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Liquid Light is Freedom

Posted by Admin on August 31, 2011

Monday, 08 August 2011 12:35
August 2011
by Lisa ReneeDear Family,

The peak intensity of the shift happening now on the planet has called into action many new and different variations of Multidimensional beings from across the Multiverse. Many of these life form expressions (levels of existence or states of being) have never been exposed to the consciousness field of this planet nor this level of density in the 3D human realm. The majority of this vast network has agreed to work together in alignment to the higher orchestrated expression of the Celestial Management Structure which receives its directive from the Core of Creation. The vision of this collective network is Unity Consciousness in Action, achieved through the mutual cooperation of creating a massive focal point – multiple dimensions of vast bodies all aligning together to place their combined creative power into One laser focus of collective genius. The collective genius is the intelligent sum of All of its parts, perfected into an equal value and merged into a new tapestry of experience within God’s Universal Plan of Creation. All parts of the consciousness experience recorded are equal and yet when joined together they create an alchemical power entirely new in the process of creation. What is held within this Ascension Alchemy transmutation process is an entirely new actualization of potential embodiment, and it extends beyond our planet, our solar system, our galaxies and even our Cosmos. The infinite nature of what is being newly created through the alchemy of these Cosmic forces is truly unfathomable.

On our planet at this time there are multidimensional intersection points of directing Liquid Life force in order to attain the goal of “physically” embodied Liquid Light. Those purified and devoted to this pathway share a beneficial goal that must transcend ego needs, personal desire and selective species interest. We are required to rise and serve the greater whole and destiny of the entire Human race and its prototype for Universal Creation. The fulfilled destiny is the Return and the Restoration of the Christ Liquid Light and to ignite its complete Universal Krystal Star pattern within the physical population of Human Beings on this planet. This “Krystal Star” Celestial Management Structure contains a huge array of lateral hierarchal entities, both incarnate and disincarnate, both human and non human all striving to accomplish the same vision and potential for a Universal Collective Ascended Timeline. A time of Freedom for the Future of Humanity and All Beings who choose Freedom in their heart. It is the Liquid Light of Christ (Krystal Star) Intelligence that is the promise of True Freedom for All.

Artificially Bent Light

Through the eons of time our Universe has been founded on One Eternal Source whom divided itself into multiple levels through the Pairs of Opposite. The Principle of Gender and the physics governing consciousness units have followed Universal Laws governing these creations and their perception of evolution throughout “time and space”. Over many millennia, many vast expressions of Group Entity Forms sought to create their own worlds and replicated these origin codes through Mental Laws they determined to write for themselves.

These Mental Laws were “Artificially Bent Light” matrices through which its “Creator” (or Group Entity Forms) could manipulate its realities to perform controlled actions of behavior in its manifestations. Since it saw its manifested creation as a possession it had ownership of – like a slave – it felt entitled to manipulate and control life forms at its own personal agenda. The bent light matrices (and the artificial bent light holograms projected into the planetary architecture) were designed ultimately to exempt its creator from the consequence of personal energetic action and dump its responsibility (with the karmic load) onto another. The Crucifixion Strategy is an example of an artificially bent light architecture to create the mental archetype and therefore belief system of Salvation as a requirement through “Redemption.” This action created intermediaries (False Gods) that are interfering with a human being’s direct relationship to God Source. The correction of this imbalance is being restored to the planet and therefore humanity at this time.

Fallen Ones Became Dead Light

Every Entity is bound to a Universal Truth of Cause and Effect. Every Entity, human or nonhuman is responsible for its use of Life Force and is accountable for the direction it places upon its own Consciousness Power. At the end of this evolution cycle many Entities are being held accountable, not in judgment but in the energetic physics governing the Natural Laws of Balance. Being artificial realities, the bent light forms eventually die and become calcified with frozen dead light, further damaging and destroying original “living light” creational fields. The more damage created the more distorted and disconnected from the God Source we became. This dead light created problems in the time fields as more and more entities were becoming mentally diseased or dead light (soul-less and fallen) entities. More bent artificial light matrices and “frequency static nets” were designed to move dead fields (phantom spaces) to the backs of humans to carry the weight of the “energetic trash”. Humans were recycled for their use and the Human Soul became burdened with the enslavement of massive karmic superimposition loaded into this density by various Entities.

Because these Entities believe themselves to be Superior as a “God”, using or creating inferior beings to run energetic waste is their inherent design. (We see these beliefs superimposed upon the human pawns that are in positions of power to rule this plane and have lost their identity as a true human.) These Entities became a false albeit perceived “Supreme God” of their own replicated worlds, and energetically enslaved others to serve their continued existence and “rule”. Toxic with the ultimate delusion of the Supreme Ego Arrogance as a self proclaimed “God-King” these entities became the “Fallen Ones”.

The War Over God 

The Fallen Ones started to infect their diseased minds with the Mental Laws they created as falsely masked Universal Truths. To make this actualized in physical they cultivated their human and non human contacts into alliances that would serve these agendas. The Fallen Ones infected the God-King lineages of the planet and replaced beliefs of sovereignty and freedom as Universal Truth to concepts of Hierarchal Enslavement, genetic discrimination and karmic retribution. As they proclaimed and defended themselves as the True God Creator, the War over God and God’s Natural Laws became the main power conflict in our system. These False Gods in their corrupt actions to have dominion and control over others imprinted the Mental Laws with the dark archetype of the False God-King of Tyranny. The Kings of Tyranny fought amongst themselves as they usurped the Sovereign Truth belonging to the One, and the battle for the True God became the primary battle within multiple dimensions of existence. 3D Humans were dragged into the conflict as pawns to act out this drama and actualize the battle over God in the physical world. As above, so below, and the War Over God has been the Battle of Personal Wills to come to the Great Revelation of Truth to be discovered in these End Times.

Dead Light is the Mental Body Disease

These replicated artificial worlds and their “fallen one” creators started to deteriorate becoming increasingly distorted and mentally diseased. To prevent the destruction of these mentally projected realities, and therefore aspects of themselves, aggressive vampirism, DNA manipulation to mutate core manifestation templates and the consumption of other entities became the survival tactic. This planet and all life forms on it have been influenced and controlled by these mentally diseased entities which staged invasions of manipulating its “mental laws” to superimpose agendas that feed their artificial systems. Ensouled Humans became the survival mechanism of an energetic source of feeding those entities existing in dead light.

The Supreme Arrogance of their “God” delusion is now being revealed into the greatest fear of any Fallen Entity, the total annihilation of their existence. These Entities are being revealed to their Ultimate Truth, that they are not God as they are not of the Eternal Living Light. The Cosmic Rage of this revelation is reverberating throughout the Cosmos and on our planet and is increasingly being played out by unconscious humans. The time has come when the Fallen Ones must submit to the Truth of our Universe, and submit to the Natural Laws of God, The Law of One. The One God Source is the Only Eternal Living Light. The Only Eternal Living Light capable of form embodiment is the Krystal Liquid Light. All other forms are not Eternal and can only buy Immortality for a period of time while feeding on another. (This is why this planet is ravaged by vampirism and parasitism) These diseased minds and those entities infected by these mental bodies are enraged by this revelation beyond any conceivable expression.

The Dead Light and Liquid Light Meet

During the Ascension cycle over the next sixty days we are reaching the pinnacle point of the impact of the annual magnetic peak on the planetary body. Many previous manipulated world events to catalyze war or chaos have utilized the magnetic peak cycle to further amplify negative agendas. The annual magnetic peak of mid August sets the stage of the progressive meeting of the Dual Spirals of the Dead Light and the Liquid Light descending and meeting in the physical worlds as Equals for the first time. This is akin to expressing the Fallen Ones and the Luminous Ones are meeting at physical intersection points on planet Earth, both energetically and in form. A massive frequency split of energetic realities will anchor as the impact from this Dual Spiral event at the end of October 2011. The foundational energetic architecture will split to support the choices of these dual timelines, and the schism experienced for those moving up into the Unity Source code architecture will be of a tangible impact. Life altering events will force changes or directional movement away from the old energy or false reality. The nature of one’s perception of reality will alter or change forever.

It also portends that masses of humanity will naturally embody the vibrational match or will consciously participate with which Master they choose to serve. (To consciously participate with your personal evolution is the most beneficial) This amplifies the polarity on the planet into surreal extremes. The players will become more apparent and surface to play out the role in the worldscape as well as reveal the Master residing within our own heart. Will we choose to serve our negative ego? Will we choose to surrender to our heart? All we have ever known and had attachment as our way of being has to be released fully. For many humans this time has been the most brutal time of their lives, as the ego mind cannot control our direction or perception of reality any longer. To maintain and restore sanity, one must be cleared of negative ego and mental body disease patterns.

The Mountain Range of Diseased Ego

As these Dual Spirals progressively descend into this reality, the “dead light” mental disease that accumulated from our histories is becoming unhinged from the other dimensions that are in a state of accelerated collapse. As the Dual Spiral breaks through a reality (timeline) it releases the toxic disease of the mental bodies pattern and its dead light is scattered and spewed into the environs. The dead light matrices also reflect the Artificially Bent Light “Holographic Inserts” (which contain the controlled versions of the nature of this reality, such as Crucifixion Implants) and these are also shattering and exploding systematically into the outer fields. These are false realities (artificial holographic inserts) that we have thought were “real” and then developed mental beliefs that held that specific version of reality in place. As these false realities are shattered into pieces (for those maintaining energetic balance in this explosive terrain), we can read the signature of those “dead light” pieces that reflect the nature of its disease and its schism. Further we can read the field signature to reveal the truth of what really catalyzed certain world events, such as the Hiroshima Bombing or Jewish Holocaust. As an Ascending human that activates Higher Sensory Perception and is cleared of most negative ego, one can clearly read the energetic field memory as a manipulation of the Negative Alien Agenda. We then start to realize how little humanity has actually been in control of any cataclysmic world events in the physical plane. To observe these events as a human being without becoming infected by its pain, is the most challenging part of our self mastery now. We cannot lose sight of the Real or the Truth of our Service to Others in God’s Authority Alone. God is Love and Unity With All Things.

