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Exopolitics: The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact

Exopolitics is based upon the understanding that earth is being visited by many advanced extraterrestrial races with diverse ethics, motives and agendas. The dynamics of the interactions between ET races and their interactions with earth humanity is to be explored on this site.



The Following Page Contents is dedicated to the Gentleman Introducing Himself very humbly and has been a great inspiration to the author of the Blog for continued forays into this nascent and emerging aspect of our Existence.


“Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.”Admiral Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter (May 8, 1897 – June 18, 1982) First Director of the CIA, in a letter to Congress-1960. For more quotes go here. Significant Quotes

My name is Ed Komarek and my email address . As far as I know I am one of only two individuals that regularly post exopolitical analysis on the Internet. I am a member in the OM Forum I am also very supportive of Alfred Webre and his exopolitics radio program. and Steve Bassett’sExopolitics World Network . (Note my profile drops down to the bottom of the blog when I do a lot of posting.)

If you want to view my articles by title go here: Articles By Title or you can print out and read my Exopolitics Book that is made up of the earlier blog articles. I have now written so many articles that I will have to put the latest articles into another e-book book when I get the time.

I have been involved in the UFO/ET field for over 40 years and my analysis reflects that. Exopolitics is a very broad and complex subject not something that one can tackle on a whim. It is also something best left alone by those who demand proof rather than pursue inquiry. Propaganda is easily dished up to the masses on a silver platter but truth is like gold, you have to mine through a lot of ore, “BS” to find it. You will have to develop a BS filter that is applicable to your needs. One that is not turned up too high or two low. See Buyer Beware

The best way to get a handle on the truth is to work with a number of separate data streams and then compare the different outputs for similarities and patterns. Over time and with experience, a person if they persist, can get a pretty good idea of what is going on. So enjoy my blog and I hope it helps you on your personal quest for understanding.

I encourage all that find my articles of value to put my articles up on their respective Internet sites. I am also interested in having people contact me that might be interested in helping me distribute these ideas and concepts in both the exopolitics media and the mainstream media. I strongly believe that quality information flow is the lifeblood of a society and that is why I put no restrictions on the publication of my material.

Ed Komarek

About Me

Ed Komarek is a longtime UFO/ET investigator and activist having been involved in the field for forty years. He was involved in exopolitics long before the word exopolitics was coined by Alfred Webre a few years ago. For the past several years Ed has written over one hundred exopolitical essays on exopolitics published to this blog and in the Internet press. The essays are regularly published in the American Chronicle, The Oped News, The Canadian National Newspaper as well as in the UFO/ET community by UFO Digest and The Alien Seeker News. Because these articles can be republished by anybody they float about the Internet creating an extensive global exopolitical network feeding back into the blog. Recently Ed has compiled these essays and cases into a free Internet e-book that can be read on the Internet or printed out for easy reading. It is believed to be the most extensive and detailed exopolitics book available to the public to date.


Exopolitics: Let the Buyer Beware
By Ed Komarek
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The newcomer to Exopolitics and the UFO/ET field in general should carry with them all their abilities of discernment they can muster. Our field is no different than any other field with all the pitfalls, traps, snares and poison bait set out by the unscrupulous to catch and victimize the foolish and the unwary. Has anybody read, Women Who Run With Wolves?
Read chapter 8. 🙂

A recent article by my leftist friend and exopolitician Alfred Webre in the Examiner, that I understand has a wide public circulation, has once again stimulated me to provide a warning to my readers.–Andrew-Basiago-is-predicted-planetary-level-whistleblower-for-Mars-life-and-time-travel I think we have yet another major disinformation operation to contend with in the UFO/ET community following on the heels of past operations like Serpo. I watched closely on the Internet as retired Air Force Captain Robert Collins released sensitive classified core story information regarding Serpo in his book, Exempt From Disclosure.

It was not long before a string of Serpo stories were being distributed on the Internet to obfuscate and confuse the core story. Bob was attacked vigorously on the Internet by the DIA 6 promoting this disinformation when Bob correctly pointed out that this was disinformation and that many people were being duped in regard to Serpo. Now I have to wonder what is the reason for this new disinformation unwittingly being promoted so vigorously by Alfred Webre, what core story here is being obfuscated and confused?

(Upon reflection after writing this article the only other alternative explanation I can think of is that this may be a case of non-deliberate disinformation being promoted by a unwitting Alfred Webre. If this individual being promoted by Alfred is honest and sincere as Alfred claims, then the so called “scientific” paper is evidence that this person is confusing reality with imagination and so has some kind of psychosis. In this case Alfred may not only be confusing the public by promoting this non-deliberate disinformation, but in also hurting this individual by supporting his psychosis. I would be guilty of the same thing if I supported Dan Smith’s Messiah complex.)

I would like to give the newcomer to exopolitics a few pointers that may save them a lot of grief latter on as they pursue the truth about UFO/ET. Its always better if a person knows enough to be able to tell bad advice from good advice and so is able to avoid learning from the school of hard knocks. Unfortunately for most of us we can not discern the difference and so we have to learn things the hard way through much suffering.

The first thing to realize about correctly evaluating witness and whistle-blower testimony is that the UFO-Cover-up could not have been maintained for 60 years without effective security procedures in place to plug leaks of classified information leaking out into the public domain. What happens is that a little information leaks out into the public domain and this is picked up by very well resourced intelligence networks in the UFO community and the plumbers go to work on the person leaking the classified information. Whistle-blowers are threatened under regulation JNAP-146 that threatens fines and jail time for those leaking classified information as well as other security laws. The most effective threat is loss of pension. Any evidence or documentation can be confiscated with material seizure warrants.

