thematic reinforcement throughout the material to allow us safely to ascribe the whole business to randomly-bad interpretation. There seems to be a concerted effort to impress us with the special quality, the wholly unique character of our situation as “caretaker”-denizens of C-ton (the cosmic name for Earth, we’re helpfully informed) even to the degree that such patently fatuous statements court the danger of screening out any but the most gullible, unthinking or unreflective.

A case in point is their account of the original population-seeding of Earth, and the subsequent Fall precipitated by the Free Will test furnished through the (negativeBlack Ray influence. According to this account, some 8 million years ago a flotilla of luminant Souls already substantially awake in cosmic consciousness came to our newly-prepared Planet in the upright intent of fulfilling their Divine-contractual role as spiritual caretakers in the development of Earth (excuse me, C-ton). For a million years this atmospheric network or luminant aura of Souls kept in dutiful communication with their planetary and galactic home bases, hovering over and tending the unique life-forms of the planet as per telepathically beamed instruction; then the uninvited intrusion of the Silver Ray’s bastard offspring the Black Ray, set up a negative vibratory pattern progressively subversive of the souls’ recollected commitment.

Gradually, so the account goes, the larger portion of souls failed the initial test of free will and fell into amnesic lapse with respect to their contractual duty, becoming so involved and progressively identified with the physical lifeforms ostensibly under their care that the Creative Powers had to assemble an emergency committee of cosmic engineers to construct the most ingenious “device” ever seen in the creations, i.e. the Human body. Such a body was specially made to house the dimming Light of the soul so that It wouldn’t be extinguished in forgetfulness altogether. Through the special device of reincarnation the souls were supposed to progressively awaken to, and resume conscious participation in planning the fulfillment of, their original caretaker-contract.

Now, this may seem superficially similar to other accounts (the spurious “Hilarion” account, remember, indicated a similar Biblically-echoing saga of negative subversion and fall), the Pleiadeans in the Billy Meier material (edited by Col. Wendelle Stevens) claim to have seeded this planet originally with their own offspring so that “we” are their legitimate cosmic children. And the Ra material suggests that there was some initial, genetic intervention at the dawn of 3rd-densily earth consciousness, the unanticipated negative repercussions of which originally inspired the institution of quarantine in order to prevent undue influence of either a “positive” or “negative” type. The Edgar Cayce material describes a progressive coinvolvement of migrating souls and the plastic matter of the earth-plane, and Ken Carey’s Bird Tribe source similarly describes the creative “quickening” of the otherwise inert material of earth through the increasing proximity of approaching Souls.

Yet the Ra material, proven in many other ways to be the most reliable single source of all, places initial planetary seeding at a distance of 75,000 years, not eight million (or seven million if we date from the “Rays’” confection of the human physical vehicle). Taking the Ra source at Its Word that It isn’t very good with dates, we may well suspect that—from Its oblique-channeling angle—It’s perceiving the initial infusion of a particular life-wave of consciousness, not the “first”. More importantly, Ra identifies the “seed” entities of 3rd stage planetary consciousness as originating primarily from a former Martian cycle of development that had failed satisfactory completion on its own ground, and this “strain” of transposed soul-seeds in any case followed the same line of consciousness-unfoldment and progressive development through the lower densities as the indigenous, 2nd-density entities promoted to comprise the other major portion of 3rd-stage soul-inhabitants 75,000 years ago.


In light of this last characterization, we may take a revealing second look at the ’’Rays’” account of “how we came here”, with its inference as to our mission, our duty and our destiny.

Falling Apple, or Rising Seed?

According to the Essene “Rays” we come from a soul-group that doesn’t evolve from the less-conscious densities, but which falls or devolves from the Higher Planes. The idea here isn’t to unfold the latent seed-germ of a spiritual consciousness never previously flowered in our particular case, but to recover it from the consequences of an initial mistake. The obligation to recover a status of former Spiritual Glory imposes a mood which the prospect of brand-new flowering doesn’t share. The first is a restatement of Biblical culpability.