On July 23rd the largest Mental Body Disease Field (distorted electron fields of Metatronic Bodies) I have ever witnessed stemming from the False God – Tyrannical King Monad Body shattered like a bomb explosion out from the Orion Core (8D) opening. Since that event I have witnessed extreme pain in the mental bodies and the males (and females) that were primarily governed by the “Tyrant King” archetype. For those humans unaware of the causal events surrounding these incredibly mentally diseased matrices of dark energies, the mental pain has been unbearable. Those surviving the purification process know you cannot run and you cannot hide, there is no relief from the incessant purification of mental and emotional bodies now. We have to know the disease and observe it neutrally in order to choose to heal it in our consciousness. Recently this has been increasing in the untrained personal mind and in the collective human mind, accelerating personal crisis and mental torture by looping thoughts. Remember that the Bondage is released when the Ego is Released. Prayer, Meditation, Letting It Go, Clearing Mental fixation and Refocusing obsession has been a requirement for restoring and maintaining sanity. Know that inner peace and emotional freedom is possible and many of us have attained it. You will be next, so stay the course! (Ask our for ES tools for mental body discipline techniques and clearing negative ego and use them!)

The impact of these Dual Spirals meeting in our bodies is like a massive collision between a Divine Lightning Rod hitting the largest Mountain Range of Negative Ego hidden inside your unconscious imaginable. Even though this “dead light” mental disease pattern has always been in the unconscious areas of our hidden mind, it is surfacing now to be witnessed in order to be resolved and thereby healed. This dead light is also buried in our physical flesh and we will feel the energetic blockages and stiffness as a result in our physical body. Whenever someone screamed at you, directed hate at you, or you directed hate toward yourself, your body became an energetic dartboard of its vibrational result. Hate feels horrible in our mind and body. Most of us are feeling this accumulation of hate in our bodies, and we are processing to drop the density of this pain in every way imaginable. This is also because the diseased mental body of the False God-King is enraged and its hate is being felt in the mass consciousness fields as it is dying and losing power. It will try to take your power by deluding you into the false system and you must resist it.

Importance of Transcending Ego In Community

All of us have been trained extensively in the negative ego beliefs that have defined our materialistic and selfish 3D existence. The polarity of these forces amplified our personal beliefs to sway between independence and codependence when neither state is in energetic balance or healthy for the entire human organism. (or our planet) In our materialistic greed the select privileged (False King of Tyranny) raped and pillaged their way to the top of the independent food chain while disempowering others in codependent survival mechanisms. This way of existence among Ascending humans is ending. In certain stages of developing personal self mastery, in order to become clear about your true core essence, one must learn to be confident and independent. However, as we evolve from the polarized forces of 3D duality, we must also leave the imbalances created between codependence and independence.

The Unity Source Code is about self-actualized people in community learning to depend on each other, without hate (negative ego) governing their behavior. We are evolving into group consciousness on this planet and we have to learn how to behave egoless in community.

In becoming unified we must learn to understand interdependence within community as a spiritual principle and then as an actualized reality. When one is in group consciousness, one must retain his/her individual identity, however, also maintain a conscious group identity. Once one is living in group consciousness, one realizes all aspects are God consciousness and the energetic reality is then learning to live harmoniously as a Cosmic Citizen. One can maintain a sense of individual identity and group identity simultaneously. When learning principles of interdependence, there is no action or behavior that does not have some result upon another person. That requires transparency, self responsibility, accountability and personal integrity to express the core values of spiritual principles or God realization, and to demonstrate that to the community as best as you are able. Every person is valued for their personal contribution, yet the group consciousness is the emphasis rather than the personality needs.

Negative Manipulation vs. Clear Communication

Learning to develop clear communication skills is a requirement in order to reinforce positive behavior that fosters loving interdependent relationships in a group consciousness setting and community environment. Learn to communicate in a clear, loving, calm, objective, supportive, nonjudgmental and nonviolent manner. Principles of Nonviolent Communication are very positive guidelines to learn how to improve communication skills and confidence in your speaking and expression with others. (

The negative ego will try to use negative manipulation in order to influence people. This is an invitation for corruption and dark entity vampirism. Honesty and integrity is always the best policy. Learning to communicate with compassionate honesty is a much needed skill in all areas of your life as well as learning to live interdependently within a family or community. Commit to improve this skill in your life as you will be calling upon these resources often. Credibility is energetically assigned to the personal commitment of the spiritual principles demonstrated consistently in your behavior in treating others. The reeducation of human value to reinforce public credibility from what you personally demonstrate and exude rather than the initials behind your name, are a part of our future changing paradigm.

The Antidote to Mental Torture is Psycho-Emotional Centering by Spiritualizing the Self

The below is a graph of a Psychological Centering Model to use to better gauge thoughts that are recurring in either polarity. The two main polarity groups the brain likes to occupy itself with are “Superior” or “Inferior” thoughts. With the Dual Spiral Event this month the polarity thoughts are going to amplify to even more surreal levels inside our own mental body and the collective human mental body we are all a part. When using your Mental Discipline Refocus technique, identify the thought as stemming from Negative Ego (Reptilian Brain) and Revalue it from its control over your emotional body and your other selves. When you drop into either an Inferior or Superior thought-form immediately label it as Negative Ego and Dis-Identify with the thought as defining your value or true nature. Do not let it control you or assign a value to it. Refocus and affirm the correct thought pattern by referring to the circular spiritual self model and choosing a new thought to refocus your mind upon.

Success happens when you do not allow yourself to go into an “Auto Response” trigger. Identify the “trigger” thought-form and immediately “Relabel” it as it is happening in your perception. The faster you identify the trigger in your self-awareness and stop letting your mind go on “Auto-Pilot”, the faster you will see success through “relief” of mental anxiety. The goal is to not feel a negative response or emotional charge to any thought-form that used to trigger negative thoughts in you, such as fears, panic or anxiety. You want to remain in “neutral association” to the triggered Negative Ego thought pattern. When you correct the thought, you can mentally command “neutral association” to the pattern to correct it. Learn to focus breath to take you out of your mind and back into the now presence. Stay in the Now moment and breathe. Let go of what your mind thinks you should be doing. This is key to your mental body health and sanity.

Superior Thinking: Intolerance, Impatience, Arrogance, Manipulation, Attack, Anger, Judgmental thinking

Inferior Thinking: Worry, Low Self Love or Esteem, Jealousy, Guilt, Hurt, Fear, Attachment, Martrydom

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love Always, Lisa

© 2011, Lisa Renee

This ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) as support, both energetically and informationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human’s to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.
The Group Unity Vow Decree

Defender Warriors of Truth, Sovereignty, Liberation. All Guardian races Serving the One. From Across All the Multiverses We Call Upon You to Join US Now. Our Unification Principle deemed as demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love – We Sound our Group Note to You Now. Our Group Template Updated, Individually and Collectively, Renewed and Forever Perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. Our Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and we endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Sustain Us in the Eternal Power of our Consecration.

We have called for your Gatekeeping in order to hold our community, our missions, our mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. Our Intention is Unification – The Christ Principle – as an Energetic Reality, Here and Now.

We request the handshake of our community to fortify our spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of our Genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into all created form. We set our intention now to be Remembered to That Which We Are, fully completely and totally.

To State our Mutual Purpose as One, Resurrect All inorganic patterns to the Organic Living Light Now. And to that we Say, Thank God We Are The Cosmic Christ!

And so It is. Lovingly Decreed.
© 2009-2011, Lisa Renee

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Lisa Renee is a Spiritual Scientist, Energetic Healer, Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Guide and Quantum Therapist. She is an impactful and startlingly insightful educator bringing new wisdom about our Planet’s Ascension Cycle, its effects on our bodies, minds and spirits and how this new energy can be utilized for positive personal and global transformation.Lisa Renee is a Telepathic Channel for the Guardians, an Interdimensional Group of beings focused on the evolutionary purposes of Humankind. Find Lisa on the web at:

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The Rapture has Begun – The Return of the Ancestors

Posted by Admin on October 27, 2010

The Mayan ruins of Palenque, Mexico.

Palenque, Mexico

Repost From the Past

The Rapture has Begun – The Return of the Ancestors
Message receive in the Palenque with the Butterfly Man
March 24, 2010 ~ through Aluna Joy

The following is the fourth and final message that we received, during our latest journey to the Maya lands, in March 2010. You can find previous messages on our website at under the link entitled “Articles on Personal & Planetary Transformation “. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for humanity also. So as you read this, just imagine that you were there with us . . . the Masters and Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. You might want to imagine that you are sitting with us in Palenque.

(On this day, our first stop was to the Palenque Museum. A good portion of our group gathered around the Butterfly Man from Copan, (a living stone stele) in the central open courtyard. Aluna sat down next to him and started decoding the message here…)

The Butterfly man is showing me a progression of events that you will need to know in order to understand the message he wished to share. In 1990, I had a powerful experience in Palenque. I heard the music of the spheres, saw the etheric records of the Earth, and learned about the creative force of the universe that I was told this energy would return at the beginning of this new age (read about this story here ( ). This creative force instantly manifests everything you think and feel. When we returned to Palenque 2 years ago, we noticed that Palenque’s heart had opened immensely, and that the butterfly man’s heart was activated. He began to sharing. We began learning about the butterfly concept (you can read more about the Butterfly Man and this concept here – and here ).

This year, we see even a bigger shift in Palenque’s temples. Our hotel is inside Palenque’s energy field, and last night there was an endless parade of ancestors coming through. I saw beautiful beings with big eyes like does . . . really big brown eyes and beautiful faces. They kept coming through endlessly. I finally had to give up watching them, because there were so many. I asked The Star Elders about this, and this is the message I received.