Because of the stringent security procedures, usually only bits and pieces of real information leak out into the public domain over time. Real information that does manage to leak out and get past the initial suppressive security procedures and gains significant attention from the public triggers a second security perimeter. This consists of confusing and obfuscating the real information with loud public copious amounts of disinformation and propaganda inserted into the public domain through the media. It is at this point that the public and even seasoned UFO/ET investigators get tripped up and are mislead, usually first those with a liberal open minded perspective and then later the conservatives.

The seasoned counter-intelligence agent understands the vulnerabilities of human nature and exploits these vulnerabilities to mislead both the UFO investigator and the public. It is well to understand how propaganda and disinformation works. In the UFO community as well as elsewhere there are basically two kinds of people. Those that are more trusting and open and those that are less trusting and skeptical. This breaks down in our political system to liberals vs conservatives and the clever political operative knows how to manipulate both mindsets to his-her political advantage. Here is a very good article on propaganda.

A good storyteller hypnotizes the audience and can use storytelling to enlighten or to victimize the audience. In the UFO/ET field the disinformation operative first plays on the vulnerabilities of the liberal by carefully crafting a story that has some basis in fact and in liberal belief in order to capture the attention of the intended victim. The operative then takes advantage of the liberals trusting nature and open mind to gradually move the victim into accepting fiction as fact creating a induced psychosis. At this point in the scam the operator is very aware that it is a basic of human nature that once a belief gets fixed in the mind of a victim the victim will hold tightly to that false belief and even defend it vigorously even in the face of evidence to the contrary. See the above article on propaganda.

Then what happens is that the conservative sees how gullible the liberal is and not realizing their own conservative vulnerabilities throw up their hands roll their eyes and fall further into denial in regards to UFO/ET. To make things even worse the conservative attacks the liberal and the chaos and confusion may even be stoked on both sides by the propagandist to keep it going. Even a person like myself who understands this deceptive game ends up wasting time warning of these dangers when I really should be concentrating on more important matters.

In this new suspected disinformation case all the person has to do is look closely at the so called “scientific” paper being promoted as historic by the author Andrew Basiago.—andrew-d.-basiago—the-discovery-of-life-on-mars—12-12-08.pdf The liberal-leftist looks at the NASA photograph and not being able to see all the aliens and creatures that the author is seeing then thinks that it must be that they that are deficient and come up with really far out explanations to justify the article. A liberal lefist friend just did this exact same thing, and like Alfred is already swallowing much of the poision bait already. 🙂

On the other hand the conservative looks at the picture and basically sees a ink blot with the author projecting his imagination onto the photograph. The conservative laughs as how the silly liberal leftists can be so fooled and soon controversy and chaos reign with the disinformation operative sitting back and laughing at how easily tricked both parties are. Instead of fighting each other liberals and conservatives should both study closely the back ground of the storyteller for clues as to their real motives and agenda.

Is UFO/ET Disclosure Imminent?
By Ed Komarek
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I have entered into a conversation with a person that claims to have close ties to a member of Congress well informed on UFO/ET. I am working with this person because I believe we need to develop a broad consensus with both politicians on both the left and the right on exopolitical issues as disclosure progresses. At present this individual wishes to remain anonymous because this individual wants to keep separate his-her personal ET related activities from the other political activities that he-she is involved in.

I have been communicating by phone and by email and this person tells me that this member of Congress is well informed on UFO/ET related matters and also that he is well connected to President Obama and meets with him frequently. This person asked me to suggest what this member of Congress might be able to do, to be helpful to myself and others pushing for disclosure. I sent the material in the following link as a letter to this member of Congress as part of my own very limited disclosure effort to show the middle ground between the left and the right.

Last night I had a further phone conversation with my source and this source confirmed to me that indeed it may be a short time line to disclosure as Dr. Michael Salla has indicated in a recent communication linked further on in this article. My source says that they have real concerns that a disclosure announcement could torpedo the heath care bill if it happens sooner than later by distracting the public from this issue.

This source also told me that the UFO community should be aware that because of tight security in Washington, mail and briefing packages should be sent to offices of members of Congress in their home districts. This source says mail and packages are not getting through to member offices in Washington.

This political jockeying for position is beginning to remind me of typical herd behavior. When a herd of migrating wildebeest in Africa come to a river full of deadly crocodiles the leaders line up at the edge of the river reluctant to go into the crocodile infested river. What happens is that the rest of the herd pushes the leaders up against the river until the leaders either get pushed in or have to jump. Once this happens the leaders out of self preservation head to the other side as quickly as possible with the rest of the herd following close behind. 🙂

I am aware of six different sustained civilian-government high level disclosure efforts lobbying for UFO/ET disclosure and would appreciate if any of my readers know of others to let me know. Here are the efforts I know about. 1. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project, Clay and Shawn Pickering’s Ad Hock Military UFO Working Group, Basset’s UFO/ET Lobbying, Dan Smith’s CIA R&D Disclosure Operation, Gordon Novel’s Project RAM disclosure effort and now this.

What I seem to be hearing from the operations that I have some familiarity with is that there are positive developments and movement toward rapid disclosure at the highest levels with President Obama, Congress and the UN. I have no real argument with Dr. Michael Salla on his perspective but I think the time line might be overly optimistic but my new sources seems to refute that. Obviously there is a lot going on behind the scenes as can be seen not only from Michael’s and Greer’s contacts but many other sources as well, including mine.

I stand to be corrected, but what seems to be holding things up a bit is that nobody wants to be blamed for igniting a truth conflagration that could rapidly get out of government and CIA control here in the United States and then extend to the rest of the world. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project just made another big push to brief Obama.