There is however a consequent, internal contradiction of rather significant proportions embedded in the Essene material, for, if the object is to recover the knowledge and status of that spiritual glory existing before our Devolution had been mercifully straitjacketed by the physical body, then it would seem that the ascension in consciousness to those higher stales of Being between incarnations would—in itself—fulfill the requirement, and would short-circuit any “return” to the physical as wholly unnecessary. Obviously, this isn’t what They mean to imply, for it becomes increasingly evident from the reiterated signs of the material that the “Rays” intend us to fulfill the alleged initial contract entered upon in “full Consciousness” with the Divine, as caretakers of Earth, and this absolutely regardless whether we actually recover that Glory of Spiritual Awareness as unencumbered Souls.

Incidentally, the idea that we progressively evolve through the densities as consciousness-units is not equally subject to the charge of “internal contradiction” that characterizes the Essene-Rays account, the exposure of the progressive (or procedurally evolving) soul to relatively free inner states between incarnations is never held as the Aim or exclusive Point. It’s not a matter of some “old” consciousness re-experiencing its specific functional Identity so that it can simply walk away and resume it, like a recovered amnesiac going back to his “former life”, this is a Platonic misread of the afterlife interlude in which the Eternally-Awake Ground of Consciousness re-experiences Itself from the ever-living fount of a fresh perspective—such a fresh perspective does not then just step back into a ready-made role, but progressively develops the implications of that after-echoing Being through terms of its own unique patterns, seeking forms of integration and higher-level unities that did not, in that sense, ever exist as a flower of Soul-consciousness.

The value received through those intervals of discarnate exposure serves as purifying stimulus and Standard subliminally belonging to the soul-record, encouraging a practical intensification or dynamic integration on all levels in order to draw the ordinary incarnate locus of soul-consciousness into progressively-awakening congruence with that common Ground. The “object” here is not simply recovery from the makeshift expedient of a preventive or “prophylactic” physical form, but rather the thorough Awakening of all parallel, developmental levels of Consciousness inward or outward in whatever medium as a true Spiritual Increase, bringing the dimension of Divine Awareness to every seeking facet of the multidimensional being through all its respective Vehicles so as to impart to each of its planes a precious value or Absolute quality never previously experienced in integrative Unison.

It becomes increasingly evident, then, that this scenario of our seeding and fall as narrated by the ’”Rays” is not a reflection of the spiritual or physical facts, but a propaganda meant to instill a kind of “cosmic guilt“, as it were, shaming us into fulfilling an alleged contract that we entered into in the irrevocable responsibility of “Full Soul-Consciousness”. Indeed, so patent does this become that we can only marvel at the give-away desperation seated in the motive which causes Them, at one point, to make the astonishing pronouncement that—if this ostensible caretaker role is now fulfilled—they willgenerously waive all further reincarnational requirements!


“Incarnation” is a matter of Identity, and levels of specific functional identification, it is not, has never been nor can it be an arbitrary matter of fulfilling mechanical conditions. If the technical fulfillment of conditions is meant to promote the proper spirit of such identity-transformation, we must ask why the emphasis of the Essene material is never on Spiritual Awakening per se but “awakening” to a specific, caretaker role. Whose “garden”, we must wonder, are we being coaxed, cajoled and wheedled into tending through acceptance of a cover-story purporting to explain “how we got here”, and instilling the proper mixture of guilt and ego meant to motivate us into honoring what we’re ostensibly supposed to be “doing here”.

(The “guilt” comes from our alleged culpability—acquired through the accountability of full consciousness—for the Fall, the “ego” comes through constant encouragement for us to see ourselves as caretakers of a planet unique in all creation, special beyond all others in design and destiny).

Far from any acknowledgment that the patterns of creation are supplied primarily as the occasion of our awakening, the “Christ” entity and Rays would have us subscribe to a reverse standard in which consciousness takes form in order to be the caretaker of creation. In light of this explanation, the world is not the parturitive medium of Consciousness but rather consciousness is the vehicle for the husbandry of the world.