The Star Elders would like to share an example about what this event is about so we can understand it. In Christianity, when we are saved and at the time of the rapture, we rise again . . . apparently out of our graves. In comparison, the Mayas, the Incas, the Aztecs and most indigenous cultures say that their people will return, but they don share how. We all agree this will be a time of peace and paradise on earth. It is the same story in most cultures, but with a twist in the translation. This rapture is happening now all over the Earth. It is a sign that we do in fact have our foot hold in the new world now. This is really amazing news.

Last night we experienced the first wave of a rapture of the ancestors. We must redefine the term rapture because in this case, “the rapture” does not mean we will go away from here, or ascending to heaven; but instead to rise up into a new dimension or new world. This rapture is about the return of heaven back to earth. This rapture is about being lifted up into full awareness, into life again, and being able to walk the Earth as living masters. This has been done before on earth so it is not an unrealistic idea. Adam and Eve were living in paradise… heaven… before they decided to embrace duality by eating from the tree of good and evil. They became aware of positive and negative, right and wrong, black and white etc. This is why we live with all the conflict and dramas that we do. What this sacred time calls for ALL OF US to do is, to embrace UNITY and WHOLENESS and ONENESS in our diversities. If has been this way before, it can be so again. It is simple as that. The Butterfly Man continued sharing . . . There is a lot of people on the planet that have been holding the souls of their ancestors inside of them, in their hearts. This is why so many of you feel like you have heavy hearts for no apparent reason. This is yet another reason that the Star Elders and I (the Butterfly Man) want you to activate your butterfly heart, because this is the time for your ancestors to be released into this new world. The fluttering activation of the butterfly heart is going to help these souls be released back to the New Earth so they can continue their work. (you can read more about the Butterfly Man and this concept here – and here Remember, the Star Elders and their family of living stones never do one thing for one purpose only. There are a multiple multi-dimensional reasons for each action.

Palenque holds a lot of ancient souls, because it is so protected and with it there is much love and pure creative energy anchored here. Palenque was never discovered by the conquistadors, not ever. This site was never altered by invaders. There was never a war here. It is one of the purest of all Mayan sites. That is why all of you are so happy to be here and many keep coming back. These ancestors are emerging out of the temples of Palenque, and I also realize that they are also coming out of my heart area. The Star Elders said that the ancestors are now birthing out of their soul family everywhere all over the world. So we are releasing the souls to be free to live again, and who knows how many other sites across the globe, and how many other people are feeling this today. We have no idea. But I was told 20 years ago that Palenque was going to be one of the first sites that was going to be re-birthed.

This rapture will happen in several waves over a period of time (solstice being the next wave). Last night and today is one of these waves (March 23-24th 2010). People will feel symptoms of this birthing coming out of their heart centers. They are going to feel lighter and clearer. Many of us that are on a spiritual path have felt burdened by holding these souls. We knew this time was coming by watching the progression of evolution in the sacred sites. The world will begin to shift even faster now. The Star Elders say that we are the brave ones of our soul families. We volunteered to stay here in the 3D world and do this job.

Many of these souls / ancestors were anchored in the temples. (read about the living stones here When they make the sacrifice to lock their souls into a stone, they remember how it is to be alive for a time. It is really scary, because the person in the stone cannot move and cannot breathe. If someone walks by the stone which you are in, you might say “Hello! I am in here.” But the people walking by the stone cannot see or feel the being living in the stone, because they are not sensitive enough to pick it up the message. But the people in the stones still feel alive just like you and I. This memory of being alive can last for many years, and with it they feel like they are suffocating and they ache, because they cannot move. After some time they forget what it is like to live in a body. When the souls in the stones come out again, they have to re-learn how to live all over again. They may get stiff and have respiratory trouble.

A lot of people have been carrying the souls of their ancestors. We have noticed that in the last year that the weight of this job has become almost unbearable. Maybe we blame this weight on 2012, the state of the world, or the build-up of uncertainty and fear on the planet. But considerer that this might very well be, because we have been holding all our ancestors for this very, long time. All the light workers have been holding the light on the Earth for a long time. We did this to keep the Earth from going into total darkness during the dark cycles of which we are emerging from. We are giving birth to our ancestors so that they can live again. They are being raptured and will live here on Earth again, and will help us create paradise in this new dimension.

Many of these ancestors came to be with us so they could remember how to be alive again, and now they are birthing from our hearts. So if you feel anything strange in your throat to your heart area, this might be what is happening with you. Every time we absorb a lot of energy, we might feel heavy in the chest and / or not be able to catch our breath. This is not the apocalypse. It is a wave of the rapture.

Before I arrived here, I was having strong visions of Palenque. I could see all the beings pouring out of Pacal’s tomb. It was not just Pacal, but uncountable beings. Then we got here, I could see that the etheric golden city of Palenque has almost merged with the temples once again. When I close my eyes, the temples look like they are filled with light. So now I understand why I arranged an extra day in Palenque this year. We would have missed this energy if we had left earlier. We needed to be in Palenque to help begin the release of these ancestors. So, when we walk around in our life today, just talk to the stones (the earth and your heart), and talk to the beings around you. Tell them that they are released now and to go into the world and live. Oh . . . holy moly, the dark side of the world had better watch out, because the parade of light that is coming through, they are not going to stand a chance. All mis-qualified energy will be brought to light.

This rapture is sort of like in the movie AVATAR. This film was released at the right moment in time. This concept of unity with all life, and the importance of the ancestors is now placed into the collective consciousness. So the ancestors can actually be birthed into a world that actually now understands this concept and allows space for them to return. If there wasn’t a seed of this idea in the world, the ancestors would not have a place to return to. Does that make sense? We are building a bridge for them with our hearts. It is a fine orchestration. This is humanity being reborn.

Timing is everything to the cosmic Maya. There is a time (or frequency) for everything, and if the Star Elders or other living masters tell us too much about the future, we will mess it up, because we are human. We get stuck in our heads and over think the truth until it is no longer truth. The world is a very convoluted and mixed up place, and it is nearly imposable to stay clear. This is why this great unveiling of our future comes in phases and ever shorter accelerated waves. Things we need to know are released when it is appropriate for us to know them. Spirit only works in the present moment . . . and the future does not really exist; only a matrix of possibilities. What comes next will depend on the evolution of the consciousness in humanity. You can only guestimate the future. By knowing the past, and knowing what is here now, you can guess what the future might hold.) This future is always changeable in each moment. So this message about the rapture must be very appropriate for our time, otherwise we would not be seeing this today.

Linda asks a question: So how does Egypt tie into the messages that we are getting here?

Aluna: Well, I saw all kinds of beings coming out of these temples. Some that were semi-human full of light. I saw Egyptian, Native American. I saw Maya. I saw all kinds of people flooding out. The one I remember the most, because I stopped him to look in his eyes, he had these huge eyes like a doe . . . like a deer . . . beautiful. Like an angel. All I could see was his eyes. The world is coming alive with ancestors of light.

When you anchor your soul in a stone, you usually leave a little bit of your soul behind to reincarnate over and over again. So when it comes time to get it back into a body, you have one already. Egyptians thought they would come back into the SAME body. Well, we know that doesn’t work. It was a failed experiment. Some of mummies would take over someone else’s body with permission this way wisdom and knowledge was not lost. Some mummies would take over bodies without permission. But we understand now this is a really big no-no in either case.

Gabriel asks a question: So what was happening to the soul that was already incarnated in that body?

Aluna: The small 10% portion of their soul that is left behind to reincarnate over and over in a semi-asleep mode until their soul is ready to come back. We can see many people in the world that look asleep, but maybe they are just waiting for their soul to return. When their soul returns, it is what we call it an awakening. The part of the soul that we hide away has great knowledge and had to be kept safe. The world, as well as humanity, is now ready for this knowledge, wisdom and power again.

Gabriel continues: No, no, I mean the bad mummies . . . that used to take over bodies. They were invading a body that already had another soul. So what happened to the soul that was born with the body?

Aluna: They overshadowed the original soul to the point where they did not exist anymore, or were shoved out of the body. This is why a lot of the tombs were especially sealed, and had curses put on them, because some of these ancient ones were not working with the light. They were entombed for safety reasons. Some mummies were entombed to anchor light as well. But some mummies were entombed because they were really bad guys. This is not allowed to happen anymore.

We are living in an extremely unique age. We are heading into an age where everything is going to flip back into natural harmony again. We are returning to the Garden of Eden. Anything out of resonance with natural law will have to be surrendered and clear out. It cannot survive. It is happen right before our eyes. We can see it in the mass media.

Beings of light, our ancestors are coming back now because the world is ready for the wisdom they hold. Anything that is from the past age that is not resonant with natural law will not come back. It cannot survive here now. If we are seeing these ancestors coming back now, it is an extraordinary sign that we are very, very close to turning this world around. The world will be born again. Even when I was a small child I knew about the Star Elders, I also knew that they would come back in my lifetime. So, it looks like the ancestors are being released, and that is another step toward that vision manifesting. I am still waiting buddies. 🙂

Laura adds an insight: We bridged the worlds on the last trip (Tikal, Copan in 2009).

Aluna: Yes, on our trip in Tikal, we could see that we were not in either world. It was the weirdest trip we ever did. Nobody could connect to anything. We were waffling around in this middle state, and the message that I was getting was that we were bridging the two worlds. So now we have bridged them, and it is obvious. We are now firmly anchored into this new world. Now the ancestors have a place to be reborn.

Gabriel with a question: Will we be saved before the end of the world? Because what I remember of the rapture is that you will ascend before you are dead. You will ascend into the Heavens before the destruction of the world.

Aluna: There is NOT going to be a destruction of the physical world like Hollywood suggests. The idea of the destruction is from our old consciousness from the ways of the old world. It is a memory from the fall of Atlantis and the fall from Eden. Our definition of the rapture is distorted. We have a new definition now. The destruction that WILL take place is a state of change in our consciousness. We are dying every day, losing bits and pieces of ourselves, and new ones are being born. The old world as we knew it is already collapsing, and that is why we are finding our days so challenging and so fast paced. If you ask your grandparents, or great, grandparents, what their days were like, life was very slow. Their life experiences would be that they might have had a challenge in a month. Sometimes now, we have many challenges daily. The old world is already fracturing. This is it! We are in the shift! So there is an end to the old world, BUT what will come about in a state of change in our consciousness. The trick for survival is to stay fluid and mobile and to listen to your heart in each moment. If you don’t let go, you will have to clean up that mis-qualified energy and that is hard work.