I think the chances are good that the situation when ignited might well begin to spiral out of control at some point and then government officials and bureaucrats can and will become involved openly in an attempt to maintain order and stability in society. The indications seem to be that world governments really have no choice in this matter but to disclose rapidly once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. Furthermore various extraterrestrial groups seem to be losing patience with government intransigence and broken promises the past sixty years and seem to be applying increasing pressure until something breaks loose.

Indications are that all parties both extraterrestrial and terrestrial agree that it is preferable that humanity handle the actual disclosure process even as the extraterrestrials increase the pressure on governments to disclose. Extraterrestrial groups seem to be doing this by increasing overt global public sighting activity even as they increase their covert disclosure lobbying efforts directed toward world governments.

My contention is that politicians and bureaucrats are going to need some cover in the initial ignition process and that is where we civilians are being a big help. It’s up to us to push our leaders forward to cross the Rubicon into a post disclosure world. I and other pro-disclosure civilians don’t have a problem with igniting and being blamed for a possible truth conflagration because we don’t have political reputations to consider and we feel that continuing along the present destructive evolutionary path is not a option.

It may be that governments can mitigate and regulate the process unless and until their credibility on this issue is so debased that they can no longer regulate the disclosure process. Still, important politicians are beginning to take a stand worldwide and are even willing to risk their reputations pushing for disclosure. The latest courageous individual to speak out is Councilor Hicks. This British politician discusses a six minute encounter with a human extraterrestrial on the streets of London.

Already Senator McCain and Dennis Kucinich have courageously made positive comments on UFOs to the press. We can assume that these politicians know much more about this subject than they are willing to publicly acknowledge and may even be covertly lobbying for disclosure in Congress.

Governments may be forced, “heaven forbid”. to trust their respective public to exercise self restraint and thus allow the public to take back responsibility over their own affairs in this and other matters that has been denied them by their government and business elites. After all it was not the public that got us into this devolutionary predicament in the first place but it may have to be the public that has to clean up the mess post disclosure.

Unity Between Left and Right on UFO/ET
By Ed Komarek
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I think liberals and conservatives are divided on how to proceed with weapons in space that involve the Secret Space Program and the Secret Space Fleet which may have the code name Solar Warden both have a limited perspective on the situation.

The proponents that favor the military option in the Secret Space Program to gain military parity over ET have a weak argument but powerful financial backers because of the money to be made backing this option regardless of what is best for society and human evolution. The proponents that favor the exopolitical option for dealing with ET superpower zones of influence have a strong argument but weak support because there is little money to be made with the exopolitical option at least in the short term.

Here is the argument in a nutshell that once understood and verified can resolve the differences between the left and right on this issue. Our extraterrestrial situation is in reality analogous to a small country like Venezuela trying to exercise its independence with both its weak neighbors and with international superpowers like the U.S.. A limited military option is sufficient for dealing with the other small countries that surround it, but ineffective against international superpower influences.

Therefore Venezuela plays politics not only with its weak neighbors but it is the only option for dealing with the superpowers to promote its national interests. It would be foolish to try to achieve military parity with the United States because that would foolishly bankrupt the country and thus be an ineffective and foolish option. Yet this is exactly what world governments are doing in secret to their own detriment in the face of overwhelming corporate special interest lobbying.

The special interest lobbying is suppressing a rational, logical, national security debate to the overall detriment to human society with the only ones benefiting being the cartel corporations. The UFO/ET cover-up disallows a logical balanced conversation and so is supported by the Cartel. Of course this should come as no surprise because this same problem runs rampant through our government in areas such as health care.

This is the fundamental real argument that underlies the more superficial arguments presented to misdirect and confuse both liberals and conservatives who are not digging into this deep enough.

The Great Awakening
By Ed Komarek
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If the reports of official meetings between world governments and extraterrestrials in the 1950s and 1960s are to be believed it would appear that world governments asked for and received time to acclimate their respective populations to extraterrestrial reality. In the United States according to documents at the CIA was granted overall authority by the Executive Branch in matters dealing with the public and extraterrestrial realities. I believe part of the CIA’s mandate was to develop and implement an acclamation program to prepare the public for direct extraterrestrial contact.

My contention is that world governments and the agencies given the responsibility for extraterrestrial acclamation have failed miserably for a number of reasons including bureaucratic ineptitude, government politics and sabotage by entrenched corporate special interests. Instead of developing and implementing true educational programs as had been promised, the United States and world governments implemented acclamation programs that has degenerated into programs of public propaganda, disinformation, intimidation and indoctrination.

The outcome of this sad turn of events is that much of society in still not prepared for direct extraterrestrial interactions that are now increasing worldwide as evidenced by huge increases in sighting activity. The massive sightings recently in China and India should be a wake up call, a indication to world governments that time is running out for the preparation of the public in regards to extraterrestrial realities. Even after 60 years, the majority of world populations are still confused or in denial of extraterrestrial reality.

The CIA and other agencies that have been delegated the authority for acclamation could have developed an enlightened process of disclosure and public empowerment.
Instead they have have created a Frankenstein Monster of brain dead journalists, skeptics, academics, politicians and religious leaders that threatens to devour not only its creators but all of humanity when it fearfully and angrily awakens from it’s long night of the living dead.

These mass sightings in developing countries would seem to be in preparation for mass sightings in the developed countries much sooner than later. Has the CIA and the U.S. Government prepared the people for such mass sightings over American cities? It would seem that ET has decided to act out science fiction writer Arthur C. Clark’s book Childhood’s End, that has extraterrestrials hovering permanently over major cities worldwide forcing a rapid and dramatic transformation in human society.