This promoted viewpoint just may have something to do with a constantly reiterated theme of the material, i.e. that the present orientation of earth consciousness poses an immediate threat to galactic and planetary neighbors travelling the invisible etheric pathways, due to our misuse of atomic weaponry and secret forms of “scalar” mayhem (that undo not only the delicate fabric of subatomic space, but the universal Ether that comprises the short-cut “tesseract” for commuting space vehicles.) All of this may serve to account for why the actual teaching of the Christie “World Teacher” is uncharacteristicallyshort on the spiritual education of consciousness, and dogmatically long on warnings and instruction with regard to the proper care and feeding of atomic materials.

After all, as we learned in the last issue, the atomic and subtending etheric Fields of which this physical density is particularly rich comprise the nutritive energy-medium of a number of systems that “feed into” it from other levels and densities. It has been noted by several commentators, includingWilhelm Reich, that many “saucers” come within our boundaries to feed on the energy-rich atmosphere and physical resources furnished by this precious sphere.

May we not see then a lurking “identity” behind these cosmic masks more congruent with the actual character of the material, rather than the purported character of the entities?

With Friends Like These…

When the “Christ“, the “Gold and Silver Rays” et al inform us that they will only extend these warnings to us for a limited period because they have other places in the cosmos they need to attend to as well, they not only undercut the “special” character of our own focal zone but inferentially describe a mode of existence that is peculiar to say the least for a pair of All-Creative Principles (but not at all peculiar for saucer-saddled entities who do move in just this manner from one galactic point to another).

When the “Christ” describes His relation to the great God-lozenge of central Creative Power (taking up a very localized residency at a particular galactic point) as that of being able to closely approach but not fully enter Its hyper-intense field, we do not find ourselves in the presence of a description that originates from the 5th density of Creative Mind, specifically cited—by Ra—as the platform from which the actual Jesus-entity would channel, rather, we find ourselves contemplating a description that succinctly characterizes the reality of 4th density space/time UFO entities for whom the Creative Godpower seems to intersect as an emanative Node into the astro-physical field at specific, localizable junctures in the form of a Dome or Obelisk, a Door or luminal Lozenge, and who—as in the Andreasson report cited last issue—are able to approach that obtrusive Point but are unable to bear Its intensity in exact alignment with It.

Couple to this the fact that “Sananda, Lord of the Omniverse” is characterized as UFO/space-entity coordinator (amongst other heady aspects of His job-description) and we have completed our fill-in-the-hidden-numbers portrait that exposes the actual identity of the beings beaming in behind the masks of “Christ” and the “Rays“, etc.

There is no “malevolent” intent here. These are “positive” entities. But there is deception!! This circumstance exists as an anomaly to us due to our misperception of what it means to be a “positive entity“. Positive entities so polarized at 4th density level and higher, are “positive” by virtue of their decision to adhere to Cosmic Law, to subscribe to peaceful and cooperative means. They’re not “positive” in the sense that they exist to impartially help us and promote our spiritual awakening. They have taken specific, characteristic paths in space/time with very distinct destinies, and though they exist in social/memory/complex harmony with one another their sheer, incarnative situationality imposes conditions that describe the priorities of their own particular group.

Thus their subterfuge “message” to us, assumed under the guise of the Teacher most revered and sacrosanct on this planet and thus most likely to be listened to, is “benign” in the sense that it encourages our very necessary care of the planet, but it is not a message that conveys a real teaching, of maximum benefit to our own spiritual development in line with our unique destiny and collective Path. It is a message which, while promoting the positive values of our planetary husbandry is still basically self-referred, for it’s meant primarily to goad and shame us into maintaining—or prolonging the life of—a sphere which functions as a cosmic filling-station for them. They are interested in the preservation of the connecting space-lanes of the interstitial ethers, they are not interested per se in our spiritual development, which is why they’re perfectly content to paint us a picture of spiritual accomplishment consonant with our roles as glorified gardeners for “their” satellite Resource!!

Can “positive” entities out-and-out lie like that?? Yes they can! And do!

We do not see reality directly as a Pirandello dance of mutually reflecting, coinhering and magically counterchanging identities. They do! Thus there is little wrong, as far as they are concerned, with the assumption of any identity as manifestly provisional as their own.