Linda adds an insight: We are surrounded by people daily that are panicking, who do not understand.

Aluna: Yes, and that building fear is in the collective consciousness. If you are sensitive, you are going to feel this fear. We are all connected. But when our consciousness is awake, we can feel this fear, but not let it affect our judgments and how we live our lives. The stuff that is going on in the collective consciousness has created many people’s phantom, physical problems. Our bodies will react to everything the the collective consciousness holds. So it is our job to shift this collective consciousness to the positive side. And this is already happening. An old Aztec friend told me once “I never let my body tell me what to do”. This is what we need to learn . . . to unify with the collective consciousness, yet not let our body’s reaction tell us what to do. Our direction should always come from the heart and the core of our spirit, not the fear in our head.

Life might get pretty interesting now because of what is happening here. We won’t know how the outside world has been effected until we go back home. We do not know how this is going to affect humanity. But I am pretty sure that the ones that do not have an open heart are going to start crumbling fast. The negative ego will not be supported and greed, hate, and mass control will begin to crumble. Those who have a lack of humanity are not considered human by the Star Elders, but aliens. Our humanity is what makes us human!

Also to clarify . . . The rapture does not have anything to do with any religious affiliation whatsoever. Jeshua’s teachings are important for everyone no matter who you are. Jeshua said “What I have done, you can do also and greater things”. He is also waiting for us to figure out what those greater things are! He raised the dead. He made the blind see. He fed the multitudes. He said we can do better things than that!

Our new job is to shatter the old paradigm of what we think is possible, and take it to the next step UP, and manifest things in a new way. We can perform what many would think are miracles beyond what Jesus and other Masters have done. There were many Masters; not just Jesus. He just happens to be the most well known one . . . at least in Christianity. This is what the butterfly heart is all about . . . to release the butterfly within . . . to release our light; to be born again.

The Star Elders do not have boundaries. The Star Elders took me off on a journey to show me what it was like to have no boundaries. I discovered that we like our boundaries. We want to someone to give us the directions and the rules. What I learned is that the Star Elders do not need to have bodies to do their work. They could have a body if they wanted to. They can manifest through sound, color, consciousness, an idea, science, geometry, etc…. So they do not need bodies or space ships by the way. So maybe these ancestors do not need a body either. These ancestors may have bodies which they are returning to, or they might just be assisting Earth’s transition energetically. They can be here in physical form, or they can be just energy. They have absolutely no boundaries to what they can do with their consciousness . . . absolutely none. If decide to manifest . . . maybe they will manifest bodies.

There are many questions that we do not have the answer to at this time. The Star Elders and humanity have never done this before. This huge cycle of time has been a grand experiment. We tried a test run in Atlantis, and we unsuccessful. It was a test run. But we all have ghostly memories of Atlantis and what happened there. The Star Elders tried out a few new ideas and have re-adjusted. The Star Elders came back to the Americas, they did some more research in Peru and Mesoamerica.

This is a global rapture. I think this is why our groups are always international with many countries represented. We want to touch the whole planet with this awakening. This is your homework . . . to go and set the ancestors free, and set yourself free along with them. The more we remember the story, the more we lighten up. It is important to remember the story and share it. Everybody has a different piece to the puzzle, and when all the pieces come together, we can have unity in the diversities. If we don’t share our piece, because we think it is too wild, or people will think we are crazy, then everyone looses.

At some point, we think the magnetic energy of the earth will drop out. At that time, all the old, hideous, etheric record that has been anchored on the Earth by war and other horrible atrocities will be wiped clean. But it only happens when the magnetic energy of the earth drops out. The negatives cannot continue with us to the new world. I had a dream about this time (read about the dream here When you see this world disappear, you enter another one.

This is why I started the Facebook “Ascension Symptoms Support Group” ( ). This group has helped take the sting and the fear out of this time that we are in, because it is scary when our bodies react to the changes. We are feeling all kinds of things that we don’t understand. And it is probably going to continue to be a little scary. Fear is always present when we approach something new. Any time we do something new, we always feel that little anticipation, or nervousness, or that little flutter of the butterflies in the stomach. It is in our human design, when we step outside of the norm, to feel a little uneasy. So we are now stepping into HUGE things that nobody has done before. The Star Elders don’t even know where this is all going. The Masters don’t know where this is going. It is new territory . . . a new frontier. We are all entering this together. It is one big, giant orchestration of which all of humanity is a part of. All of us are needed in all our unique diversities.

This is an culmination of a grand cycle where the Star Elders, humanity and all the other living masters will unify together to successfully shift humanity into a new world. The Star Elders have been telling me for years that there is nothing to worry about. The Star Elders have already seen us enter the new world successfully. We have a huge amount of divine assistance these days. We all feel the angels and guides and the legions of light in the universe when we call on them. The Earth is the last to wake up in our solar system and in the universe. The Ancients and the Masters have been waiting for this day for a long time. They are really anxious for us to get into alignment, because when we do, all the portals open up to other world and other culture they contain. It is going to be wild, and I want to be here to see that. We have paid a heavy price to live in this body at this time, and we have earned this. I want to attend the big party that is to come.

ALUNA JOY YAXK’IN is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak) Clairvoyant, or seer of living energy.

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Mankind's SOUL EVALUATIONS Between Lives

Posted by Admin on October 4, 2010

8-25-10 to 10-25-10

NOTE: Blue Star wishes to include a special message for all people. This message is to remain on the website for the entire year of 2010.

*People of all nations, please listen to what I have to say: this year of 2010 is a year that will never be forgotten. Those who are progressing on their own path of Spiritual evolution at their own pace, will be facing many trials and tribulations FOR A WHILE this year. You are each here on the Earth Star planet for more than 1 reason; all you really need to know about that is that this is the year you all trained for. 2010 is a year to live courageously! All that you know and all that you think you know is being put to the test. How you each handle these tests will be your own measure of greatness, your own meter of your strengths and weaknesses. We will all continue watching over you as will those of the Spirit world. We will aid all those we can. Those who refuse to change, well, their future is now written in stone. The answer to “11-11” is IN “2011.”

Now, the issue here is leaving the physical vehicle and the beginning of the journey into the ethereal realms. There does NOT exist any singular mode which is appropriate for all Souls to use. In one sense, all variables have been encountered in the lifetime just experienced by ANY Soul. Yet in another sense, each Soul in the moment of transfiguration is fully cognizant that what they are experiencing is the culmination of all their efforts. While this concerns the Souls who are leaving the planet “Earth Star,” there is a different slower process which the Soul uses in order to transcend the density of the atmosphere. Some Souls experience a heaviness surrounding them; this is oftentimes accompanied by a gray hue. Others experience a “leaping” sensation, or a feeling of movement in a rather spastic fashion. Much of this can be attributed to the leaving of the former timelines as well as the alteration of the atmospheric conditions. It is at this point that similarities occur. It should be duly noted that for many of these ones, they are sharing a certain “state” of awareness that is “unawareness.“ For a while they do not know that a time of transformation has begun. The duration of this “Holy State” varies for each Soul. Throughout this particular energetic exchange many Souls are in a state of flux regarding their whereabouts.

Just as the eyes have sight or non-sight, so does the Soul during this time. These Beings are in a metamorphosis of sorts; it is a critical state where the Soul must reassure Itself of which plane it has entered. Memory naturally accompanies each one to a certain degree; ergo there is a subtle transition which is taking place. In linear time over the past centuries, mankind has often relied upon memory as a safeguard when making important decisions, particularly when these decisions involve pivotal changes in life directions BASED upon previous, but PRESENT, life experience. Thus the memory can be either an asset or a liability. Those who have formed a co-dependency on left-brain memories carry this trait with them as they “pass over.” The Soul allocates time for the entity to separate analytical, ego-based memory from Soul memory. Those whose lives have been centered on their intuitive Self, their Soul Self throughout their life experience, continue in this manner during the Sacred Transition period. For the latter, their Soul memories are intact and thus supersede all previous memory. None arrive in different dimensions totally “alone.” Each is accompanied by certain dominant Spirits whose purpose is to ease, comfort and assure each of the “incoming” of his or her own immortality. There exist numerous ways in which any Soul may choose to conduct Its exit from the Earth Star planet. We will not at this time begin any discussion regarding those who become entangled between planes.

Regardless of which tool, which method, an entity chooses as its arrival “ticket” from the Earthbound world, a certain shock affects most Souls as this final “cutting away” of all which they have far so long been familiar with is experienced. This is referred to as “cosmic shock.” It is quite normal. The sensations associated with this state range from bewilderment to a type of knowing, to ecstasy. The Spirits accompanying each Soul assume a form of one whom the departing Soul shares a deep affinity with. It matters not if it is an image of a loved one who had passed over long ago, or if they see and hear and Spiritually embrace one they perceive to be a beloved “Saint” or Spirit Guide. All do sense a deep quiet which envelops them and unconditionally wraps them in the purest energy of love they have ever known.

It is as their sense of shock dissipates, as each one becomes fully aware of ethereal music, that they slowly begin the journey of Self-discovery. This is NOT music as you know of here on the Earth Star. These are pods of energy emanating from all higher dimensions and coalescing as an exquisite blending of harmonic sound and energy-motes. This is Soul music; it is a cornucopia of each and every Soul who has ever been. All who have gained success in their quest far ONENESS has embellished their fragments of SELF in this sphere. Each speck is unique. Thus when awakening here, one feels and hears a “melodic” sound that enhances the depth of purity within the Soul. This is an uplifting experience which must be brought into manifestation; it cannot otherwise be explained nor truly understood by those in the gross density known here on Earth for so long as, “the third-dimension.” Souls who have not accomplished what they needed to, possess a note of a totally different resonance. It is in no way “bad,” since “bad” does not exist in this transfiguration process. The note is instead muted; not harsh, simply undistinguishable among other notes. These Souls whose lives were based upon self-deprecation, lower based value systems and the fears and misunderstandings about “going within,” are not in any way evil. Therefore their note is not discordant, but VERY muted.