Optical Physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee a respected member of the USG Intelligence Community and civilian UFO community comments, “When “they” park over cities “a la Independence Day (the movie)” I would rather own a liquor store than a real estate or insurance business. The initial response will be to “head for the hills.” Then people will realize “they” can get you in the hills. Their appearance will introduce yet another uncertainty into the future of civilization as we know it. And civilization can’t stand uncertainty for long. Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Kentucky Gentleman…. where are you when I need you?

Notice that Dr. Maccabee says when, not if, in his comments above. I agree completely and I believe there will soon be a day of reckoning or judgment that will be unprecedented for humanity. This will not be a judgment by God or the Second Coming as some Christians like Dan Smith would believe, but it will be a reckoning nevertheless, between the masses of humanity and it’s oppressive autocratic leadership. I predict the reckoning will develop and millions perhaps billions of citizens will become frightened and angry and quickly demand answers from their respective world leaders who have failed to prepare them for such extreme change.

We can expect much finger pointing and scapegoating to occur in which intelligence agencies like the CIA could become the first causality of the blame game as department heads are hauled up before Congressional committees for a public accounting. I expect the real culprits, the corporate special interests, to run for cover creating smokescreen upon smokescreen to hide their greedy selfish and criminal actions from an increasingly enraged public. I think that Congress and the Executive Branch will be the next to fall to public outrage, and as the reckoning progresses the public will eventually learn that the key players in this dysfunctional acclamation operation are the special corporate interests with special access to extraterrestrial technologies.

I have been acutely aware over many years that in general, individuals and society fail miserably in their ability to anticipate, prepare for and adapt to radical change. This I believe is responsible for much of the painful mental and emotional breakdown that people and society go through. Most of us a hard learners. We fail to realize that there is no permanency in life and that everything in life is in a state of flux and change. Instead of going with the flow and adapting to change we cling to illusions of permanency and exhaust ourselves fighting a upstream futile battle against the river of life.

This inability to anticipate, prepare for and adapt to change is inherent in the failure of world governments to properly prepare their respective populations for the rapid and extreme changes in the economy, politics, religion and science that will be brought about by direct extraterrestrial contact in the near future if present trends continue. Now at this late date we find the CIA and other agencies scrambling trying to undo the 60 years of denial they have created in world populations, only to find out too late that this is no quick and easy task.

I fear that the extraterrestrial and spritual awakening that will soon follow the reckoning will be hard, difficult and painful for most of humanity. Hopefully we will muddle through somehow as we always have done with the help of those smart enough to anticipate, prepare for and adapt to such extreme change. Old outmoded economic, political, religious and scientific institutions will come crashing down to be replaced by new ones that will arise and take their place. I think there will be a grand tranformation into an extraterrestrial society unlike anything this world has yet to see. I believe that humanity will continue to evolve and become more enlightened and smarter in the future than it has been to date.

On Cabbages and Kings
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

I wanted to put people onto a few recent important developments that relate to exopolitics. All these bits and pieces add up for researchers who try to put them all together into a context that is more or less accurate. It’s flying by the seat of ones pants of course, and the more talent and experience one has at intelligence gathering and analysis, the better one gets at developing a fairly accurate model of what is going on. Discernment is really important as a few bad apples can spoil the whole barrel unless they are identified and removed for the data base.

I just watched Clay and Shawn’s interview by Bill and Kerry and it was excellent. There is also considerable discussion on the disclosure process later in the interview that is some of the best I have seen. I am glad to see past information as well as new information all together in a neat package. Previously the information on the UFO Working Group has been scattered all over the threads at Open Minds Forum since the Pickering’s went public.

This is a long interview but well work watching for the serious UFO/ET investigator. For those with concerns about the discernment of the interviewers its important to realize that, yes some of the whistle-blowers being interviewed by Project Camelot are bad apples determined to spoil the good apples in the Camelot barrel, but to their credit Bill and Kerry are sincere and they have done good interviews with some real whistle-blowers. As I wrote in a previous article let the buyer beware.

As usual both Clay and Shawn try to be very clear what they and their source know and what is speculation on their part. I have been involved in this case since it came out in public on the Open Minds Forum and have written about it. I have communicated personally with Clay and Shawn by email and by phone. As indicated in the interview the information is very sensitive and I try to clear what I write about them before publishing. I have even received a phone call once cutting me off at the pass not to publicize a cognition that I had not even had yet. 🙂

Folks need to keep in mind that the Military UFO Working Group is not a official group but a kind of pro-disclosure insurgency within the military. It’s strong enough to leak information but when attacked it must pull back and regroup. The anti-disclosure forces watch the UFO community very closely so it really matters how sensitive information gets released into the public domain. Some of these military folks are putting their lives at risk for disclosure and things can get dangerous very quickly. We in the public need to understand this.

With the death of Tony Dodd, Bill and Kerry were able to recognize him as the source for a past interview under a code name. I was very interested in this short interview on government death squads who target, hunt down, interrogate, torture and even kill infiltrating extraterrestrials.

There is complementary information on this subject. Wendelle Stevens has had extensive pre-death interviews on tape with one of these alleged assassins that Bill and Kerry should get and put on the Internet. I seem to remember that this alleged assassin claimed to have killed a extraterrestrial and that was what caused him to question what he was being ordered to do. This initiating a chain of events that ended in his murder but not before confessing to Wendelle.

A good contactee friend of mine died last year who’s name was Mary Ann Shriver. I could not report on what follows previously while she was alive. Her brother told her he was a CIA assassin and that he had met two human extraterrestrials at the White House. She also was privy to a phone conversation when her brother was drunk. He gave the military base the proper codes over the phone to gain access to a general. He woke this general up in the middle of the night and proceeded to cuss him out for a long time. (I suspect that the military brass is not happy with this sort of behavior by CIA employees. 🙂 )

The following experiences of Swann as related in this article by Gary Beckum adds further collaborating evidence on CIA squads tracking infiltrating human extraterrestrials.