Indeed the phenomenon of channeling altogether is most susceptible to the blandishments of “positive” and “negative” beings of the space/time densities neither of which are, by constitution, of optimum spiritual benefit to us.

  • After all, didn’t we note last month how curious it is that meditation, ostensibly a direct vehicle of our personal awakening and intuitive alignment with the Fountainhead of Gnosis, seems to be so neatly co-opted by the distractive offshoot of “channeling”, which substitutes a verbal description or message of further encouragement for us to assume the inert horizontality that passes modernly for the “meditative” mode?

  • Understanding this, isn’t it wiser to forgo the passive (and thus “easy”) path of turning our spiritual development over to another entertainment program, and recover instead the original sense of meditation as a direct spiritual empowerment that adroitly bypasses every intermediate voice of every intervening plane that would turn us into a satellite-functionary of its own “cosmic trip”?

Each plane, sphere and density is furnished the indigenous spiritual teachers and teachings appropriate to it, and despite our recent “disenchantment” with the idea of living teachers, only such teachers are valuable to us as they share the same physical consequence and destiny as ours so that they may uniquely participate in as well as know our real requirements, while at the same time embodying and practically directing the optimum Spiritual Value for the fulfillment of our unique destiny.

The “positive” beings of the channel-frequencies, then, are of two types:

  • Time/space entities of “disembodied” status, flush with “helpful” ego eager to impart what’s only being learned within the insulated framework of afterlife rest and review, and who are thus limited by the special, subjectively-reflective requirements of the framework. Any such entity is confined to the bubble-like protection and internal, “angelically” harmonious support that thoroughly screens the soul’s vulnerable status from that unfair advantage belonging to the aggressive deception of the “dark teaching”, (and for whom therefore the “negative” as a practical fact does not exist except in the learning situation where it may be identified at its origin as an internal potential and projection). Such an entity is not balanced with respect to the Whole and the complementary systems of learning-organization, it is preponderantly influenced by the hermeticism of its own present schooling, and is therefore minimally helpful. All such “disembodied” entities need to appropriate the “fleshly” vocal cords of the channeler.

    These entities are not the same as Inner Plane Masters, the latter in fact proceed from levels of time/space organization also, and therefore require no space/time vehicle as do communicating UFO entities. But Inner Plane Masters are not confined to the “contents of the classroom” as are the eager, between-life soul entities. They are more like the schoolmasters Who walk those time/space halls; not restricted to the curriculum taught in any of the quarters but bringing the whole experience of the World to those cloistered scats of learning. Inner Plane Masters do not need to borrow the physical vocal cords, and do not in fact enter into relation with incarnate beings through the mode of channeling at all.

    They respond only to the overall developmentbalanceintensity and will of a real spiritual aspirant who has achieved a very formal threshold of readiness (a threshold that cannot simply be “claimed” as index of the ego’s desire). The Inner Plane Master communicates to the nervous systems of the ready aspirant in a kind of energy-embrace and harmony, but does not communicate through those systems in the sense of appropriating or commandeering them. The Inner Plane Master, where the potentials of soul and circumstance warrant and allow for it, always inclines the aspirant in the direction of the embodied spiritual teacher Who completes the Spiritual circuit for the student (always leaving the identification of that living teacher entirely up to the discernment of the student).

  • The other kind of “positive” channel-entity, is the space/time UFO being. We have already learned the limits to which any such being, situationally aligned with its specific destiny, can be helpful. That we ought not to be so eager to channel such beings, doesn’t mean we’re not approaching inevitable interaction with them. Indeed we will enter into formal relations with them as a planetary soul-group when that potential is ripe. But our relation to them should be that of peers, establishing cosmic bonds in terms of treaty and accord as with the relations of countries operating in the harmony of mutual respect. We should not allow the tendencies that arise in the current (aggravated) stale of manifest imbalance between our respective levels to encourage a relation of “benign colonialism”, as is happening at present. In order to prevent this, we must restore the idea of meditation as handmaiden of our direct, unmediated development, allowing those values natural to our own Being and destiny to flower in the form of faculties radiating a self-evident sufficiency affording no uncertain notice of our spiritual autonomy, to be respected on the instant by all beings of good will.