Those Souls who are sorely tainted by grievous malefic errors of judgment which they have KNOWINGLY committed, also have a note. Now, description here is difficult .. however it is sufficient to state that their notes perfectly match these Beings’ true natures. For this latter group .. their note is heard not here, in the place of THE SACRED ONE, but it is heard in “The Valley of The Screaming Souls.” There exists NO valid justification for those who are just to suffer the music of the unjust. Although all Souls enter this plane of transfiguration and relocation, yet here also is where the great separation which began on the Earth Star continues. It is still an aspect of the separation of the “wheat” from the “chaff.” Those who have earned the privilege of quietude will indeed now enjoy it. This journey of the Souls whose “past” are still very much a part of them becomes as interesting for us to observe, as it is for them to experience. How each interacts with their Guardian Spirits at this juncture is quite pertinent to the belief systems which they held while in the third-dimension. It is during the period of cosmic shock, when most experience their emotions running rampant, that the awareness of their altered environment and the slowly dawning realization of the ethereal chambers they now reside in, causes each to “remember” that which they had “forgotten.” The music which they hear is accompanied by magnificent prisms of multicolored lights and a variety of radiant Spirit Beings.

Now, as all this data is being assimilated, a fusion of Spiritual feelings with the Soul’s innate awareness of all true realities, are being transmitted to each of the “new residents” from the Beings who are of the Angelic realms. These “feelings” which we speak of are not ones you can experience here on Earth. They are in fact an intense blending of alchemical energies progressively becoming stronger as each Soul reaches out to a similar vibratory source. This is a “breakthrough” which results in a state of peacefulness, a serenity of Spirit that encompasses each of these Souls. Thus the time of relinquishing fear caused by the temporary sense of disorientation begins to take place. At times, this particular period can be very amusing. Those who are now aware that they have in fact entered a higher dimension, “act out” in quite unusual manner with EXTREMELY varied expectations. It should also be noted that all Souls upon arriving at this plane, see themselves as still wearing human forms. In actual fact, the physical vehicle ceased to be. However, BECAUSE these ones THINK they are still a part of such, they SEE themselves encased in human form.

Those who have passed over in violent manner, do NOT carry the physical scars upon them. That would only instill fear within them and terror which would be non-productive. There do exist many Souls who had been rigid “hard liners,” within orthodox religions. These ones maintained a steadfast fixation regarding their arrival here and their “reception.” Some actually look for St. Peter and the “pearly gates.” Others fully expect to see Angels WITH WINGS. The most staunchly inflexible ones insist on looking for a “wrathful GOD,” complete with flaming sword, smoting the unrighteous and welcoming the righteous into HIS fold. This perspective is all quite fanciful and totally unrealistic. So, for this group in particular, a part of the cosmic shock reverberates through these ones as the failure of their ideas of truth found in the third-dimensional REALITY is peeled away, layer upon layer, revealing the Universal truths. If any of you here are expecting trumpets and fanfare, or to be congratulated for all which YOU have perceived to be a “righteous” life led, then YOU TOO are in for a rude awakening.

“A LIFE WELL LIVED, REWARDS ITSELF, CONGRATULATES ITSELF, HONORS ITSELF.” Nothing else is needed. On the plane of receivership, the Law states that THIS is the type of life expected to be lived, this is the norm. Now, as some Souls• struggle with the “bottoming out.” sensation, others who have led an exemplary life with the focus on nurturing and advancing their Souls, radiate an inner realization that most of what they are now experiencing is as they had felt that it would be. These are the ones whose Spirits begin to soar. Oneness for these Souls is much simpler to achieve. Those who have been “neutral” in their Earth life lessons, those whose paths must intermingle many more times on the Earth plane, or on another planet of similar low density, usually are the quietest. They do indeed perfectly match their notes. They emit both awe and fear. These ones still have much to learn. Those who are dark Souls, NOT in color, but in TONE, are segregated from the pure Souls until such time that preparations are completed for them to leave en masse to their “Valley.” These Souls have placed themselves in a perilous position indeed. They have made their choice not to choose. Thus the die has been cast. Now, it is of great importance that much clarity becomes the focus on this wondrous occasion. You ones on the Earth Star should be aware that all these Souls are in groups of their own kind, protected and still accompanied by many forms of Light Beings.

Some of these stewards’ responsibilities are in projecting love energy and unlimited understanding into the confusion still present among some of the Souls. Others of these Guardians speak telepathically and describe the next plane which awaits each Soul. Yet still others exist as pure, luminous Light which acts as a beacon to these ones. At this point while these personalities still believe that they have a body, they unwittingly “talk” to their Guides in human tongue. It always comes as a surprise to these Souls when they finally realize that their Spirit Guides have been speaking to them through a process of mind-thought. The new Souls, once they have arrived at this understanding, then make no further attempt to verbalize. Rather, they “speak” in like-fashion. This heralds the beginning of the acceptance of their new REALITY. It is in this timeframe, when the ego is slowly fading with its “mind memory,” that another hurdle is encountered. The complexity here lies in “what” these Souls had been believing was reality and “what” the true nature of the situation really was. It is here in this myriad emotional arena that each Soul who still believed that he or she still retained the physical vehicle, takes notice that the illusion of the physical shell begins to alter itself. A quite visible dissipation has now begun. The human body, as they know it, slowly begins to fade until a point of total transparency is achieved. Throughout this period, each Soul may watch either themselves or any of the others who are with them, as each continues through this altered-state process.

This process is aligned with pertinent knowledge being imparted to each of these Souls through their Guides, regarding the necessity of this action. The Kosmonic part of the Soul “seals” off the areas relative to the former third-dimensional illusional reality and releases past knowledge which contains a soporiferous essence emitting inner peace and acceptance. Now, some few who witness the disappearance of all which is no longer a feasible part of their reality do indeed make futile attempts to force the outer body housing to continue to exist. They do not prevail. These ones too, through the process of their Guides encouraging them to understand all which is occurring, soon realize that what had been before is now relegated to the Kosmonic past. Now, all of the Guides present do indeed exhibit endless patience with these newly-arrived Souls. Many of these highly evolved Beings who are the “caretakers and caregivers,” had at one time enjoyed a life experience on the Earth Star. Some may have Created only one excursion here to the Earth while others enjoyed many sojourns in human guise. Remember however, this is not true of all those who dwell on the higher planes of “duality,” known as androgyny-yet being of ONENESS. So it is that on this level, this plateau of transformation, these Spirit Souls who once walked among you and are now assisting those who are the “incoming,” retain the ability to empathize with ALL their brethren.

In this manner they project a pure stream of love-based unification essence towards these ones. The Universe leaves nothing to chance during this important and pivotal Soul transition. Now, as part of the Kosmonic chamber closes itself, another chamber opens. This is a segment of the “new present,” yet it is the future as well. This chamber deals with the innate wisdom of Spirit evolution vs. free expression. All CURRENT paths which may be followed and all of the probability factors which have been calculated for an individual’s success are revealed. Only when a Soul has left this receivership sphere and established residence on another “thought plane,” does the clarity of the revelations issue forth. This is indeed the next upward step on their climb to their own immortality. Thus it is that the LAW exists NOW as it always HAS; the Universe permits no discrepancies, NO interruptions in this slow process towards the ultimate Spiritual freedom. The totality of the unification of SELF with the God of this Universe and with the Creator is recognized as an ultimate goal. So, as the illusion of the physical vehicle is dissipated, a Soul then is revealed in its true reality. Each has been transformed into its own natural state; each is a beam of Light. Those Souls who had possessed a need to identify a Spirit Guide as one to whom they were related while on Earth and those who had imagined they were seeing an image of a “favorite saint,” see instead their Guide’s TRUE FORM. All the “newly” arrived now KNOW the totality of Universal truth. All religious dogma previously adhered to which had been in direct opposition and totally without merit regarding the CREATOR’S TRUE NATURE, as well as the Laws of the Universe, are discarded.

No words in ANY language are required to accomplish this; it is simply KNOWN! It is when the KNOWN is experienced that the KNOWING begins. Now, those Souls who were previously part of a priesthood, or of other orthodox religious ministries and orders, will always be the ones who will feel and experience the deepest sense of shock. This too will pass. It must be remembered that a large number of Souls who entered into the various religious cults did so for the express purpose of helping others as well as for their own perceived need of locating a suitable vehicle for their own “atonement.” So it was that what they felt were shortcomings in their own lives, they adequately supplanted by performing what they felt that GOD DICTATED-TO SAVE OTHER SOULS FROM HELL AND DAMNATION. The fact that they were wrong did not occur to many of these ones during their Earthly times. These ones need feel no remorse of that which they had been part of during their life expression. Rather, it would be of far greater impact to these Souls to simply acknowledge that they had in fact done all that they could; if the reality is that they TRULY had. Now. a commonality shared by the new arrivals is a tendency to seek out God. Although each feels His CONSTANT presence, there is a subtle current of energy flowing among them which is in fact an intense desire to “see” Him. This period of indescribable longing passes for most as they become one with the peace which surrounds them. Even the lesser evolved Souls are CONSTANTLY expecting HIS arrival. As each Soul attains a deeper understanding of the new freedom from all mortal bonds, it is then that each must prepare to undergo the final part of a cleansing process; and that is their final farewells.