“Sometime in the late summer of 1976, Swann made several trips between SRI and Los Angeles to spend time with friends. Little did he know, but he was about to encounter Axelrod’s operatives again. During an ordinary trip to a Hollywood supermarket he was attracted to a super-sexy woman. As he stood near the scantily clad beauty, he experienced an ‘electric-shock’ that sent waves of goosebumps over his entire body, and stood his hair on end. Swann interpreted this psychic alert as a warning that all was not right with this woman.In fact, he decided that she must be an extraterrestrial.”

“Swann had little time to react, however, as his shock turned to panic. Looking down the aisle he saw both of Mr. Axelrod’s operatives, real-life men in black; dressed not like the character played by Will Smith, in suit and tie, but more like Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator,” dressed in black jeans, boots and tank tops. They were watching the strange, unearthly woman.

Swann quickly left, knowing that Axelrod would soon be calling. The renewed phone contact by Axelrod was far from ordinary. First Swann received a mysterious phone call from a female operative, directing him to a different phone. The call ended in dead silence, suggesting that the phone line had been cut and spliced into. Once he reached the designated phone, Swann engaged in a scrambled conversation with Axelrod, asking about the strange sexy woman in the supermarket. Axelrod warned, “I feel obliged to tell you that she is really dangerous.”Apparently Swann believed that Axelrod’s warning had confirmed his worst fear. Not only were extraterrestrials on the moon, but they had operatives here on Earth, among the ordinary people. If Axelrod was to be believed, they were to be avoided at all possible cost.”

Bob Dean has also commented on human extraterrestrial infiltration. “…Out of the four different groups, all humanoid, one group was so human-looking, just like us, they could sit next to us in a restaurant, they could sit next to you in a theater, and you would never know.”That was the ones that bothered the admirals and the generals the most. That these guys could be walking up and down the corridors of SHAPE headquarters… or the Pentagon… or the White House.”

On the political front there have been some interesting new developments. I have learned of a pro-disclosure initiative apparently ongoing in the House Intelligence Committee but cannot report on what I know because it could interfere with this initiative. My political source thinks that I should wait till around December 15 when this initiative may be winding down before publishing. This is the same kind of situation I found myself in with the Pickerings as I don’t want to blow up the work of other pro-disclosure advocates by prematurely releasing information. I don’t like this any more that my readers do but we are all in the same boat and we have to work together.

I found the following article by Bill Knell that seems to confirm that pro-disclosure political activities are much more widespread than just in the House Intelligence Committee and the Obama administration and includes the Congressional leadership. I suspect that this sort of thing is not just going on in the USA but in executive branches and parliaments around the world. Remember the ruckus about UFOs in the Japanese Parliament awhile back.

I am told by my political source that Bill’s source was wrong about Shirley being Chelsea’s godmother. My source says that Shirley and Hilliary don’t get along. My source did say that one of Dennis Kucinich’s children had Shirley as a godmother and this must have lead to the confusion by Bill’s source. My source does confirm the political activity discussed below. I have excerpted the relevant passages from Bill’s article.

Bill says, “I Got DEM old Kosmic Blues Again Mama. It’s the title of an album by the late Janis Joplin, but it may also describe an amazing discussion that is going on within the Democratic Party in the USA. Their Cosmic blues were first brought to light by Shirley MacLaine’s revelation that former U.S. Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich had a UFO sighting while he was visiting her home in Graham, Washington, about fifteen years ago.
Dem blues continued after the news media mentioned that the Bill Clinton Presidential Library released a number of documents related to UFOs from his administration. That occurred because Shirley MacLaine happened to be Chelsea Clinton’s godmother and because Hillary Clinton, another U.S. Presidential Candidate, mentioned the threat of an Alien Invasion during one of her speeches.

Bill continues, “According to a Democratic Insider and UFO buff that sent me an email recently, high ranking members of the Democratic Party are concerned about how their party members and candidates will handle the UFO question. “If something happens like the Kucinich thing or aliens are in the news, they don’t want pundits and politicians verbally stumbling around,” he said.

He also claims that the Democrats agree changes need to be made in the way the subject is handled and the changes had better come fast. “They expect big UFO news on the horizon. They won’t say what that might be. My guess is some kind of announcement or major sightings after the busy year we’ve had (for sightings) so far… They are trying to come up with a kind of policy statement…something that everyone can accept.””

Extraterrestrial Colonies
By Ed Komarek
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My blog:

I have been a broken record pointing out that life is impermanent and that life is all about anticipating, preparing for and adapting to change both on an individual basis and as a collective. I think it is very important to keep these thoughts in mind as we progress toward UFO/ET disclosure. I think the greatest obstacle to human evolution really boils down to our personal and collective resistance to change and when extraterrestrial reality literally came falling down from the sky over 60 years ago our civilian and military leaders were ill prepared for such dramatic change and reacted in paranoia and fear.

“The next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.”Five Star General Douglas MacArthur, 1955

“I think at Wright-Patterson, if you could get into certain places, you’d find out what the Air Force and the government does know about UFOs. Reportedly, a spaceship landed. It was all hushed up. I called Curtis LeMay and I said, ‘General, I know we have a room at Wright-Patterson where you put all this secret stuff. Could I go in there?’ I’ve never heard General LeMay get mad, but he got madder than hell at me, cussed me out, and said, ‘Don’t ever ask me that question again!’ Senator and Air Force General Goldwater

Instead of taking a transparent positive road to disclosure and change, global civilian and military leaders began to fearfully resist and suppress extraterrestrial change with a security clamp down and cover-up, a very devolutionary thing to do. I call this resistance, devolutionary, because it negated our collective ability to adapt to extraterrestrial change by cutting off the information flow to the rest of society. This in turn impeded a collective understanding of the situation that would have given us a road map to a positive evolutionary way forward developed through a collective understanding of our situation with both it’s dangers and opportunities.