If one is yet enamored of the idea of “channeling”, one should heed the advice of the best of the channeled sources, i.e. the Ra material, and follow the method of Elkins et al. in resorting to the balancing correctives of group activity properly insulated and prepared.

“Alien Nation” Is Alienation
Without the Intervening Space

Oh yes: there is the recent disclosure, through material such as that of Whitley Strieber (Majestic), Bill Cooper, the allegations of John Lear, etc. that the government has been interacting with and even doing the bidding of (largely negative) UFOs since 1947. While initiated understanding confirms that there is validity in this business of “Roswell” and “MJ-12“, it is important to note that, regardless the objective facts which you’ll progressively learn in the revelation of the ’90s, one of the tactics of the Negative Beings is to propagateexpand and exaggerate the magnitude, the possible horror, and the despair of such information-content so as to deflect the orientation of personal power and render a collective sense of hopelessness, of powerless passivity and ineffectuality before the monolithic monstrosities of the “hidden government” and the experimental labs on the “dark side of the moon”.

Such an induced sense of helplessness, remember, moves us toward modes of meditative passivity from which we hope to elicit the compensatory Authority of a substitute self-power “beyond” us; and it adversely affects the immunology system making us even more subject to the toxic depredations of our gross ecological mismanagement, and thus weak beyond resistance to any wholesale negative invasion that could be marshaled against us. People such as Bill Cooper who, unlike Strieber, understand and rightly warn against the negativity of the government-alien interaction, may be “modern-day Paul Reveres”; but our powerlessness in the face of all this is not the message. The even-more-intensified mandate for our Spiritual Awakening and renewal, most certainly is.

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Spirituality Made Simple

Posted by Admin on October 4, 2010

by Owen Waters

Here are three simple, yet powerful, steps to spiritual living. Because they are based on the Universal Law of Creation, they bring you the power to create positive transformation in every aspect of your life.

1.  Look up

Recognize your spiritual nature. Know that you are a spiritual being living in a physical world. The real, immortal you is your inner being or soul consciousness. Several times each day, take a moment to turn your attention within and remember your true nature as a spiritual being.

Remind yourself that the universe was created by the all-present, all-aware consciousness which is behind all things. This infinite presence or beingness, thisInfinite Being, created the universe in order to experience itself from all possible perspectives.

You are an expression of Infinite Being, experiencing life from one individual point of view. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. We are the eyes, ears, and hearts of Infinite Being as it experiences life from all possible viewpoints.

The objective of living on earth as a human is to gain experience while finding our way back to the ultimate state of consciousness from which we originally came.

We are Infinite Being.

2.  Look in

The gateway to spiritual consciousness is through the heart.

The Creator designed the human experience to consist of twelve stages of evolving consciousness. These range all the way from basic survival to the ultimate state of spiritual consciousness.

Much of the 20th century was devoted to the fifth stage of human consciousness, which is intellectual development. Today, people are migrating in droves to the next stage of human growth, which is heart-centered consciousness.

When a person focuses their intellect through the lens of heart-centered consciousness, they see how much the world needs help and healing rather than competition and destruction. The initial stage of heart-centered consciousness produces a constructive, global outlook. It also places a person just one short step from the second stage of heart-centered consciousness and the dawning of spiritual awareness.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is a guideline that has been with us since the early days of human development. Today, it’s no longer a distant ideal to be sought after. The mass shift to heart-centered consciousness means that unconditional love now comes to people naturally. The complete love and acceptance of yourself and others is the heartbeat of the New Reality.

Feeling unconditional love towards others is the key to successful, meaningful interactions with everyone with whom you meet in any situation. Feeling unconditional love towards yourself fosters a healthy sense of self-esteem which builds a healthy, positive world based upon mutual support.

Even if there are outer behaviors that need improvement in yourself or others, it is unconditional love that is the key that will find the solutions that will heal such limitations.