For those Souls who are more evolved very little is required now; these ones are fully aware that those they had been with on the Earth plane will once again be reunited with them at a different “time.” These are the ones who feel no regrets about all which has so recently transpired. They rightly perceive all that has gone before them as but a continuation of all which will come to pass.. AGAIN. This is the ultimate understanding which can be attained at this point. Some who had designated themselves to be “caretakers” in the life experience they recently left, are quite loath to make the final break. These ones function best when shown that they need not feel dismayed about their loved ones’ abilities to exist. These recently departed Souls are allowed to descend among the Earthbound Souls. SOME ARE WHILE SOME ARE NOT. It is clearly understood that the descending Souls are permitted to observe the reactions and emotions of the beloved ones on Earth for only a brief second in time. Their Guardian Spirits accompany them and provide a protective shield around each. This is necessary when entering a lower realm of observance. Those who are the recently departed are encouraged to simply view the people, not to make any overt attempts to attract attention as this could prove to be detrimental to those still existing in lower based frequencies. The descending Souls have been made aware that the unconscious mind easily tunes into the presence of Spirits. If this anomaly occurs before one has adjusted to another’s passing over, it could indeed cause the Earthling undue distress. Humans must first adjust to their own feelings of grief and loss before they can maintain an ease with other world presences. Many still leading mortal lives falsely believe that when being visited by an entity of the Spirit world, it is due to that anima’s unhappiness of the life relinquished. There are of course exceptions. There are those on the Earth Star who are consciously aware that there truly exists no real loss of life. Life is but an experience. All is predetermined by the extent to which a personality has been conditioned, or brainwashed, by the NOW former third-dimensional reality. It has been duly noted in our archives that nearly all who require a prolonged type of farewell after passing over do thereafter achieve a measure of contentment in regard to the state of mind of those they left behind.

So, as there is a CONSTANT influx of Souls arriving, there exists an equal balance of many Souls’ exodus to the next plane. Each must leave the present plane at a different time in accordance with their ability to move onward to specific lessons still awaiting each one. Each Soul is informed at the proper time that it is TIME. This can also occur when nearly all have expressed their willingness and desire to continue onward and upward bound. Those few who are still not ready may continue to remain here on this plane a while longer. So, the journey to the next dimension now begins in earnest. This next level is one of a completely different vibration. Here, one exists for a given period of time in a form of “suspended animation.” We are referring to the mobility of the Spirit form to move from place to place, NOT that there exists any inability for the Soul to function. All new arrivals and those who accompany them are aware of all that will transpire in this realm. This place is one of solitude; one of introspection and contemplation of all that has been achieved or not achieved until now. So, each is greeted by a Being who is the caretaker of the realm. This Soul is a benevolent entity whose responsibilities lie in simply “being as one” with each “new” Soul. As each of these Souls enters into this state of becoming quiet within, each is much aware of the presence of God. HE does not need to arrive there, for HE is already an integrated part of this realm; God is experienced as the quiet, the aloneness, the state achieved when each of these ones feel utter contentment within themselves. As each of their “companion Guides” prepare to once again return to their “home” realm, they leave a particle of themselves, an energy form which is a mirror image of themselves, with their beloved brethren. Thus an umbilical cord once again exists between them; one which shall not, cannot, be severed in the higher dimensions of GOD I AM.

The exalted entity, the caretaker who oversees this entrance way to present and future, emits much strong, positive energy currents as an inducement or reassurance, that each Soul is making strides in his or her quest for Soul perfection. He has the knowledge of the conditions most conducive for each one’s ongoing state of peace; he then proceeds to Create the requisite mood for each Soul. It had been decreed long ago as part of the Universal Divine Plan, that each Soul should enjoy a particular atmosphere reminiscent of their home planet during this incubation period. So it is that while each attunes to the Kosmonic Self, each finds his environment to be the one in which he or she had experienced their Creation. Those whose origins are of, let us just make up a name here, the Xodian planet, find themselves apparently returned there while in this state. Those of other orbs and galaxies also see themselves as “having returned home.” In a sense, they have. Their perspective of reality is such that while experiencing the facsimile of “being home,” they totally immerse themselves in intense Soul study. There exists nothing to disturb them. They neither want nor require anything while in this state. This is their time of reflection and recollection. All are able now to redevelop the trait long forgotten .. of standing outside themselves and hearing all important events which had transpired in their most recent past.

This is a time of non-judgmental evaluation on their part concerning “right” or “wrong” actions which they had previously undertaken. The Kosmonic door of the present has now fully opened into this “new” dimension. Here in this “new” area had been stored only the most pertinent memories as the door to the past had closed. These memories are used for a Soul’s edification and now FINALLY are viewed as such. No sense or state of Self-condemnation exists during this process, none is needed. These Souls have begun once again, as they had during previous transitions in the between-lives phases, to cherish each “obstacle” and to thank themselves for each one overcome. They feel no sense of loss when a challenge which needed to be met had not been overcome to their satisfaction. They have once again arrived at the realization that each issue represents an exciting stage of their evolution. These ones know they shall experience this again and again and in the end be victorious. This is but one of many reasons why the “state of solitude” is not only necessary, but one which many long for. All are most appreciative of this time to be ALONE. This is their JUDGEMENT DAY! It is not necessary for them to suffer as they review their pasts. That would be an irrational act. The Creator and the Creation do nothing which is irrational so then why, on this extraordinary day, should His Issue act in any fashion which would be in direct opposition to HIM? Now, this period of re-education supersedes all of the prior incarnations. The most recent life experience is the one which is dealt with. It would be unfruitful for too many memories to intrude at this point. The probability exists that should this occur, it would cause a scattering of power which would require an excessive amount of energy to be exerted in an attempt to perfect all past lives at one time.

The ramifications of this type of situation could ultimately affect the entire planet. You would do well to remember, as has been previously explained, the past has already Created the present; the future has already been Created by and in the present. Therefore, if even only one Soul was permitted to travel through time in a reverse process, while retaining the full conscious knowledge of their errors of judgment, the outcome of the actions they would undertake, as well as the effect it would have upon others, would be quite devastating! HISTORY WOULD BE REWRITTEN! This would in actuality be manipulation with the intent being Soul perfection. The end result would be … NO lessons having been learned. None would earn their laurels. All would have forgotten THE KEY. So, during this introspective state each is free to now acknowledge what it is that they have or have not learned and to decide at this time the most appropriate manner in which to redeem themselves, in their own eyes. The Kosmonic reveals various strategic methods which each Soul may endow themselves with Spiritually while pursuing a contented physical life as well. When we speak of these methods which the Kosmonic shares with its inner Self, no specific information will be shared with you, the readers. This is the most Sacred of times, the ultimate sharing of the Soul with its Self. This is a privilege which is bestowed by God upon an entity as part of HIS reward to all those whose who are willing to listen, as well as those whose purity of Spirit earn His benevolence.

Many, but NOT ALL of you, will experience this for yourself in THIS lifetime. Throughout this time of Holy Communion many plans are formulated in regard to the present/future. Each Soul receives such knowledge as needed to foresee which life experience would be most suited for them. Each then projects a fragment of themselves into future dimensions and begins to Create a blueprint of the physical existence that would most enhance the Soul’s growth. Many variables are taken into consideration. All probability factors are computed for the best ratio of success. Each evaluates his/her perceived weaknesses, weighing the probable success or failure of overcoming such. Many now ardently seek advice from their Guides and teachers. Each of those elevated ones share their wisdom with their Guardian child. Thus it will come to pass that the individual Soul will select certain Spirit Guides, as well as a Master Teacher Guide, for their future incarnate period. It is known by all that at NO time will any of the Guides force an entity to “do” or not to “do” something. This is NOT permitted. Many vows which cannot be broken are indeed Created here. Each evolved Spirit Being has worked with the Guardian child in selecting the geographic location, the parents to be born to and the specific astrological aspects of life which would best suit them in their new upcoming ADVENTURE. All of the Guardian children are aware now of each possible and probable crossroad which awaits them in their soon-to-be human life. The fragments of themselves which have returned from “future” dimensions contribute much wisdom to these children. The issues here concern the “times,” the people and the places, who may bring them jeopardy or joy. Thus it is in accordance with the Divine Plan that all types of knowledge is shared with them, complete with the full understanding that NOT ALL wisdom will be available to them CONSCIOUSLY, after their descent into matter. It requires the child to LOOK within in order to be successful. So although ALL is shared and NOTHING is hidden, the lessons remain for the child’s own depth of Soul understanding and fortitude which need to be “recalled” at the approach of any and all crossroads. At this time also the vows made between the Soul child and the Soul Guide now becomes part of the “triad.” As each is now aware of all to come and the choices which will be set before each one, another plan between Guide and child is made. Each of the children must establish certain points in their lives where they feel they will require one or more of their Guides to assist them in awakening to their destiny. Some choose to awaken very slowly to their life lessons. A few choose to take quantum leaps. Each step MUST be of equal balance with the individual Soul’s current progress. None must accelerate TOO rapidly.

Those who become impatient with the process of growth will learn to slow themselves down, OR they will BE SLOWED DOWN! Those who choose to take the leaps rather than the slow strides will consciously know the future as well. Preferential treatment does not exist here … ALL are equals. Now, it is further understood and agreed to that the Guides and other teachers will take whatever steps necessary in awakening their child at the appropriate time. There are those who will be able to respond to a simple whisper, this is fine; this is what is desired, for those who will later need to have a cinder block dropped on their heads, this is fine too. As humans engaged in self-depravation are heard to say, “NO PAIN NO GAIN!” The reasons for some extraordinary measures required re-establishing contact between the child and their Guide(s) is quite simple. Many of the children do become enthralled with the Earth plane and all of her beauty. These ones “have become lost in the creation of time.” As each continues to weave their intricate web of the future it is most easy for many to “forget” the purpose of, and in, the present. With the Creation of all pre-planned conditions the Soul is NUDGED to bring forth the conscious knowledge required to attain its goal. So it remains to be seen as the child approaches certain choices, (crossroads), throughout its life span, whether he or she will ask for assistance; will look within to bring forth unhesitatingly the Soul voice and respond to it, or as is more common, react in similar fashion as in a previous time, thus taking many steps backwards as a lack of faith supersedes all else. Regardless of which they choose, NONE ARE WRONG!