I believe our global leadership is simply a reflection of our own individual lives caught in the fundamental natural evolutionary struggle between accepting change and adapting to it, or resisting change. I think our devolutionary social and environmental direction the past 60 years has been greatly influenced in general, by resistance to change and extraterrestrial change in particular. The UFO/ET cover-up is all about resistance to change and because of this resistance by our global leaders to extraterrestrial changes our whole world is in great danger of social and environmental destruction, even collapse.

We must quickly develop a way forward that rapidly reverses the current deteriorating situation. Such a way forward must include the rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial realities. With so much evidence becoming publicly available, we can begin to see a positive way forward as we glimpse more and more of the big picture.

We ask what is the big picture now emerging that will allow us a road map out of our current devolutionary slide? For this we need to look to nature and the ecological and evolutionary laws, because just as we earth humans are still a part of nature and natural processes the same seems to be true of the extraterrestrial races.

It is a natural thing for any plant or animal species to try to extend its range and sphere of influence by colonizing new territory to create new colonies of the species. It’s a natural thing that no matter how technologically advanced we are that we will experience processes of expansion and contraction of our individual and collective influence. It’s natural that when any animal or plant expands it’s is range of influence it’s going to come into contact and conflict with other species that occupy these environmental and social niches.

From all the evidence I have seen, extraterrestrial societies just like human societies, are driven by these natural processes of evolution like competition and cooperation and this leads to conflict and war between species no matter how advanced these species are. I have become more aware recently that organizations with a interest in extraterrestrial affairs like MJ 12 and SHAPE are very interested in not only in the expansion and contraction of conflicting and cooperating extraterrestrial colonial powers, but have a interest in their many and diverse colonies as well.

(I am writing this article as a introduction and another fishing expedition to which I hope to write a later article in a few months with specific MJ 12 information and documentation. The wide distribution of my ET related material serves as a very good intelligence gathering tool because many of my readers get back to me with more information and Internet entry’s. It’s a good idea to check back on a blog article to see if I have updated it with new information provided to me by my readers.)

I believe it is this understanding of the natural expansion and contraction of extraterrestrial colonial influences that allows us a collective way forward toward a positive future. I would assume that national security services are also coming to this same conclusion. Once we collectively understand the dynamics and politics of extraterrestrial life we can prepare for and adapt to that life in a way that will bring us maximum independence and liberty.

In doing a word search on alien colonies I came across this game X-com. Unfortunately it tends to reflect military paranoia in relation to alien races but it could be upgraded to provide a much more expansive complex positive model and gaming of our current extraterrestrial environment. I see that the people involved in this are doing some interesting UFO/ET related thinking involving extraterrestrial colonies and colonization.

In doing a little more research I also came across Seth Shostak doing quite a bit of thinking about aliens and colonization but who is continuing the longstanding Seti propaganda game first begun by MJ 12’s Donald Menzel and then later by Carl Sagan. When will it ever end, this duping and propagandizing of scientists and the public by scientific leaders in regards to extraterrestrial life?

Our collective and personal futures are dependent upon us playing exopolitics with the rest of the universe no matter how great the influences on us by the extraterrestrial technological colonial powers may be. What we have to do is just ramp up our understanding of ourselves, nature and our human societies here on earth along with our developing understanding of extraterrestrial civilizations and then project that out for the rest of the cosmos. In science even a sample of 1 can lead to great understanding of the overall context from which the single sample is taken.

Evidence I have seen over the years dated to the 1980’s seems to indicate that authorities know of some 100 + extraterrestrial races active in our celestial neighborhood. Of these there seems to be at least eight races, some human, that could be considered major colonial superpowers with many colonies and bases scattered across the galaxy and the universe.

I think that many researchers in the UFO community have come to realize that many extraterrestrial races are heavily involved with long term tracking, experimentation and manipulation of the earth human genome. This also involves extraterrestrial hybridization studies and experimentation on earth humans as well as cases of both forced and voluntary renditions of earth humans associated with UFO/ET activity including sightings and landing traces.

I have previous written about that extraterrestrial races seem to be artificially upgrading their genomes on a regular basis, maybe even at the expense of ours. I have not thought much about genetic manipulation and experiential breeding of earth humans for extraterrestrial colonies. It is really beginning to sink home that extraterrestrial politics, even though advanced, is not really all that different from terrestrial human politics or even the natural politics or ecology of all animals and plants on earth. Earth humans and extraterrestrials are part of the natural world even when they are artificially manipulating their environments and their genetics, and so are still subject to natural and artificial evolutionary laws. The old adage, as below so above really does seem to hold true.

We know that the laws of physics apply not just on earth but across the universe and this results in solar systems much like our own across the universe, but with many variations in the solar systems due to the physics of the individual stars involved. The laws of physics account for all this complex variation but they also account for the basic fundamental similarities between separate solar systems.

It appears to me from the scant evidence available that the same thing is true for species evolution on other solar systems because the evolutionary laws apply across the universe just as do the laws of physics. Species evolve on other worlds around other stars in remarkably similar basic ways to earth for the same reasons that solar systems are similar. Just as earth human politics and social life are based on natural and artificial processes, so it seems that extraterrestrial politics and social life have very similar themes or traits but with many more complex variations on the simple fundamental evolutionary laws.