3.  Look out

Outward action is the third step to spiritual living. Helping others improve their lives by doing work that you love makes the world a better place.

When you see life through the lens of your heart, you see how your innermost joy and passion continually prompts you to develop your own unique talents. When you recognize those talents, you can acquire the skills that bring them into active expression. When you spend your working days doing what you love and loving what you do, then your life becomes a constant experience of heartfelt joy.

The inspiring guideline as stated by Jesus, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is one that becomes second nature in today’s emerging New Reality. A heart-centered person simply wouldn’t do anything to hurt another. Nor would they want anyone to receive less than fair value for their goods and services.

You can bring light and joy into the world by engaging in heartfelt action and doing work that you love.

The Secret of Creation

By utilizing the Universal Law of Creation, you can create new realities that improve your life and enhance your ability to help others. This is the law was used to create the entire universe, so it should come as no surprise that, correctly used, it is both powerful and effective.

While Infinite Being is the ever-present ground state of passive awareness which exists throughout Creation, the Creator is the action-oriented aspect of Infinite Being. The Creator was given the task of creating the universe so that Infinite Being could experience itself from all possible perspectives.

The only tool at the disposal of the Creator in making the universe wasconsciousness. Therefore, everything in the universe consists of consciousness – people, rocks, plants and planets – and, because they consist of consciousness, they all have some degree of awareness.

Creation was achieved when the Creator divided its consciousness into two complementary aspects – thought and feeling. It then intertwined these aspects and set them into motion in ways that created everything that was needed to develop into life as we know it today. The universe, you, and everything around you consists of 100% consciousness.

Life is but a dream, and each one of us is here to change the dream in our own unique way.

Recreate your dream to realize all of your potential using the Universal Law of Creation.

The Universal Law of Creation

Creation = Thought + Feeling + Motion

The three essential steps to spiritual living are structured using the Universal Law of Creation.

Look Up – focus your thoughts on your spiritual nature.

Look In – find spiritual consciousness through the gateway of the heart.

Look Out – take action to express your inner joy and your unique purpose in life.

The Meaning of Life

You are an expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible perspectives. Your perspective is unique, as is everyone else’s. That is the point of the whole exercise – for Infinite Being to experience life from as many perspectives as possible.

In order to best support this primary mission of human experience, we need to both celebrate our own uniqueness and support others in their efforts to develop their own skills and talents. Unity is our spiritual nature, yet it is found through celebrating our diversity in the common cause of developing our potential to the fullest.

The One is the All and, as parts of the All, we are the One.

Everyone’s path is unique because that’s the way life was designed.  There is no one-size-fits-all philosophy. However, we can learn about the universal laws that will help us to achieve our potential in life.

Your mind is non-physical and therefore has higher capabilities than your physical brain. Your mind is immortal and it grows with experience. We are each on our pathways back to the One source from which we originally came. To get there, we continually grow in consciousness by experiencing life.

The meaning of life is to grow in consciousness.

Intuitive Reason

Once you make a habit of looking within and focusing on your spiritual nature, you open up your awareness to the intuitive information that comes from your soul consciousness. Intuitive insight is available to both men and women and, with it, you can achieve more than you had ever imagined possible.

The conscious, reasoning mind assesses a situation using the physical senses as well as past information. Intuitive reason is possible when you include intuitive information in the process. Intuition comes from your inner, soul consciousness and it is tuned into the thoughts and energies that surround any situation.

Intuition brings direct information on the nature of any situation. With intuition, you know what will best work and when.

Intuition adds to your knowledge and understanding of a situation, allowing you to achieve objectives with greater ease and harmony than before. Intuition can warn you about danger ahead and reveal what hidden risks you can avoid in order to stay safe. Intuition prompts you to take actions which will help you in ways that you had not been able to detect using the physical senses alone. It also puts you in touch with the natural flow of unfolding situations.

Effortless Action

There is a flow to events; a timing that, when understood, makes tasks much easier to achieve. The key to gaining this information is to tune into your inner, soul consciousness.