The affinity which exists between Guardian child, his Guides and teachers in MOST cases, has been of long duration. The child tends to re-select the same Spirits with whom he has been a part of in many previous existences. Some of these ones had at one time shared many Earthly lives together until one or the other had no further need to experience a life in this dimension. The Master Teachers are those whose evolutionary level is of a higher degree than many of their Spirit Brethren. Thus in times of uncertainty all may call upon the one whose experiences are much vaster. So it is that a Sacred Circle is formed once again between the Guides, teachers and children. The holy principal denoting the relationship between the Spirits and the children is predicated upon “promises made and promises kept.” Each of these entities retain an essence, a part of the other. Each Creates a balance of Spirit which lasts throughout eternity, so to speak. As each is but a part of the whole, so is each an integral active participant in the DANCE OF LIFE. Some are MORE active than others! Now, as each Guardian child has attained satisfaction with the plans devised for their next descent into matter, each is now permitted to withdraw to yet another sphere located in a galaxy devoted to a child’s seclusion. This place exists within a dimension which is non-visible to most among you on the Earth Star. Some realms ARE visible to all Beings, many are not. This particular area can only be accessed by the Guardian child who is awaiting a specific timeframe which is theirs alone. These Souls are of human origins, for the most part, that are in dire need of a place to repose until their time has come. Usually, other species of life whose origins are other than human have their own place of solitude.

During their respite the Kosmonic of the future for the human child unfolds to soon become the “present.” Each Soul now rests and contemplates their upcoming existence. This is their most quiet of times … the lessons have been studied and the “homework” acknowledged; all the plans have been viewed in regard to reward and consequence; all is now in readiness. This dear readers, is part of the Dance of Eternal Life! Once a Soul has left these important planes, the rest, FOR THE MOST PART, is up to the Soul with hopefully, the cooperation of the personality. I hope I have been of assistance to you ones by providing a few bits of information that you may “make the most of,” if that is your desire.

I am signing off for now…….

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side
and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation.
In time, all shall be as one…I shall meet you there.”
….Blue Star……©Copyright 1997, 2010 –

All information may be reprinted with copyright notice and
link back to visibly displayed.

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Why Are We Here?

Posted by Admin on October 4, 2010

by Owen Waters

The Age-Old Questions of Life

According to basic spiritual principles, we are individual expressions of Infinite Being and we are here to experience life. Each person is unique, and our purpose on Earth is to experience life from our own unique perspective. We are the eyes and ears, so to speak, of Infinite Being.

You are here to experience your uniqueness, and to experience it as fully as possible. That way, you learn as much as possible from the experience of being who you are in this particular incarnation.

The Paradoxes

It is a paradox that everyone is here for the same reason and yet everyone has an individual purpose. Everyone is here to experience life as deeply as possible, and yet your individual purpose is to explore your unique character. Everyone, therefore, has an unique function within the infinite variety of Creation.

Another paradox is the question of destiny versus freewill. People seem to have freewill, and yet, if destiny exists, wouldn’t pre-destiny cancel freewill? Not exactly. Here’s how it works.

You planned your overall path through life before you were born. That life plan is your overall destiny, but the details of life leave plenty of room for freewill. You could even use your freewill to change your whole life plan, but then, why would you want to change your own life plan? The fact that your physical brain doesn’t remember your own pre-made plan doesn’t hinder the fact that it continues to unfold as time goes by. Your inner self, your soul, remembers your plan perfectly. One of the functions of your inner self is to give you hunches that you can follow. These hunches, when acted upon, assist you to explore your life’s potential to the fullest effect.

Meditators Have More Fun

Regular meditation keeps you in tune with your inner self and helps to guarantee that you get the most out of life by being in the right places at the right times. Then synchronicity can unfold in the form of meetings and events which support your life’s purpose.

At a soul level, you are a member of an extended family of many hundreds of people. All of these people know and love you, so there are always ample opportunities available for incarnation through parents that you already know at a soul level. People usually choose lives where they can surround themselves with members of their extended soul family. People in the same soul family share common themes. They are in tune with your consciousness and therefore interested in the same issues and experiences in life.

Before the Veil of Birth

When it was time for you to incarnate into this life, you viewed several alternatives, including several possible sets of parents. Your final choice offered you the best opportunity to explore the activities and issues that you have been experiencing.

How much detail goes into planning an entire lifetime? Destiny exists for the main events in your life – the major choices, events and connections in your life. Important relationships are carefully planned so that they have the best chance of happening. Your parents and your environment are chosen for how they will mold your life in the direction that you wish to explore.

In the pre-life planning stage, you actually get to see how everything will turn out as you explore different alternatives and scenarios. Then you make your big choice. You say, “I’ll take Fred and Freda Smith as parents. I’ll be their baby boy, starting in 9 months when I get born. Until then I’ll hang around them in spirit, at least on and off, until it’s time to emerge and become a baby person.

Then I’ll grow up in their family, attending that local elementary school. When they move to Phoenix as planned, I’ll go to high school there and meet my old buddy, who’ll be called Freddie, and he’ll be the same age as me. Sylvia’s family will move into town when I’m sixteen, and being her boyfriend will start to shape the direction of the rest of my life. We’ll go to the same college together and explore the idea that she will need me to support her while she goes on to medical school to become a doctor.” And so on, and so on, as the plan unfolds. Each plan eventually includes a series of agreements orchestrated to interact with the plans of other souls.

Themes, Issues, Adventures

Personal themes are planned for exploration in life, as well as soul family themes. Also, there are cultural themes and global issues, especially in today’s growing global awareness. One theme that society has been developing over the last few decades is the issue of liberation from the imbalance of a patriarchal society.

At the same time, an even larger shift has been taking place – the shift from a consciousness of separation to one of integration. Separation consciousness has been the theme for thousands of years. We have separated into tribes, then countries and empires. We have separated ourselves by race, sex and religion. We have even separated our own consciousness, focusing it further into the external world and away from the inner light which is the very source of our consciousness.

One of the first differences that will be noticed as the world evolves towards integrated consciousness is that people will care more about their work. Most people today see their work as a means to an end, as a way to pay the bills and maybe get ahead a little.

Tomorrow, people will work at what they love and they will care deeply about the quality of service that they provide, because they will care for their customers. Of course, there are people who work just like that today, but they are in the minority. Tomorrow, it will become the new standard, the new work ethic. Loving what you do and doing what you love.

The purpose of being human in today’s Shift to the New Reality is to learn how to translate universal love into human form. Universal love is the aspect of original consciousness which holds Creation together. The universe is, by its very design, filled with the love of the Original Creator.

Once universal love has been transformed through the heart-consciousness of a human being, it enters the global mind atmosphere of Earth which we all share. This upgrades the entire human experience, taking us one more step into the unfolding New Reality.

Update, January 2008

For more, even deeper, information on the reason for life itself, see the e-book, “Discover Your Purpose in Life.” It will not only show you how to discover the purpose of your inner being and your own destiny; it will take you on a voyage of inner discovery.

On this journey, you will pass through the layers of what used to be unsolved mysteries. At each step, you will travel deeper still, always using the question “why” to go deeper yet, until we reach the final layer and discover the answer to the ultimate mystery in life. Discover the deepest motivation for life itself!

Download the Insight E-Book “Discover Your Purpose in Life” now.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
“The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness”
and the Infinite Being Insight E-Books

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Twelve Principles for the New Reality

Posted by Admin on October 4, 2010

by Owen Waters

The New Reality brings with it a new vista of awareness. In order to operate successfully in the new environment, you need to apply the new principles which come with this expanded view of reality.

Such knowledge empowers you to awaken to your newly expanded potential and manifest it with ease.

Here are some basic principles of the universe, as seen from the expanded vista of New Reality consciousness.

In this, the ultimate reality is recognized as universal consciousness, which is the formative essence behind all that exists within the universe. This essence can be called Infinite Being because it is the awareness behind everything within the universe.

Here are twelve principles which describe the New Reality awareness.

1. Infinite Being is All That Is. Nothing exists outside of it

The universe exists within the consciousness of Infinite Being. The physical world exists within the consciousness of Infinite Being. We exist within the consciousness of Infinite Being.

2. We are Infinite Being

Creation is holographic in nature, meaning that the one can be found within the all. For example, the oak tree produces acorns and yet the life-form of a complete oak tree is contained within each acorn. If a picture hologram is divided into two, both parts will still retain the complete original picture.

While you are a part of the consciousness of Infinite Being, you are also Infinite Being itself. At the deepest level of reality, all that Infinite Being is, you are.

Therefore we are, each one of us, Infinite Being.

3. Purpose in life

Your overall purpose in life is to experience it from one individual, unique point of view. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. From a cosmic point of view, you are one expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible viewpoints. In this way, through you and all life, Infinite Being gains infinite experience.

At a personal level, you, as a soul, pre-planned the major themes of your life. You chose the time, the place and your parents in order to set a life plan in motion which would explore those themes. Such pre-planning gave rise to the occurrence of related, meaningful events in your life which may have already given you the impression that destiny exists.

Destiny does exist, to the extent that the major themes of your life are pre-planned, by you, ahead of time.

As you pass through life, certain names, places, people and activities resonate with a certain specialness in your consciousness. It’s almost as if you knew them once before, but you can’t quite remember when or where. That is destiny, as it unfolds important, pre-planned and pre-viewed events into your life.

In the phenomenon called déjà vu, scenes that you recognize as they unfold in your life are scenes which you had previously viewed in another state of consciousness. This previewing occurred either during your pre-life planning or, more often, in a recent, out-of-body, dream-state where, in order to help yourself remain on-purpose, you reviewed the important, upcoming events in your life.

4. Free will enables you to explore your true potential

Free will fills in all the details. It can be used to any degree that you choose. The most productive use of free will is to explore your true potential within the themes of your life, thus gaining the greatest possible experience from your life plan.