I am concluding that extraterrestrial politics among the 100 + minor extraterrestrial races and the perhaps 8 or so major races that MJ 12 is aware of in the vicinity of earth is not all that different from human terrestrial politics in the evolutionary basics. This is because just as humans and other species here on earth compete and cooperate in survival strategies so do extraterrestrial races because they too are part of nature. It’s a natural thing for species to attempt to extend their range of influence for example, and this puts them into competition and conflict with other species expanding and exploiting territory.

I think that many of these extraterrestrial races have long ago left their home planets where they naturally evolved and have come in contact and even supplanted naturally evolving species in other solar systems. I don’t think it is much of a stretch to think of these races as colonial extraterrestrial superpowers evolving the same way the European colonial powers evolved once they had developed the technology to cross the oceans separating the continents. The technology of large ocean going sailing ships allowed the Europeans to expand their range to other isolated continents create bases, forts, and with advanced technology like guns, overwhelm and colonize humans already existing elsewhere. Later many of the colonies have regained their autonomy leading to the complex structure of more or less independent nations we have today.

I think exactly the same thing is going on across the universe as soon as a race using technology can travel from one solar system to another. Once this happens no evolving life on any solar system is any longer natural and pristine and this is complicated even more by technological advancements in artificial breeding and genetics.

But this does not mean that fundamental ecological and evolutionary principles still do not apply. I think that these basic laws still account for basic behavioral political and ecological similarities amongst these evolving races no matter how intelligent or technologically advanced as they expand their home ranges to dominate and even supplant other indigenous species and races.

Now here is my point. All this genetic manipulation and cross breeding of earth humans by extraterrestrials is not just for the extraterrestrials to upgrade their genetics into super-humans with long lifespans ( I am beginning to feel like a fruit fly in a Petra dish) but also to upgrade or even down grade the genetics of humans in extraterrestrial colonies for purposes of control and exploitation. In fact I think that we earth humans exist within multiple extraterrestrial superpower zones of influence that allows sharing and mutual exploitation of earth and earth human resources by these superpower races.

I further suggest that because we are occupied by multiple extraterrestrial races we have a certain independence and autonomy that may not extend to colonies primarily under the influence of only one extraterrestrial race. I also think that because more ethical extraterrestrial races like the Nordics seem to have the upper hand on earth that the less ethical and more predatory races like the Greys have some severe limitations on what they can do to us.

I have seen some evidence of fighting between the Nordics and the Greys and Reptillians and that seems to thankfully be limiting their influence in our affairs. I think the Greys are on a devolutionary track of their own and are not appreciated very much by the rest of the celestial neighborhood. The Reptillians seem to be a evolving species much like ourselves.

My ecologist father was involved in many different enterprises and one was to be in the hybrid seed corn business and another was to cross breed his own cattle on our home plantation. By osmosis I adsorbed terms like hybrid vigor and genetic drift as a young man. I think that these two terms hybrid vigor and genetic drift provide insight into why all the genetic tracking, hybridization and genetic manipulation of earth humans is ongoing. Extraterrestrial races seem to have the same fundamental laws of genetics to contend with in breeding humans that we have in breeding our food grains, pets and livestock.

As you can see from the wikipedia entry on genetic drift this is more of a problem with smaller populations and becomes extreme in very small populations such as held by zoos. I am speculating that many of the extraterrestrial human colonies have relatively small populations where genetic drift is a problem and so requires that the population get new infusions of genetic material supplemented either by direct artificial genetic insertion into the genome and or by adding new seed-stock from high population planets like earth.

I think this hypothesis very elegantly ties what we know about extraterrestrial tracking, genetic manipulation of the earth human genome, the creation of hybrids, and human disappearances into one neat package. This all seems to revolve around the creation, maintenance and dissolution of extraterrestrial human colonies by extraterrestrial colonial superpowers out of their own self interest.

In the more ethically advanced races self interest and community interest may combine into one involving a win-win approach to relationships and evolutionary development. In order for their to be equal justice between a party with superior power and knowledge there may be a need for a mutually agreed upon arbiter. In the case of Source A the fact that other races seems to defer to the silicon based life form may indicate not control, but a recognition of a arbiter status and the term conformer should be changed to arbiter. Could it be that this silicon based life form to which other carbon based races seem to defer is evidence of extraterrestrial judicial arbitration due to complex conflicting activities by many extraterrestrial races in regards to earth life?

Of course this whole extraterrestrial colonization process must be considered to be in a constant state of flux as all life, energy and matter is impermanent and constantly changing. Throughout our human history earth colonies have struggled to gain independence and autonomy from dominant colonial powers. Why should we expect it to be different elsewhere? Extraterrestrial wars, internal disintegration and other factors may serve to weaken extraterrestrial colonial races allowing the inherent desire of all species such as ourselves to develop autonomy and independence. In this I find great hope in spite of or present inferior status as a new extraterrestrial race being introduced into the cosmic neighborhood.

NSA’s Alien Computer Data
By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
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Suppressing UFO/ET truth is like breaking a vase and shattering it into many small fragments. Making matters even worse dis-informers and con artists scatter disinformation fragments about the UFO field to further confuse the fragment collector and comparative analyst’s reconstruction of UFO/ET reality. This DARPA experiment is very telling.

As we go about the process of collecting and sifting through extraterrestrial information to reconstruct extraterrestrial reality, some of these small real fragments can really expand our conceptual horizons. One such fragment of information from a friend’s source with MJ 12 connections did this by getting me interested in extraterrestrial colonies. Unfortunately I have to sit on the details of this information for awhile until my friend can meet with this person face to face.