This inner work need not be a one-way street of receiving inside information. You can also take the initiative by using the principle of effortless action. Instead of trying to make something happen by the usual efforts of planning, willpower and determination, you begin by going within and seeing the action as accomplished.

When you begin by seeing the action as completed, something very different happens. The action doesn’t mysteriously become accomplished by magic or by non-effort, but you experience a state of flow which enables you to move through the task with ease, grace and incredible efficiency.

To invoke a state of flow, go within and attune with your inner being and the intended task. Then, come out into the world of action and follow your intuitive guidance every step of the way until the task becomes physically completed.

This is how synchronicity happens and you will notice coincidences becoming commonplace in your life. People, ideas and resources all come together at the exact right time and in the right place because flow is an orchestration of the many, not just the one.

Like water finding the shortest and easiest path down a slope, your intuition will reveal the shortest and easiest route to the successful completion of any task.

The Inner Light That Beckons

Because the primary purpose of life is growth in consciousness then, sooner or later, everyone begins to sense the spiritual light that lies within your very being. It heals your spirit and beckons you forward into the realms of more light.

When this happens, you are firmly on the path of spiritual discovery. You are heading back along the pathway to the level of consciousness from which you originally came.

These three simple steps to spirituality – Look Up, Look In, Look Out – open the doorway to positive and lasting transformation. Take the time to reflect upon them now and be sure to tell everyone who could benefit from this uplifting message. It has the power to bring a special depth of meaning and purpose into people’s lives. When you spread the word, you are helping to make the world a better place.

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Twelve Principles for the New Reality

Posted by Admin on October 4, 2010

by Owen Waters

The New Reality brings with it a new vista of awareness. In order to operate successfully in the new environment, you need to apply the new principles which come with this expanded view of reality.

Such knowledge empowers you to awaken to your newly expanded potential and manifest it with ease.

Here are some basic principles of the universe, as seen from the expanded vista of New Reality consciousness.

In this, the ultimate reality is recognized as universal consciousness, which is the formative essence behind all that exists within the universe. This essence can be called Infinite Being because it is the awareness behind everything within the universe.

Here are twelve principles which describe the New Reality awareness.

1. Infinite Being is All That Is. Nothing exists outside of it

The universe exists within the consciousness of Infinite Being. The physical world exists within the consciousness of Infinite Being. We exist within the consciousness of Infinite Being.

2. We are Infinite Being

Creation is holographic in nature, meaning that the one can be found within the all. For example, the oak tree produces acorns and yet the life-form of a complete oak tree is contained within each acorn. If a picture hologram is divided into two, both parts will still retain the complete original picture.

While you are a part of the consciousness of Infinite Being, you are also Infinite Being itself. At the deepest level of reality, all that Infinite Being is, you are.

Therefore we are, each one of us, Infinite Being.

3. Purpose in life

Your overall purpose in life is to experience it from one individual, unique point of view. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. From a cosmic point of view, you are one expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible viewpoints. In this way, through you and all life, Infinite Being gains infinite experience.

At a personal level, you, as a soul, pre-planned the major themes of your life. You chose the time, the place and your parents in order to set a life plan in motion which would explore those themes. Such pre-planning gave rise to the occurrence of related, meaningful events in your life which may have already given you the impression that destiny exists.

Destiny does exist, to the extent that the major themes of your life are pre-planned, by you, ahead of time.

As you pass through life, certain names, places, people and activities resonate with a certain specialness in your consciousness. It’s almost as if you knew them once before, but you can’t quite remember when or where. That is destiny, as it unfolds important, pre-planned and pre-viewed events into your life.

In the phenomenon called déjà vu, scenes that you recognize as they unfold in your life are scenes which you had previously viewed in another state of consciousness. This previewing occurred either during your pre-life planning or, more often, in a recent, out-of-body, dream-state where, in order to help yourself remain on-purpose, you reviewed the important, upcoming events in your life.

4. Free will enables you to explore your true potential

Free will fills in all the details. It can be used to any degree that you choose. The most productive use of free will is to explore your true potential within the themes of your life, thus gaining the greatest possible experience from your life plan.