5. Reincarnation

Reincarnation exists to provide a variety of experiences, so that life skills may be gained, and so that, while in a physical body, you can rediscover your spiritual connection within.

6. Life after ‘death’

From the point of view of your true, inner personality, passing away from the physical realm is like stepping out of a suit that you have worn for a while. The suit is not the real you. In your spirit body, you move into the spirit realm, which is a place of joy and healing. After meeting with friends and relatives who have passed on before, you start work on resolving the issues which caused inner conflict during your physical life. Then, as you move into the higher realms, remembering more about who you really are, you experience reunion with the rest of your immediate and extended soul families.

7. Life reflects what you project

Reflectance is a property of the universe. Also known as karma, this principle states that life reflects your beliefs, emotions and actions. The stronger these are, the more apparent it becomes that life is a mirror of what you project.

Every time you change the way you view life, the universe, just like a mirror, reflects your new view of reality. This may not occur instantaneously as, often, circumstances do not allow the new reflection to immediately manifest. In this case, the new reality is held, like a pressure within the aura of your body’s subtle magnetic field. You then walk around in life, surrounded by this magnetic potential, as it influences your circumstances to adapt into a form where the new reality will be able to manifest and operate.

Reflectance, sooner or later, produces manifestation. Therefore, if you don’t like something in your life, the most powerful way to change its effect permanently is to discover how you are generating that reflection, and then change your point of view so that you change the reflection that you are causing from the universe.

That’s how reflectance works. It’s just like law in physics. It’s how the universe was designed. The mirror of life will shine happiness upon you, but not until you first decide, within yourself, to become a happy person. Then it will reflect your new reality.

8. Abundance is natural

Natural abundance comes from ‘getting into the flow,’ by doing work that brings a sense of inner excitement. The phrase “Follow your inner joy” is actually the key to abundance. Once you follow your innermost joy and adapt your situation to doing work that you love, then synchronicity begins to flow. Synchronicity is the universe’s way of telling you that you’re on the right track. It is a flow of events where everything starts clicking into place in order to support your efforts.

Synchronicity brings you opportunities, people, events and circumstances exactly when and where they need to be. When life flows naturally, the universe’s natural state of abundance follows automatically.

9. Love is the only reality

Unconditional, holistic love is the answer to all of life’s challenges. We are here on Earth to learn how to love ourselves and others, and to accept ourselves and others completely, without judgment.

At this point, some people ask, “What, are you supposed to love someone who is bent on being anti-social, even destructive?” The secret here is that there is a difference between an acceptance of the outer beliefs of a person and an acceptance of their inner essence.

Regardless of that person’s outward belief system, and whether you agree with it or not, it is the inner essence of the person that you learn to recognize, love and accept.

The secret is that unconditional love will heal the world, and there is no shortage of its supply. The universe is permeated by, and held together by, the love aspect of the One Creator. You have only to allow it to flow through you in order to experience its wonder.

10. Self-responsibility

You create your own reality and take personal responsibility for it. Your life is a reflection of your point of view in this, the set of experiences that you, as a soul, planned for this life.

11. Truth is everywhere

The ultimate truth is to be found within, yet the study of a variety of sources of information helps you to reawaken and remember your inner truth. Your intuitive sense is your guide as to what material is most appropriate for you at any particular time during your personal development.

12. Inner connection and insight

Inner connection with your spiritual source promotes spiritual transformation and the achievement of your true potential. Developing intuition, both in men and women, provides an essential insight into life’s experiences.

The way this is achieved is through regular, daily meditation. The regular practice of meditation promotes intuitive insight, unconditional love and personal spiritual experiences. Any meditation technique that you prefer will function perfectly well, but the Infinite Being meditation technique is particularly powerful.

With practice, you actually need no technique at all, because you will find that you can go into those deeper levels of awareness, whenever you wish, as an acquired habit. In the meantime, check out the ultimate door-opener to the higher realms of human consciousness, the Infinite Being meditation technique.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
“The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness”
and the Infinite Being Insight E-Books

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Angels Everywhere! What they are…

Posted by Admin on September 10, 2010

Depiction of a soul being carried to heaven by...

Depiction of a soul being carried to heaven by...

by Bryan de Flores

It can begin with the sound of fluttering wings or a series of soft tones in your ear or the feeling of incoming grace and exaltedness all around you. When they are near, a sense of peace and tranquility overcome you and your body immediately relaxes and opens to an unseen power. Many times you will feel as if you are being lifted and drawn upward, away from all earthly cares and worries, into another level of existence where everything is lighter, more beautiful and fulfilling. These are the feelings which accompany a divine visitation. This is the frequency of the Angels, and unbeknownst to many individuals, they are everywhere, all around us, watching over us, protecting us, prompting us to make the highest choices and assisting us in making all of our dreams come true. They are the ones who bless us and nurture us in times of great challenge. They are the ones who inspire us and keep us motivated, perpetually assisting in the evolution of mankind, never faltering and always working tirelessly in divine service to God and to humanity.

Who are these blessed beings called Angels? Basically, the definition of an Angel is a divine being that assists God in carrying out the Plan. However, there are many types of Angels, both physical and non-physical, with different levels of power and intelligence. In all of creation there are countless legions of God’s Angels, who are invisible to our eyes for the most part, but who nonetheless have a ceaseless devotion to every living human soul in all of God’s creations. There are Angels in every dimensional frequency and realm, on and beyond this earth. There are Angels assisting on every level of existence, some of which we will never see or meet, but nonetheless are working for us in loving compassion. Many of the Angels in the higher levels of God’s hierarchy have never been born into a physical polarity world, and have thus retained a purity that many souls strive to attain. It is this simple fact that allows them to assist us from an unbiased and more compassionate position. From their higher-dimensional perspective their guidance is always much more balanced, as they can see further down the road then we often can.

What do Angels look like?

Most, but not all of the etheric Angels are androgynous.  They are completely balanced masculine and feminine, and it is often difficult to tell visually when you see one if they are male or female. However, the feeling of their frequency, will always announce the Angel’s primary gender affiliation. Also, every Angel has a pair of beautiful luminous wings which are tipped with different colors such as blue, gold and silver, delineating their status within the Legions of Light. Most of them are White robed, but can appear wearing various colors on occasion. Their eyes reflect the purity of the divine energy so completely, that when you look at them you fall into a trance and feel immediately the embrace of God. They also have a double-spiral energy field, which often looks like a luminous ball of fire-light dancing all around them.

An Angel’s Purpose!

Most of the angels have specific jobs that they attend to and have a vast knowledge of whatever and/or whoever they are working with. There are many different levels of the etheric ˜Angelic Assistance Team” including the Solar Ark Angels, Throne Angels, Principalities, Seraphim and Cherubim. There are also Angels who attend to some of the toughest jobs, such as the Fire Angels, the Destroyer Angels and the Carrion Angels; who assist in dealing with and often removing misguided soul’s and trouble-making energies from the earth plane. (Remember the shadowy characters in the movie Ghost?) Members of the etheric team rarely manifest physically. However in certain circumstances they can make themselves physical by down-stepping their frequency gradually, which often takes months, to be able to manifest in physical form. Why does this down-stepping take them so long? Because, for an Angel to down-step their frequency, they must do it slowly in order to retain and not imbalance the purity of their vibration. And even after all the preparation they may often only be able to manifest for a few minutes or hours. However, as more light pours onto the planet, Angels will be able to manifest more easily and quickly to assist us and live among us.

The more physicalized manifestations of the ˜Angelic Assistance Team” (which include Devas) are the Angels of weather, such as the Snow Angels, the Storm Angels and the Angels of the clouds. Also, every ray of the sun’s light is accompanied by an Angel. There are also Angels for every aspect of the Natural Kingdom, including Angels for every animal, fish, bird, tree and flower. There are Angels who oversee each stream, river, waterfall and ocean. There is an Angel who presides over and manifests through each crystal and gemstone. There are Angels of artistry and music, architecture, justice, finance and medicine. There are also Angel teams which guide each state and country, every city and town, every hospital and home. And more importantly, there is at least one Angel that accompanies each one of us through each and every daily task no matter how mundane it may be.

Connecting with the Angels!

So, you may ask how you can begin communicating with our divine companions and I say, begin by acknowledging and thanking each Angel who has ever assisted you throughout your life. Then through silent meditation ask your primary guardian angel to blend with your essence and bring full awareness of themselves into your conscious mind. Next, verbally state that you give them permission, in every circumstance, to assist you in whatever way possible. This gives your Angel permission to do whatever is needed to assist you in any given moment. You see, the Angels have rules they must abide by. One of the rules is they must honor our free will and not directly intervene unless asked by a human being, unless it is an emergency situation. Therefore, your Angels can only assist you and guide you up to a certain point unless you ask them or command them to cross the boundary and make their presence known and assist you in a more physical way.

At this point, I would like to say a couple of important things about our etheric companions. There are many Angels who are currently unemployed, so to speak, due to the fact that many people lack the trust and higher consciousness necessary to communicate with their divine guardians. Secondly, it is important to get to know all of the Angels and what their specialties are not just the popular Angels such as Archangels Michael and Ariel. The fact is that there is a great diversity of Angels who are extremely powerful and who can offer assistance to you in many ways. So get to know them and allow them to come into your life by connecting with them through meditation and prayer. Secondly, gratitude to these divine beings is of the utmost importance. Of course, they never ask for nor expect it. But in truth, God is always watching, and by divine law, in every situation there must be a reciprocal energy exchange, even if one part of the exchange is only a ‘thank you.’

When you are connected with the Angels and speak with them throughout your daily life, you will find that every situation becomes a magical one. You will find that there is always a constant flow of joy and healing energy all around you. You will find that your personal processes and understandings of God and life are more effortless and expansive. And you will ultimately find that you too are an Angel in human form, here to assist the Plan and ground it on a physical level so that heaven can be manifest on Earth. So let your wings now expand and allow yourself to take flight in the realization that you are that which you seek.

Many blessings to you all, Bryan

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