This source said, “There are 7 major and 57 minor alien races in our section of the universe. If we expand to include our galaxy, the number rises to 11 and 124. So much for the ‘no life in the rest of the universe’ theory!!LOL :)I make a study of transplanted colonies, so I’ll drive in that direction for a while. ———–“

I see that something very similar has happened to Vince White in regards to probable NSA downloads of alien computer data from crash retrieval cases (C/R’s). Vince wrote in a recent missive, “I personally know, via a first hand source of three IBM software engineers who in a special contract with NSA, went to work in Texas for a year to retro engineer an instrument panel of a C/R and achieved very little because of excessive SCI pinhole access. Details provided upon request.” (Vince could you send me this report so I can pass it on with your email address to others if that is okay with you.)

The problem the IBM folks seem to be having in this case, is that trying to figure out how a instrument panel works without access to the computers, software and the data base of the rest of the C/R system, is like trying to figure out how to run a computer with access only to the keyboard. When a fragment such as this falls into the hands of an adequately prepared receptive mind like Vince White it can stimulate a question that can lead to eventual discovery of a vast amount of very important information. Learning is all about becoming informed and capable enough to not only collect fragments, but to ask the right questions as to the whole from which a fragment originates.

Vince White continues, ” The work ahead is vast. What did we really find in some C/R events? Vince then goes on to speculate and deduce that if the alien craft were not, “seriously structurally damaged such as the decrypted linguistically “cracked” databases and information systems aboard many ships from far far away found in some instances almost intact, even perhaps packaged with multilingual translation guides..”

Vince goes on to speculate with other information fragments apparently in mind that since this is obviously NSA’s bureaucratic turf, secret parts of NSA’s charter must read something like the following. “The NSA’s charter, in part defines it’s mission as: “intercepting, decoding and understanding alien communications, systems and technologies.””

“This portion of it’s role remains a closely guarded secret, and is a special compartmentalized portion of it’s structure, that even most staff of this agency do not know about. This special section has, however today, access to super computers measured by the acre, out of which astonishing progress has been made.” (This even sounds like Vince may be quoting a source in the know almost directly.)

Vince now takes the bits and pieces of this data and attempts to envision something of what NSA could be accessing and its great importance to the whole of humanity, not for just a select few. Vince’s writings are a bit hard to read but its well worth the effort.

“A PROBABLE EVENT. The Seventh Crash / Retrieval S.E.Utah

“The Procyon ship was a medium size vessel 110 ft in diameter, which was retrieved in the Utah desert in 1955, and was particularly valued and virtually undamaged. The special team led John R Pierce, who with his extraordinary mind working with Stan Ulam and Dr. Bethe, cracked the encryptedaccess routines, and were astonished at the size of the display catalogs, which which totaled over 76 Terabytes of data,unthinkable then.

The catalogs included; a galactic travel guide to over 4,000 worlds, a reference library ships manual, a gravity propulsion / engineering and operations, an encyclopedic view of the politics, culture, language,mathematics, biology, weapons, law enforcement rules and protocols of thousands of worlds, earth archive records back a quarter million years —-

Such wonders as, the complete genomic upgrade program for proto
humans for the same interval. Star maps with millions of 3 dimensional views and a hyper spatial map for 50 parsecs, holographic records of rim political unions and governance for half a million years. Several E- books of terabytes, estimated in human terms of two hundred thousand human texts. This included a shocking guide to advanced“Soul Transfer / Clone host engineering “ library , and a collection of poetry of 10,000 worlds, some of this used hyperScripts with telepathic linkage to reader.

The cargo bay contained A set of weapons capable of taking on virtually an entire air Force. A portable Galactic hyperlink access took over ten years to finally gain access to the galactic library systems, as the pass control code algorithms took another fifteen years to understand.

An historic note, both Stan Ulam and Hans Bethe after viewing the the ultra definition video of the library of Alexandria , and seeing it’s rooms with thousands of scrolls in records taken by Galactic archivists, were speechless for many minutes —saying over and over, “burned , all burned…, very sad…

The direct access of these rich repositories, these jewel chests of mental and exo-meme treasures, has allowed these elites to see a wider higher more mature vision, of what we can be, to envision our future role in a tapestry of many diverse interstellar promises and threats.”

Vince goes on to critique the UFO communities mostly myopic view extraterrestrial reality.

“This critique, admittedly polemical, is not only a condemnation of a current foolish policy of allowing most of the human race, to persist in a insulated kindergarten, a policy that will lead to disaster, one unexpected disaster away, but it will also similarly critique the UFO research community, for a allure of nerve and scope of examination. The long history has repeated a recurring pattern, of being stuck at one of a series of concentric spherical aspects around a core of truth.

In the 50’s many would not deal with humanoid encounters, Flying saucers yes, but not the drivers or passengers. How wide should the scope be? My answer is, however large you think this is, it is even bigger. It is certainly bigger than many British and European students, many of which have relegated the UFO to a sociopolitical miasma. From here, it seems clear, much of Ufology is merely nibbling around a small , tamed, cleaned up, and sanitized zone. The arguments aimed at convincing those for which no quantity of evidence is sufficient, to persuade we indeed are being visited, is a futile endeavor, as only in their face, ships the size of football fields, over their heads will reach these epistemological challenged.”

So folks, especially you young folks eager for the chase, not so set in your ways and needing a little direction, Vince has asked a very important question and opened up a vista of opportunity. It’s up to you to go forth and investigate and inquire of sources and fragments to answer this question both for yourself, the UFO/ET community and for the good of humanity. When you find out something please pass it on to the rest of us. 🙂

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