5. Reincarnation

Reincarnation exists to provide a variety of experiences, so that life skills may be gained, and so that, while in a physical body, you can rediscover your spiritual connection within.

6. Life after ‘death’

From the point of view of your true, inner personality, passing away from the physical realm is like stepping out of a suit that you have worn for a while. The suit is not the real you. In your spirit body, you move into the spirit realm, which is a place of joy and healing. After meeting with friends and relatives who have passed on before, you start work on resolving the issues which caused inner conflict during your physical life. Then, as you move into the higher realms, remembering more about who you really are, you experience reunion with the rest of your immediate and extended soul families.

7. Life reflects what you project

Reflectance is a property of the universe. Also known as karma, this principle states that life reflects your beliefs, emotions and actions. The stronger these are, the more apparent it becomes that life is a mirror of what you project.

Every time you change the way you view life, the universe, just like a mirror, reflects your new view of reality. This may not occur instantaneously as, often, circumstances do not allow the new reflection to immediately manifest. In this case, the new reality is held, like a pressure within the aura of your body’s subtle magnetic field. You then walk around in life, surrounded by this magnetic potential, as it influences your circumstances to adapt into a form where the new reality will be able to manifest and operate.

Reflectance, sooner or later, produces manifestation. Therefore, if you don’t like something in your life, the most powerful way to change its effect permanently is to discover how you are generating that reflection, and then change your point of view so that you change the reflection that you are causing from the universe.

That’s how reflectance works. It’s just like law in physics. It’s how the universe was designed. The mirror of life will shine happiness upon you, but not until you first decide, within yourself, to become a happy person. Then it will reflect your new reality.

8. Abundance is natural

Natural abundance comes from ‘getting into the flow,’ by doing work that brings a sense of inner excitement. The phrase “Follow your inner joy” is actually the key to abundance. Once you follow your innermost joy and adapt your situation to doing work that you love, then synchronicity begins to flow. Synchronicity is the universe’s way of telling you that you’re on the right track. It is a flow of events where everything starts clicking into place in order to support your efforts.

Synchronicity brings you opportunities, people, events and circumstances exactly when and where they need to be. When life flows naturally, the universe’s natural state of abundance follows automatically.

9. Love is the only reality

Unconditional, holistic love is the answer to all of life’s challenges. We are here on Earth to learn how to love ourselves and others, and to accept ourselves and others completely, without judgment.

At this point, some people ask, “What, are you supposed to love someone who is bent on being anti-social, even destructive?” The secret here is that there is a difference between an acceptance of the outer beliefs of a person and an acceptance of their inner essence.

Regardless of that person’s outward belief system, and whether you agree with it or not, it is the inner essence of the person that you learn to recognize, love and accept.

The secret is that unconditional love will heal the world, and there is no shortage of its supply. The universe is permeated by, and held together by, the love aspect of the One Creator. You have only to allow it to flow through you in order to experience its wonder.

10. Self-responsibility

You create your own reality and take personal responsibility for it. Your life is a reflection of your point of view in this, the set of experiences that you, as a soul, planned for this life.

11. Truth is everywhere

The ultimate truth is to be found within, yet the study of a variety of sources of information helps you to reawaken and remember your inner truth. Your intuitive sense is your guide as to what material is most appropriate for you at any particular time during your personal development.

12. Inner connection and insight

Inner connection with your spiritual source promotes spiritual transformation and the achievement of your true potential. Developing intuition, both in men and women, provides an essential insight into life’s experiences.

The way this is achieved is through regular, daily meditation. The regular practice of meditation promotes intuitive insight, unconditional love and personal spiritual experiences. Any meditation technique that you prefer will function perfectly well, but the Infinite Being meditation technique is particularly powerful.

With practice, you actually need no technique at all, because you will find that you can go into those deeper levels of awareness, whenever you wish, as an acquired habit. In the meantime, check out the ultimate door-opener to the higher realms of human consciousness, the Infinite Being meditation technique.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
“The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness”
and the Infinite Being Insight E-Books

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